10 Common Reasons of Samsung Dryer HE Error Code [Solved]

Samsung’s home appliances are known for exceptional quality and reliability.

And Samsung’s dryer isn’t too far behind it because it makes it easy to dry your clothing without much hassle.

However, the Samsung Dryer occasionally makes errors that are difficult and time-consuming to fix.

Samsung Dryer HE error codes are among the most common error codes. And it’s likely that this error is what brought you here.

So, what does the Samsung Dryer HE error code actually mean? And how can you fix it? Let’s get started and look for the answer!

What is the Samsung Dryer HE Error Code?

According to Samsung’s official website, the Samsung Dryer HE error code simply means that the machine is getting overheated.

The Samsung Dryer is unable to pass the heat smoothly to the drum unit, where you keep the laundry.

The Samsung Dryer HE error code makes the machine overheated and also does not dry the laundry at all.

There can be various reasons for the error code HE, and below, we have a comprehensive guide on how to fix the Samsung Dryer hE error code.

What should you do when Samsung Dryer HE Error Code appears?

Before starting out with the guide, you should be aware of the consequences and results.

If you are smelling any burnout from the Samsung dryer, then you should immediately turn off the machine and take out the plug from the power outlet.

In such cases, you should avoid fixing the error yourself. Instead, you should call customer care or a local technician to fix the issue.

However, if you don’t smell burnout, then you can take a risk and fix the error code.

10 Common Reason & Solutions for Samsung Dryer HE Error Code

10 Common Reasons of Samsung Dryer HE Error Code [Solved]

There are a lot of reasons why the Samsung Dryer HE error code occurs, and most of the time, it is very simple to resolve.

However, there are some circumstances when you need assistance, so it’s better to call the technician and get it fixed.

There are two types of dryers that Samsung offers, the first is an Electric dryer, and the second is a Gas dryer.

Most modern dryers are electric dryers, and this error code usually occurs in electric dryers.

However, there is some model of gas dryers which can also throw the error code HE.

Below given methods will work for both electric and gas dryers, and if there is any exception, we have listed them below.

1. Airflow is Blocked

The most common reason why the Samsung Dryer HE error code occurs is due to the blocked airflow.

The airflow of the dryer gets blocked due to excessive moisture, due to which the heat is generated in the dryer.

However, it is pretty easy to fix if the error occurs due to blocked airflow.

How to fix Blocked Airflow in Samsung Dryer?

  1. To fix the blocked airflow, remove the lint filter from the dryer.
  2. Clean it thoroughly.
  3. After that, you will have to remove the lint or debris which is blocking the airflow.
  4. The best way to remove the debris is by vacuuming the slot-shaped area in the dryer.
  5. After the debris or dust is out, place the filter back into the machine.
  6. Check if the machine is working fine or not.
  7. Make sure to run the dryer empty for 5 minutes to ensure it is working fine.

Pro Tip: If you want to avoid this from happening again, make sure you do regular cleaning of the lint trap, as that will help you prevent overheating and blockage and will also improve the lifespan of your dryer significantly.

2. Faulty Thermostat

Another common reason for the Samsung Dryer HE error code is a defective or faulty cyclic thermostat. When this happens, the dryer will throw the error code HE on the screen.

How to Fix Faulty Thermostat in Samsung dryer?

  1. To fix a faulty cyclic thermostat in the Samsung dryer, you need to unplug the dryer from the power outlet.
  2. Next, take out all the screws and remove the back panel.
  3. Located the thermistor or cyclic thermostat in the unit. The location of the cyclic thermostat can be different depending on the model. So you are advised to check out the user manual.
  4. When you have successfully located the cyclic thermostat in Samsung Dryer, you will need a multi-meter to check out the readings.
  5. Set the multi-meter or Ohmmeter to diagnostic mode and check if the readings look normal.
  6. The value should be around 10 k ohms. If the value is too high or too low, it means that the thermostat has some issues.
  7. In such cases, you need to replace the thermostat or call a technician for help.
  8. In case you decide to replace the thermostat yourself, you need a new cyclic thermostat that is available in stores or online.
  9. All screws must be removed in order to remove the faulty thermostat.
  10. Place back the new cyclic thermostat and tighten the screws.
  11. Next, place the rear panel and tighten the screws.
  12. Verify that the dryer is functioning properly.

3. Bad Heating Element

The heating element is the component that takes responsibility for drying out the cloth by generating the heat as per the requirements. However, the heating element can be short sometimes due to electricity fluctuation.

How to replace a heating element in a Samsung dryer?

  1. First of all, disconnect the Samsung Dryer from the power outlet.
  2. If the dryer has an exhaust attached to it, make sure you disconnect it.
  3. After that, remove the back cover by unthreading the screws. Once all the screws are removed, pull off the rear panel.
  4. Now, you have to remove the control panel by removing the screws that hold the control panel in place.
  5. Make sure to disconnect the wire harness before removing the control panel.
  6. Now, you have to remove the front cover by opening the door and taking out the lint filter.
  7. Underneath the filter, remove the rest of the screws.
  8. Next, you have to disconnect the power terminals.
  9. Finally, you have to remove the heating element by removing the screws and disconnecting the cyclic thermostat.
  10. Get the new heating element and connect it with the cyclic thermostat.
  11. Place it back into the unit. Also, place the front cover and reattach the control panel.
  12. Next, reattach the top cover.
  13. In the end, reconnect the exhaust and plug it back into the power outlet.
  14. Check if the HE error code still exists.

