10 Reasons Why My Samsung Dryer Squeaking Issues [Solved]

When you are a brand new appliance owner, you want it to last as much as possible.

But unfortunately, even the most reliable and well-known brand appliances can develop problems over time.

The Samsung Dryer is one of the appliances that can have squeaking issues over time,

and this can be an indication of upcoming future problems that you may have with the machine.

There can be various reasons behind the Samsung Dryer squeaking issue, and taking a few preventive steps will not only stop the squeaking but also considerably increase the life of your Samsung dryer.

Below are the top 10 common reasons, along with solutions for the Samsung Dryer Squeaking Issue. Have a look!

10 Common Reasons and Solutions for Samsung Dryer Squeaking Issue

10 Reasons Why My Samsung Dryer Squeaking Issues [Solved]

To troubleshoot the Samsung dryer squeaking, you need to be ready with your basic tools, like a screwdriver.

If your Samsung dryer comes with a repair kit, keep it ready. Further, keep the user manual ready, as it will help you in opening the machine.

To get started with troubleshooting, we recommend checking the basic stuff first.

For instance, you should try turning off/on the machine multiple times.

Moreover, make sure that there is no fluctuation in the electricity. On top of everything, if you are a newbie and not confident about opening the machine, then call a technician and get it fixed.

1. Dryer is Standing on Uneven Surface

If you are hearing squeaking noise from your Samsung Dryer, then the probable cause of this problem is that your Samsung Dryer is standing on an uneven surface.

When the Samsung or any other dryer stands on an uneven surface, the internal components can lose their position, due to which you can hear the squeaking noise.

Fixing the Samsung Dryer squeaking problem is quite simple. You just need to adjust the legs of your Samsung Dryer and make sure it doesn’t wobble while operating.

Moreover, you need to make sure that the Samsung Dryer legs are tight from the inside. If not, then you can open the dryer unit with a screwdriver.

You can take the help of a manual to open the unit and align all the legs evenly on the floor. Close the unit and tighten all the screws.

If you don’t want to open the dryer, then you can use a carpenter wrench to adjust and rotate the dryer leg until it touches the floor.

On top of that, you can use a piece of wooden block or something to place under the legs and keep the machine stable while operating. Hopefully, this will fix the issue.

2. Worn Out Door Felt

If the dryer legs are touching the ground surface and you still hear a squeaking sound from the machine, then it may be because the door feel of the Samsung Dryer has worn out.

The squeaking sound can either come from the door of the dryer’s cabinet or even both.

When you close the door, and it goes inside its frame, the door rubs against some metal parts of the dryer, which can be the root cause of this problem.

Even when the door hinge is not creating the sound, it can be the rubber strip around the lower edge of the door that seals out the air.

Over time the door can go bad and start rubbing with the metal parts of the dryer, which can cause squeaking.

Most Samsung dryer comes with a door felt which prevents this from happening, but if the door felt gets worn out, the Samsung Dryer will squeak.

How to Fix Samsung Dryer Worn Out Door Felt?

To prevent this from happening, you can replace the door felt of your Samsung Dryer.

You simply need to remove the worm out door felt as it sticks to the door with glue and gets a new door felt from a nearby shop.

To install the door felt, you can use a heating glue gun or even sticky glue along with a hairdryer.

After installing the new door felt, wait for it to set for 30 seconds and use the hair dryer to make it intact in its place.

3. Dryer Belt is Broken

If you hear the squeaking noise from the top portion of the Samsung dryer, then it may be an indication that the dryer belt has broken.

You need to check and replace the dryer belt if it is the root cause of Samsung Dryer Squeaking.

A dryer belt is one of the most important components of the dryer as it helps in rotating the drum properly.

Not just a squeaking noise can come out of a broken dryer belt, but it may also damage some other crucial components of the dryer> Further, your dryer may even completely break down.

Dryer belts work by transferring the energy from the motor to the drum, which then tumbles your clothes and dries them up, but if the belt is worn out, the dry will not work anymore.

How to fix a broken Samsung dryer belt?

  1. To fix the broken dryer belt, first, unplug the dryer from the power source.
  2. Make sure that the dryer is cool before opening it.
  3. Make use of the user manual and open the dryer’s front panel.
  4. Once that is done, you will see the belt.
  5. To replace the belt, you need to get a new belt from the shop and remove the old belt from the unit.
  6. To remove the old belt, make sure to open all the remaining screws and completely expose the drum part.
  7. Then, gently take out the old belt and install the new one.
  8. Close the front panel and tighten all the screws.

4. Defective Drum Bearings

If the noise is not coming from the top of the dryer, then you need to check the back of the dryer.

Dryer drums have bearings that help them rotate smoothly, and over time, they can wear out.

While most of the bearing issues can be easily solved just by greasing or lubricating them up, sometimes you need to completely replace the bearing.

How to Replace Bearing in Samsung Dryer?

If you have confirmed that the noise is coming out of the back of the Samsung dryer, then you need to open the back panel with the help of a screwdriver.

Get some machine lubricating oil or grease and gently lubricate the bearings.

However, if the bearing is completely broken, you need to replace them. It is advisable to call a technician for help in this case.

5. Faulty Motor or Idler Pulley

If you hear the squeaking noise from the top part of the Samsung dryer, then it is probably because the idler pulley of the motor is faulty or even both of them.

