How to Fix Samsung Dryer DC Error Code [4 Ways]

Samsung dryer is one of the most well-designed and engineered dryers available on the market.

They are among the most efficient and durable Dryer. The Dryer comes with many features which make our work very easier.

Samsung Dryer automatic error detection is one feature that helps the user identify issues and problems in the Dryer. 

If your Dryer shows some error code, this indicates issues inside your dryer.

This will indicate issues or problems that can affect your Dryer’s functioning.

Samsung Dryer Dc error code is one of the most encountered error codes in the Dryer. 

This article will discuss this error code in detail, along with the solution.

If you are frustrated seeing this error code and couldn’t find any working solution, you’ve come to the right place.

Why is my Dryer showing DC code?

Most modern dryers display error codes to indicate problems inside the dryer.

Whereas, the old model of dryer gives problems when there is a problem in the dryer.

Samsung Dryer DC error code indicates a Faulty door latch or problem while closing the door.

The Dryer won’t allow you to start a cycle with the open door.

So, whenever you try to start a new cycle with the open door, you will encounter a DC error code in the Dryer.

The error code can be encountered for various reasons; we first have to identify the problem causing this issue in your Dryer. 

How to eliminate the Samsung dryer DC Error Code?

How to Fix Samsung Dryer DC Error Code [4 Ways]

If you haven’t locked the dryer door properly, a Samsung Dryer DC error code is encountered.

Besides this, if the dryer door latch is malfunctioning or not working properly, you will likely see a DC error code in the dryer.

Here we have listed a few problems and their solution to fix the Samsung dryer DC Error Code. 

1. Control board failure

The Control board is the brain of the Dryer. Here you will find all the settings to control and configure your Dryer.

If there is any problem with the dryer control board dryer can also throw a DC error code.

A faulty control panel cam gives invalid instructions, leading to a Samsung Dryer DC Error Code.

If the control board malfunction dryer will behave in the wrong way, throwing an error code in the Dryer. 


If the control board is not working properly, you should inspect the Samsung dryer control panel for the issues.

Control board failure is rare in Samsung dryers. If you have recently replaced the door lock sensor, make sure you have properly installed the sensor.

The dryer control panel is equipped with a microchip that controls the program’s execution. 

If the sensor is not installed correctly, the control panel won’t execute the program and will start throwing an error code.

The downside of control board failure is they can’t be repaired in most cases.

In this situation, I recommend you replace your existing control board with a new one.

This should fix the Samsung Dryer DC error code. 

2. Faulty door switch

Error code DC appears when there is a problem with the door lock mechanism of the Dryer.

If your door switch is faulty or not working properly, Error code DC is very likely in your Samsung Dryer. It is located around the door lock. 


The solution to the faulty door switch is the replacement. If your door switch is not working or is broken, consider replacing the door switch.

You can do a continuity test to know whether the door latch is in good condition.

If the continuity tests show that the door latch is faulty, consider replacing your old latch.

The price of a Samsung Dryer door switch can vary from $20 to $50. 

You can get it from any major online site. If you have already bought the door latch but don’t know how to replace it.

Here is the step-wise instruction to replace the door switch in Samsung Dryer. 

  1. First of all, make sure to shut off the dryer power supply. 
  2. Pull the Dryer from the wall so that you can access the backside of your Dryer. 
  3. Unthread the screw securing the top of the Dryer. Slide the panel back and remove the top panel from the Dryer. 
  4. Pull the control panel from the Dryer and remove the wire harness from the control panel. 
  5. Remove the screw securing the front panel, open the dryer door, and remove the two mounting screws from the Dryer. 
  6. Now depress the locking tabs of the front panel and pull it off from the Dryer. 
  7. Locate the retainer from the door switch and remove it. Open the dryer door and depress the tab to release the switch from the door panel. 
  8. Install the new switch by inserting them through the slot in the front panel. Install the
  9. Align the slots of the door panel and secure them with a screw.
  10. Install the control panel and connect the wire harness to the terminal. Install the screw and secure the top panel. 

The above-discussed procedure should work in all the models of Samsung Dryer.

If the replacement procedure didn’t align with your Dryer model, I suggest you read the owner manual. 

If you have lost the owner manual you can check the official website of Samsung and there you will easily find the owner manual of your model of dryer.

3. Worn out door hinges

Over time the door latch gets exposed to water, pressure and dirt. If your door latch is missing its track on the machine case, then the door hinges are worn out.

Worn outdoor Hinges are another major reason behind the Samsung Dryer DC error code. The issues can be fixed by reinstalling the door hinges. 

If this does not work, then you should replace the Hinge. The cost to replace the Hinge can cost you from $64 to $150, depending on your model.

