6 Reasons Why My Samsung Dryer Won’t Start [Fixed]

Samsung manufactured one of the power and best Dryer in the market, among other competitors.

Their Dryer is one of the market’s most advanced and best-engineered appliances.

However, despite this fact, sometimes the Dryer can encounter issues and prevent you from starting. 

Coming straight to the point, if your Dryer is not starting, you have come to the right place.

Samsung dryer won’t start mainly due to blown thermal switch, Broken Idler Puller, or Broken Drum belt.

If the Dryer has any of these issues, the Samsung dryer won’t start. 

Here in this article, we will discuss these issues and the step-wise solution you can follow to fix this issue on your Dryer. 

Why Samsung dryer won’t start?

6 Reasons Why My Samsung Dryer Won't Start [Fixed]

There are various reasons to blame for the Samsung dryer won’t start issues.

The reason can differ from Dryer to Dryer; some dryers may not be working properly due to a malfunctioning dryer motor.

Similarly, some might not be starting due to a blown thermal switch.  

However, I have found that the Broken Idler pulley, Broken Drum belt, Malfunction motor, and Blown thermal switch behind the Samsung dryer won’t start issues.

In the next section, we will look at how to locate and fix these issues in detail. 

How to locate and fix the issues?

If your Samsung dryer doesn’t start, we first have to identify the issues.

Here I have listed some of the issues and step-wise procedures to locate these issues in your dryer including the solution.

1. Power Supply issues

As mentioned earlier, power supply issues are one of the major reasons behind the Samsung Dryer won’t start issues.

A stable power supply is very much essential in the Dryer. The Dryer cannot function properly if there is no stable power supply.

I recommend you check the power using a multimeter and make sure there is no problem. 


The power supply issues can be anything, including broken circuit breakers, damaged power cords, and other issues. Here are some issues that you can inspect in your Dryer. 

1.    Power cord is not plugged properly: The first thing you should ensure is that the dryer power cord is plugged in properly. The power cord can get worn out, and if you have used an extension cord, ensure it is properly plugged. 

2. Circuit breaker is tripped out: The next thing that you should inspect is the home circuit breaker box. If the circuit breaker is tripped out, make sure to reset it. 

3. Faulty start switch: If the dryer power switch is faulty or not working properly due to some reason Samsung dryer won’t start properly. You can inspect the button by removing the control access panel of the Dryer. These are some of the most likely power supply issues in your Dryer. Make sure to inspect these issues in your Dryer.

2. Door is not latched properly

Samsung Dryer won’t start with an open or loosely latched door.

Sometimes the obstruction can prevent you from closing the door properly.

You may have noticed a light that lights up when you open the dryer door. Make sure that the light is off when you are trying to start the Dryer. 


If your dryer door latch is not working or loose, secure it using the screwdriver. Similarly, if the door latch is not working or latching properly, consider replacing it with a new door latch. Follow the below instruction to replace the Samsung dryer door latch. 

  1. First of all, turn off the power supply of the Dryer. 
  2. Open the door of the Dryer and then locate the door latch. You can check the owner’s manual if you don’t know anything about the door latch. There you may even step-wise procedure to access the door latch of the Samsung dryer. 
  3. Once you locate the door latch, remove the door latch from the Dryer. There may be a couple of screws securing the latch on the Dryer. You need to use a screwdriver to remove the door latch from the Dryer. 
  4. Once you remove all the screw, remove the wire from the latch and pull it from the Dryer. 
  5. Now install the new door latch following the instructions, and don’t forget to connect the wire. 
  6. Once you are done connecting the wire to the new door latch, secure it tightly using the screw. 

This is the step-wise procedure to remove the old door latch and replace it with a new one.

I hope that the instruction has worked well in your model Dryer. If you encounter any issues during the installation, write them down below in the comment. 

3. Blown thermal switch

A thermal switch is a special type of switch that prevents the Dryer from being further damaged due to overheating or short circuits.

A blown thermal switch could be another reason to halt the Samsung dryer’s functioning.

Recently, if there was a power shortage or short circuit thermal switch could be the reason behind it.

Samsung dryer won’t start if the thermal switch is blown or damaged. 


Samsung dryer won’t start if the thermal switch is blown off or damaged.

Therefore, the solution to the blown thermal switch is the replacement.

You should replace your existing thermal switch with a new one. Here is the step-wise instruction to replace the thermal switch from the Samsung dryer. 

