04 Ways to Fix Samsung Dryer DE error code [In 2 Minutes]

Are you looking for a Samsung Dryer DE error code? As we all know, error codes are displayed when there is some problem inside the dryer.

A Dryer is a complex electronic appliance having hundreds of electronic parts and components. As it is an electronic device, the component inside the dryer can malfunction over time.

Therefore, this automatic error detection system will alert you before the component malfunction.

There are several error codes in the dryer. However, in this article, we are going to take a look at the Samsung Dryer DE error code.

You can know the meaning of these error codes in the owner manual you got while buying the dryer. If you don’t have one, you can visit the official website of the dryer brand.

There you can get the owner manual of all the models.

Why is the Samsung dryer showing a DE error code?

The Samsung Dryer DE error code indicates some issues with the Dryer door.

There are various reasons for your dryer to display a DE error code.

The most common reason that triggers DE error code is a Faulty Control board, Faulty door latch, Sensor issues or deformed door hinges. 

If you have any of these issues, the DE error code is very likely in your dryer. You can fix the error code by ensuring none of these issues exists in your dryer.

If you don’t know how to check these issues, don’t worry. We are going to discuss all these issues in depth along with solutions. 

How to fix the Samsung Dryer DE error code?

04 Ways to Fix Samsung Dryer DE error code [In 2 Minutes]

To fix the DE error code from your Samsung Dryer, first, you must locate the issues inside your dryer.

Once you locate that issue, you can start fixing the issues on your dryer and eliminate the Samsung Dryer DE error code from the dryer. Here are the list of these issues and their solution:

1. Faulty door switch

On Samsung Dryer, a faulty switch mainly provokes a DE error code. The dryer does not start if the door switch is defective.

However, you cannot tell if the dryer door switch is good or bad unless you test it yourself. The door latch is located at the door. 


If the dryer door switch is faulty, replacing them could fix the Samsung Dryer DE error code.

However, before doing so, you must ensure that the dryer door switch is defective. You can test it using the multimeter if you don’t know how don’t worry. 

Read the below-discussed step-wise instruction to test your dryer door switch. Before we start, check if you have all the necessary tools. In addition, be careful the sharp component can cut your hands. 

  1. Unplug or disconnect the power from the dryer.
  2. First, you need to remove the top panel from the dryer. To remove the panel, you need to remove the two Philips screws from the back of the dryer. 
  3. Pull the panel back and keep the panel aside. 
  4. Again, using a screwdriver, unthread the screw from the control panel. The panel is connected with a wiring harness, so gently pull the panel and remove the wiring harness from the dryer. 
  5. Now remove the screw from the door hinges so you can remove the door from the dryer. 
  6. Unthread the mounting screws from the top and opening of the door. On the top of the panel, you will see a locking tab; press them and lift the panel. And remove the wiring harness from the door switch.
  7. Remove the retainer clip from the switch and press the locking tabs to remove the switch from the panel. 
  8. The door switch has three wire terminals common, normally open, and normally close. To test the switch, I recommend you turn the multimeter into continuity settings. 
  9. Now without pressing the common and normally closed terminal, touch the terminal using the probes. If the switch is not faulty multimeter will beep. 
  10. In the next test, press the common terminal using one probe and touch the normally open terminal using other probes. If the switch is working fine, the multimeter will again beep. 

If the multimeter doesn’t beep, you must replace your door switch from the dryer. The above-discussed steps work in all the new models of Samsung Dryer. Therefore, the process to access the door switch may vary from the dryer model. 

2. Broken door switch

A broken door switch is another reason behind the Samsung dryer DE error code. The door switch is connected to the control panel. If the door switch is broken control panel cannot communicate with the door switch. This will result in a DE error code. 


Unlike other components, the dryer sensor and switch cannot be repaired.

They are very hard or almost impossible to repair therefore you are recommended to replace the door switch from the dryer. Here is the step-wise instruction to replace the door switch. 

  1. Remove the power cable of the dryer from the power switch.
  2. In some models, you can directly remove the front access panel. Whereas in the modern dryer, first, you should remove the top panel, and then you can access the front panel of your dryer. You can find more information about this owner manual. 
  3. Unthread the mounting screw securing the top panel of the dryer. And pull and lift the panel from the dryer and keep it aside. 
  4. Now unthread the mounting screw securing the front-top panel and slowly lift the panel. The panel is connected with a wiring harness, so gently remove it from the terminal. 
  5. Remove all the screws securing the front access panel and gently lift the panel from the dryer. Now, remove the wiring harness from the door switch. 
  6. Now remove the retainer clip from the switch and remove the door switch from the panel. 
  7. Install the new panel and secure it with a retainer clip. Align the panel on the dryer and connect the wiring harness to the switch. 
  8. Secure the panel with the mounting screw. Now align and install the front-top access panel and connect all the wiring harnesses to the panel. Install all the mounting screws on the panel. 
  9. Install the top panel and secure the panel with the screws. 