4. Worn Out Felt Seal

All Samsung dryers, including electric and gas dryer, comes with a seal which makes them more energy efficient.

A thick felt seal is placed on the back of the dryer, and a thin felt seal is placed on the drum, which retains the heat inside the drum.

Moreover, the felt seal is used to optimize and maintain the temperature of a dryer.

If the felt seal of a Samsung dryer is worn out, ripped off, or not in place, the air will enter inside the drum, which will cause the heat to escape, and this will result in overheating the dryer.

How to fix a Worn Out Felt Seal in Samsung Dryer?

  1. First of all, unplug the machine from power.
  2. Next, get a new seal from the market.
  3. Open the door and take out the worn felt seal
  4. Now, install the new felt seal and check if the drum door is properly sealed.

5. Clogged Lint Screen

A clogged lint screen or vent could be the possible reason why the Samsung Dryer HE error code occurs. You can fix this issue by cleaning out the lint screen and the vent.

How to Clean the Clogged Lint Screen and Vent in Samsung Dryer?

  1. First of all, use the above methods to open the rear panel of the dryer.
  2. After that, pull off the screen and open it.
  3. Use your fingers to roll the lint off-screen.
  4. Make sure to rinse it with water and close it back and firmly place it back into the machine.
  5. Check if the error code HE still persists.

6. Fan Not Working

In some cases, the Samsung dryer will start and normally work; however, when you switch to the dry mode, the fan does not work, and the machine starts overheating, due to which the error code HE appears on display.

How to fix Fan Not Working in Samsung Dryer?

  1. To fix the fan of a Samsung Dryer, dissemble the fan.
  2. Now, you will need a lubricating oil to oil the fan bearings. Most of the time, the fan lubrication dries out, due to which it stops rotating.
  3. However, if the lubrication is fine and the fan is failing to rotate, you need to check the fan motor.
  4. You can use a circuit analyzer to examine the circuit. Also, try to reconnect the wires to the motor.
  5. If the motor is not working, then you need to call the service centre and get the complete fan replaced.

7. Heater is Not Hot Enough

If the heater is not getting hot or if it’s not heated enough, you will see the Samsung Dryer HE error code.

This is a common problem that occurs in some models of Samsung dryers. But it can be solved simply by fixing the low voltage.

This error usually occurs due to low voltage in the electric dryers. You can use a voltage stabilizer to fix the issues. But if it doesn’t work, try calling out the technician.

8. Defective Temperature Fuse

A temperature fuse could also be the possible reason why the Samsung Dryer HE error code occurs.

A temperature fuse is a component that regulates the temperature inside the machine.

Depending upon the model of your Samsung dryer, it can be located at different locations.

But in most dryers, it is located next to the heating element or near the blower.

Moreover, if you have a gas dryer, the temperature fuse will be located at the burner’s side.

When the temperature fuse is exposed to high temperatures, it is likely to get damaged.

If the temperature fuse is damaged, it won’t work normally, and it is highly possible to get the error code HE on display.

Replacing the temperature fuse is very easy. You need a new fuse which you can buy online or from a local store.

Simply take out the defective fuse and replace it with a new fuse.

9. Air Compressor Has Overheated

The Samsung Dryer HE error code pops up if the air compressor is overheated. Moreover, you can also face the error code HC if the air compressor overheats.

How to fix Overheated Air Compressor in Samsung Dryer?

  1. To fix this issue, you simply need to turn off the dryer for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Turn the dryer on and restarts the dry cycle.
  3. If it doesn’t work, then try turning off the dryer again.
  4. Now, pressure 2 buttons: Time and Mixed Laundry, at the same time. Depending upon the model, you may also need to press the Dryness level button and Mixed Laundry button.
  5. Next, turn on the dryer.
  6. As soon as you see the DE notification or if all the lights turn on, switch off the dryer and turn it on again.

10. Control Unit Failure

If the control unit fails to work, the Samsung Dryer HE error code will likely pop up. To fix this, enter into the service mode and turn on the dryer.

Next, hold the temperature and signal button for 3 seconds until you hear 3 loud beeps.

After that, you will see the sensor data on display, turn off the panel, and wait for 60 seconds. Run the dryer again and check if the issues still persist.


So, these were the top 10 reasons for the Samsung Dryer HE error code. Hopefully, you will be able to fix most of the issues by yourself if you follow the methods given above.

Contact a professional if you continue to experience issues with your Samsung dryer.

Aside from the Samsung HE error code problem, other issues like burnt-out heating elements and the motor failing are also common among Samsung dryers. And those types of problems only an experienced repair technician should attempt to fix.

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