The idler pulley, also known as the idler pulley tensioner, is a crucial component of the dryer that helps in keeping the belt tight and secure in its place. It also helps the belt to slip off against the drum.

If the idler pulley breaks out, Samsung Dryer squeaking can occur as the broken idler pulley constantly rub against the drum, which can create annoying noise.

However, sometimes the idler pulley doesn’t break out, and it just needs lubrication to work smoothly and hold the belt tight in its place.

How can you Replace a Samsung dryer idler pulley?

  1. First of all, unplug the Samsung dryer from the outlet and let it cool down.
  2. Remove all the screws from the top of the dryer, which is securing the top panel.
  3. Now, gently slide the top panel off the dryer.
  4. Now, you have to carefully take out the control panel and don’t forget to disconnect the wire harness and keep the panel aside.
  5. Also, remove the front panel screws and take out the panel safely.
  6. Disconnect the door switch and remove the wire. Then, gently pull off the panel.
  7. Remove the wire harness along with the support bracket. Moreover, disconnect the light bulb wire.
  8. Next, remove the blower housing along with the screws.
  9. Disconnect the moisture sensor wire harness and locate the idler pulley.
  10. Gently push it out from the tensioner.
  11. Remove the mounting bold of the old idler pulley along with the motor bracket.
  12. Install the new idler pulley and place everything back into the machine.
  13. Tighten all the screws. That’s it!
  14. Verify if the problem still exists. If it is, then call the technician.

If the idler pulley is working fine, but the Samsung Dryer squeaking is still happening, then it is probably because of the faulty motor bearings.

In this case, you need expert help, so call a professional and ask him to fix the Samsung Dryer Squeaking.

6. Drum Rollers are Worn Out

The drum rollers are responsible for moving the drum in and out of the dryer.

If the rollers are broken, they will no longer move the drum correctly. Worn drum rollers will cause the drum to squeak as it moves back and forth.

To check the rollers, remove the front panel of the dryer and look at the inside of the drum.

If the rollers are broken, they will be visible, and you can replace them.

If the rollers are broken, but you do not want to replace them, you can try applying a little bit of grease to them to help quiet the squeaking.

If it works for you, then well and good, but if it doesn’t work, then probably you would have to completely replace the drum rollers, which will be costly.

Moreover, it is advised to take help from an expert to install new drum rollers.

7. Lose Exhaust Vent

If the exhaust vent on the back of your dryer is loose, the hot air will not be able to escape and will cause your dryer to make a loud squeaking sound.

If the exhaust vent is loose, you will need to reattach it to the dryer.

If the exhaust vent is loose, it could also be blocking the flow of air through the dryer.

If the flow of air is blocked, the dryer will not be able to heat up properly and will be louder than it should be.

You can use a vent brush to check the exhaust vent and make sure that it is not blocked by lint.

Furthermore, a loose exhaust vent can also cause your dryer to be too hot and can be dangerous.

If the exhaust vent is loose, it can cause the dryer to overheat and be very loud as it tries to push the hot air out.

On top of everything else, a loosed-out exhaust vent can also cause lint to build up and block the flow of air.

A loose exhaust vent can be very dangerous and should be fixed immediately.

8. Worn Out Blower Fan

Generally speaking, the blower fan is at the centre of the dryer and is responsible for pulling air into the machine and pushing it through the tumbler.

If the blower fan is broken, it will not be able to draw in the fresh air and will cause your dryer to make a loud squeaking sound.

Moreover, you will need to replace it with a new one.

On top of that, a broken blower fan will make the dryer too hot, which will result in overheating of the dryer.

Even if you do not have any clothes inside, it can be very dangerous and should be fixed immediately.

9. Bad Heating Element

A heating element in the Samsung dryer is responsible for generating heat and drying up the clothes.

If the heating element is generating too much heat or if the heating element is broken,

it causes damage to other elements in the dryer, which may result in the Samsung Dryer squeaking.

It is best to check the heating element of your dryer by opening it up, and if something looks bad, replace the heating element.

  1. Make sure the dryer is not connected to the power outlet before replacing the heating element.
  2. Open the dryer and remove the screws. Depending upon the Samsung dryer model, the heating element location can be different, so you need to take the help of the user manual to open the dryer.
  3. After that, you may require to take off the control panel as per the model of the dryer.
  4. Remove the front panel and disconnect the wire harness.
  5. Open the door and take out the screws along with the donor base.
  6. Also, remove the door switch cable and then lift out the panel gently.
  7. Disconnect the moisture sensor wire harness.
  8. Locate the heating element and take out all the screws.
  9. Install the new heating element.
  10. Place everything back into its place or follow the steps in reverse. Also, tighten all the screws and check if the Samsung Dryer squeaking still persists.

10. Issues in the Control Panel

While it is very rare, sometimes the Samsung Dryer control panel can be the cause of squeaking.

It is probably because you have pressed a combination of buttons, or you may have chosen the incorrect drying cycle.

If you don’t choose the correct drying cycle, it can impact the drying capability in many ways.

In case your Samsung Dryer has some issues in the control panel or you have chosen the wrong settings, it is best to contact customer service for help.


In the end, if your Samsung Dryer Squeaking issue has not been resolved, it is advisable to contact customer service and fix a service appointment. However, we are hopeful that the solutions given above will work and that you will be able to fix the Samsung Dryers Squeaking issue.

While most of the methods are easy, some methods may require you some additional help, and you can ask us for any help if you are stuck while fixing the issue.

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