This is how you can remove and replace the Samsung Dryer door switch. I recommend you follow the instruction while checking the owner manual of your dryer. The model you are using, and the model I have used in this procedure may be different. 

3. Faulty Control panel

The Control panel is the main unit or component of your dryer. All the instructions and configuration are done from the control panel itself.

If anything goes wrong on the board, you will have trouble operating the dryer. Sometimes a faulty control panel can also trigger a DE error code in the dryer.

If your control panel is misbehaving or buttons are not working correctly. The dryer control panel is faulty or malfunctioning. 


The Control board is a very complex component of the dryer. It contains a number of resistors to control the composition of the dryer.

Similarly, there is a resistor to control the dryer door switch. First, I suggest you inspect the wiring and resistor of the dryer. If the resistor is damaged, replace them and if there is an issue with the wiring, solder them properly.

However, I suggest you contact technicians regarding the issues; they will decide to replace the resistor or the whole control unit.

The control unit is a very complex component of the dryer; you can’t figure out the problem without prior technical knowledge.

It will cost you as less as $10 to a maximum of $150 to repair or replace the control unit. 

4. Broken or lose door hinges

Broken or misaligned door hinges are another cause behind the Samsung dryer DE error code.

Over time door hinge can misalign from its position or lose you can get DE Error code.

You can fix the error code by replacing the door hinge or by tightly securing the hinge in its actual position. 


First of all, I suggest you tightly secure the door hinge using the screwdriver and see if the error code persists or not.

If the hinge is broken, replacement is the only solution to this problem. Yes, you should replace your door hinge.

You can easily buy door hinges from any major online site. If you already have a hinge, make sure you have a screwdriver. Follow the below instruction. 

  1. For safety purposes, I recommend you turn off the dryer power supply. And, be careful with the sharp component of the dryer. 
  2. Open the dryer door and remove the two screws holding the dryer door. 
  3. Now gently lift the dryer door and keep it aside. 
  4. Remove the mounting screw from the dryer hinge. 
  5. Lift the hinge and remove the hinge from the dryer. 
  6. Now align the hinge on the mounting panel and secure it with mounting screws. And don’t forget to install bushing on the hinge.
  7. Position the door on the hinge and secure it with screws. 

Now, after replacing the dryer door hinge, I recommend you reset your dryer. 

What to do if the error persists?

DIY solutions only work when there are minor issues inside the dryer. If none of the above-discussed solutions was helpful.

You should contact your supplier or Samsung Customer support. They understand the appliances well and could give you appropriate information to fix the Samsung Dryer DE error code.

Depending upon the dryer model, the solution to fix the error code can vary.

Therefore, the above-discussed solution may not work well in some models of the dryer. 


Samsung dryer DE error code is displayed for various reasons. I hope that you were able to figure out the exact reason behind the DE error code in the dryer.

In this article, we have discussed a variety of reasons and their solution, which you can check in your dryer. I recommend you consider all these solutions in your dryer. 

You should contact dryer technicians if these do not fix the Samsung Dryer DE error code.

Besides this, if you have any problems related to the above solution, write them below in the comment. We will try to answer all your queries in the comment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I eliminate the error code in Samsung Dryer?

Error code indicates issues or problems inside the dryer. The error detection mechanism automatically detects issues and problems inside the dryer and alerts the user. If your dryer is displaying an error code, check the owner manual. There you will find the meaning of every error code displayed by your dryer. In addition, you will also find the solution to fix the error code. 

Why is the Samsung dryer not drying the clothes?

The main purpose of the dryer is to dry the wet clothes after a complete drying cycle. If your clothes are wet after a complete cycle, there must be some problem with the heating of the dryer. You can fix this issue by cleaning the heating vent. If this does not fix the issues, you should check the heating component of your dryer. 

How to unlock child lock mode in the Samsung dryer?

A control lock is a safety feature that prohibits your children from accidentally activating or running the dryer. You can activate this mode by long pressing the control lock button. Once activated, you cannot start, cycle, or configure settings in your dryer. Similarly, you can deactivate it by long pressing the control lock button. 

Why Samsung dryer won’t spin?

If your Samsung dryer is not spinning, then you must have unplugged your dryer cord from the power switch. If this is not the case, you should check the dryer’s circuit breaker. Similarly, a loosely latched door can also prevent the dryer from spinning. To prevent water from leaking dryer won’t spin in the loosely latched door. I suggest you check these issues in your dryer; it should fix these issues. 

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