Similarly, if you are calling technicians for the replacement, you must pay additional installation charges. 


As mentioned earlier, the solution to worn-out door hinges is reinstallation of the Hinge or replacement.

Door hinges can be bought from any major online site, including Amazon.

However, make sure that the Hinge fit in your model of Dryer. If you don’t know how to replace the Hinge in Samsung Dryer, follow the instructions below.

  1. Flip the dryer circuit breaker or remove the power cord from the power switch. Make sure that the dryer is not receiving power.
  2. Open the dryer door and unthread all the screws securing the outer door panel. But don’t remove the middle screw securing hinge. 
  3. Now remove the outer door panel, and be careful when removing the glass. 
  4. Unthread the screw securing the hinge cover from the Dryer. And remove the middle screw and pull off the hinge cover.
  5. Detach the inner door panel from the Hinge and remove the screw securing the Hinge.
  6. Lift the Hinge and pull it from the panel. After removing the Hinge, make sure to install the retention screw and gasket from the old Hinge to the new one. 
  7. Align the new Hinge on the panel, pull it down, and secure it with screws. 
  8. Install the mounting screw and transfer the four hinge bushing from the old panel. 
  9. Now position the inner door panel on the new Hinge and install the hinge cover. 
  10. Install the middle screw on the hinge cover and also secure the hinge cover with the screw. 
  11. Realign the inner door glass according to the notches in the door. 
  12. Position the outer door panel and also mount them with a screw. 

This is how you can replace your old Hinge from Samsung Dryer. I hope that the procedure has worked well in your Dryer. If you have any issues during the installation, write them down in the comment. 

4. Open wiring

Samsung Dryer DC error code can also be caused due to open wiring or faulty wiring.

There are various components in the dryer that works together to function effectively and smoothly.

Any issue in these components will display an error code in the dryer.

If you have recently installed and replaced the Dryer component, there could be poor contact points among the wires.

All the wires are directly or indirectly connected to the control panel. The Control panel executes an instruction with the help of a wire. 


If you are troubleshooting your Dryer, make sure to test all the wires, and there is no poor contact point between the wires.

You can use a Multimeter; it will help you figure out the faulty at any point or component of the Dryer.

If there are any issues or poor contact of wire, you can solder them back together. 

What to do if the Samsung dryer DC Error code persists?

If the above-discussed guide didn’t help you eliminate the Samsung Dryer DC Error code.

I recommend you reset your Dryer. Sometimes, the continuous use of a Dryer can also lead to this error.

If resetting didn’t help you fix the error code. The DIY solution works only if there are minor issues in the dryer.

If the above-discussed DIY didn’t work in your Dryer. 

You should contact your supplier or Samsung customer support. Depending upon the problem or issues, they will charge you to fix this issue in your Dryer.

If your warranty support period is not over, you can claim warranty support and repair the Dryer for free. 


I hope the article has a guide to understanding more about the error code and leads you to some conclusions. Samsung Dryer DC error code indicates that the dryer door is not locked properly. It can happen for various reasons, which we discussed in the above section. If the above-discussed tips and tricks didn’t help you fix the Samsung Dryer DC Error Code. 

There must be some problem in the component. You should consider contacting the appliance technicians about the issues. Besides this, if you have some other issues related to Samsung Dryer, write them below in the comment. I will try to answer all your queries down below in the comment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Samsung dryer door not latching?

There are two main reasons that can prevent you from latching the dryer door.  The first one is a faulty door latch or obstruction around the door. If your Dryer has any of these issues, you cannot latch your dryer door properly. In Samsung, the door latch is less likely to malfunction, but there is a high chance of obstruction around the door. Ensure there is no obstruction around the door and check the door gasket. 

How can I reset Samsung Dryer?

The process of resetting the Samsung Dryer is very straightforward. All you need to do is remove the power cable from the dryer. You can also flip the circuit breaker of the dryer. Once you power off the dryer, wait for 5-10 minutes. This will erase the settings and configuration from the dryer memory. After 5-10 minutes, turn on the dryer and press the power button. You’ve successfully reset your Samsung Dryer. 

How much does it cost to replace the door latch?

The cost to replace the Doro latch depends upon the model of your dryer and the brand. Depending upon the brand and model, the price can largely depend. If you are calling technicians for the replacement you will have to pay an additional charge for the installation charge. Therefore, the cost to replace the Samsung Dryer door latch can vary from $50 to $150. 

Why my Dryer heating system is not working?

If the dryer heating system is not working or heating properly, there must be a problem with the dryer heating module. You can find the heating module of the Samsung dryer at the bottom of the Dryer. A short circuit can affect the heating system in the Dryer. Sometimes the heating vent could be blocked due to some obstruction which can also cause the problem of heating in the Dryer. 

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