  1. For safety purposes, I recommend you unplug the Dryer from the power supply, or you can also flip the circuit breaker.
  2. Now pull the Dryer so that you can access the backside of the Dryer. 
  3. Unthread the screw securing the top panel of your dryer and set them aside. 
  4. 4.     Remove the two screws securing the front panel of the Dryer. 
  5. Open the dryer door and remove the two mounting screws from the Dryer.  
  6. Now on the top of the Dryer, you will see locking tabs. I recommend you depress it and pull the front panel forward. 
  7. Disconnect the door switch wire, lift off the panel, and disconnect the wire harness from the moisture sensor. 
  8. Remove the screw securing the mounting bracket and gently pull the mounting bracket from the Dryer. After this, pull the heating element housing from the dryer. 
  9. Now at the back of the housing element, you will find a thermal switch connected with a wire. 
  10. Remove the wire harness from the Dryer and unthread the screw securing the thermal switch. 
  11. Pull the thermal switch and install the new switch following the same instruction. 
  12. Once you are done installing the thermal switch, make sure to secure it using the screwdriver. 
  13. Install the heating element housing and secure it using the mounting bracket on your Dryer. 
  14. Install a mounting screw in the dryer door and also install the control panel of your Dryer. 

I recommend you follow the above-discussed step-wise instructions to replace the thermal switch from your Samsung dryer. 

4. Idler Pulley is Broken

The idler pulley plays an important role in spinning the Dryer at high speed.

The pulley is called “idler pulley” and “tension pulley.” It sits on an arm, and the drive belt wraps around the wheel.

Over time the pulley can get worn or crack, which can lead to the Samsung dryer won’t start issue in the Dryer. 


If there is a crack or damage on the idler pulley, you should replace it with a new belt.

The process of replacing the idler pulley is a bit difficult and tricky, so I recommend you contact appliance technicians.

A damaged idler pulley produces a weird or unusual sound. 

5. Drum belt broken

Drum belt could be another reason behind Samsung Dryer won’t start issues.

This belt holds or ties the dryer drum, which makes it easy to spin the drum during the operation.

The belt is made up of using rubber which makes it very easy to keep in tension while maximizing the ability to spin the drum.

Over a long period, the belt can get cracks due to moisture, dust, and water. 


If the drum belt is damaged or has some crack dryer may not work properly. The solution to this problem is replacing the drum belt.

You cannot replace the drum belt on your own as it requires proper knowledge of the Dryer and tools.

Therefore, I recommend you contact the appliance technicians for the replacement. 

6. Defective motor

The motor is a very important component of the Dryer it helps the dryer rotate the drum. Samsung dryer won’t start if the motor is defective or not working properly.

If your dryer motor is producing a humming or buzzing sound during the operation there is high chance of the start winding has burnt out.


The solution for the defective motor is a replacement. You cannot repair or fix the motor.

Moreover, it is one of the most important components of the dryer so I won’t recommend you replace the motor on your own.

It is better to contact an appliance technician for the replacement.

What to do if the Samsung dryer won’t start?

If the Samsung dryer is still not working or starting, don’t worry. Most Dryer comes with a couple of years of warranty support that can help you repair your dryer free of cost.

To know more about the warranty period, you can check the warranty card you got while buying the Dryer. 

If you’ve lost the warranty card may require to pay the charge for the replacement of components and installation charge.

Contact your supplier and tell them more about the issues. They will assist you in figuring out the problem with your Dryer.  


Samsung Dryer is one of the best and most popular Dryers on the market.

The Dryer is equipped with many advanced features, which makes it very efficient and easy to operate.

However, sometimes the Dryer can stop working in the middle of nowhere which can be very frustrating. 

In this article, we have talked about Samsung dryer won’t start issues along with the appropriate solution.

I hope that the solution discussed in this article was helpful for you.

If you are still unable to figure out Samsung Dryer won’t start issues, you should contact appliance technicians.

Besides this, if the Dryer has other unique problems, make you write them down in the comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Samsung dryer won’t start?

Power or motor malfunction issues can also halt the dryer operation. If your Samsung dryer doesn’t start, make sure the Dryer doesn’t have any of these issues. The motor is a very important part of the Dryer; if it is not functioning properly or producing a weird sound, consider checking the dryer motor. The dryer motor is located at the bottom of the dryer; you can access it by removing the access panel using a screwdriver. 

How to reset the Samsung dryer?

Resetting the Samsung dryer is very easy all you need to do is unplug the Dryer or turn it off from the circuit breaker. Wait 1-5 minutes to clear out settings and configuration from the Dryer. After this, plug in the power cord and press the power button. Some dryer has a built-in reset button, which you can find in the dryer owner manual. 

Why is the Samsung dryer not starting all of a sudden?

If the dyer stopped while running, there must be a problem in the dryer power supply. Power supply issues can force the dryer to stop its operation. I recommend you check the power cord and ensure it is not damaged and working fine. Similarly, I also suggest you check the thermal switch. Sometimes blown thermal switches can also cause this issue. 

Why is Samsung Dryer producing unusual sounds?

The Dryer has various components that can sometimes make noise during the operation. Therefore, it is normal for them to make noise. However, if your Dryer is producing unusual sounds, the motor must have a problem. You can find the instruction to inspect the dryer motor in the user manual. If you have a user manual, I suggest you check the manual there; you will find step-wise instructions to inspect the Dryer. 

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