Easy Way to Fix Bosch Dishwasher E22 Error Code [SOLVED]

Bosch Dishwasher E22 error code is one of the common error codes seen on most Bosch dishwashers.

The problem is mainly displayed when there is a problem with your drainage.

Yes, if there is any drainage problem during or after the cycle, you are more likely to encounter this error.

Error code is one of the great ways to detect the error inside the Dishwasher without the need for technicians.

Nowadays, most Dishwashers, including Bosch, come with this amazing feature.

The downside of this feature is that many such codes are hard to remember and make it difficult to understand specific errors.

In this article, we are going to look particularly at Bosch Dishwasher E22 error codes in Dishwasher.

Moreover, we will also look for ways to fix this issue with step-wise instruction. 

Types of Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Dishwasher encounters various types of problems over time. Therefore, to address these problems, Dishwasher has different types of Errors. This section will look into multiple error codes displayed by the Bosch dishwasher. 

  • Error Codes E12
  • Error Codes E14
  • Error Codes E15
  • Error Codes E16 & 17
  • Error Codes E18
  • Error Codes E22
  • Error Codes E24
  • Error Codes E25

These are some of the error codes displayed by Bosch dishwashers most often. The above-listed error codes have their meaning or when it is displayed. 

What is Bosch Dishwasher E22 Error?

Bosch Dishwasher E22 Error Code

Bosch Dishwasher E22 error codes indicate that there is some problem with the dishwasher filter.

It can be anything from blockage, Drain pump issues, or Clogged. If you have been using Dishwasher for a very long time without cleaning, then you are more likely to encounter these error codes. 

The Dishwasher needs to be clean to operate efficiently. As Dishwasher is electronic devices, we can’t be specific about a particular reason unless we fix them on our own.

The electronic device could malfunction due to various reasons. Therefore, we need to consider every possibility while repairing any issues in dishwashers. 

If your Dishwasher is showing E22 error codes, consider looking into the user manual. There you should find the solution for this particular error.

Don’t worry if you are like me, who throws away the user manual without reading. Later, we will discuss step-wise instructions to fix the E22 error codes. 

How to fix Bosch Dishwasher E22 Error codes?

Bosch dishwasher has a different model of Dishwasher on the market. Therefore, the step we will discuss here might not work in some of your Dishwashers.

But, we make sure that this solution is workable for all models of dishwashers. Let’s look at the steps to fix the issues:

1. The first and foremost step is to turn off the Dishwasher or unplug it from the power supply.

2. Now open the Dishwasher and then remove the lowermost rack from the Dishwasher. In addition to this, make sure to remove the spray arm.

3. The dishwasher spray arm should be removed by pulling it out; else, you can simply loosen the screw.

4. Now you should square metal mesh just below the racks. You should see a circular filter inside the square with tiny little holes. 

5. Make the counter-clockwise rotation for a couple of rounds on the upper filter and then pull out the filter from the Dishwasher. 

6. Now slowly pull the Square metal mesh panel forward to take it out. But, be aware while doing so because the sharp edges of the mesh could cut your fingers. 

7. Now wash all the filter components, including the square metal sheet, properly. Wash it properly under the tap water and toothbrush to clean the remaining debris from the filter. Use hot water if there is the presence of stubborn dirt or food particles. 

8. Once the filter is cleaned, reinstall the filter and square panel on the Dishwasher. Make sure to put all the components while installing it. 

9. Now install the spray arm and lowermost rack on the Dishwasher. 

10. Reconnect the power supply on the Dishwasher and see if the error persists or not

This is how you can solve the E22 error codes by following the above-listed steps. If the error persists, make sure to run a new cycle and then restart the Dishwasher. 

What is the filter in Dishwasher?

Bosch Dishwasher E22 error code is displayed when there is a problem in your filter. Now some of you might be unknown or wondering what filter I am talking about.

Every Dishwasher has a drain filter located at the bottom of the Dishwasher. It prevents tiny food particles from landing in your Dishwasher during the cycle.

The newer model of Dishwasher comes with a self-cleaning filter which doesn’t require cleaning.

Whereas older Dishwashers don’t have this self-cleaning feature, you need to clean it manually. However, there is no need to worry. In the coming section, we will teach you how to clean.

What to do if the error persists?

If the error is not fixed, there should be something else in your Dishwasher. There might be technical issues.

In some scenarios, the problem gets fixed for a while and omits the same error after some time. Let’s look into the different reasons for Bosch dishwasher E22 error codes on your Dishwasher. 

Calcium Buildup

If your Dishwasher is showing errors most often then, it could be because of calcium buildup. Calcium can easily make its place into tiny little holes in Dishwasher.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider detergent in Dishwasher. Moreover, if you live in a neighborhood where there are high minerals in the water, it is common to have these problems. 


Calcium buildup could create poor drainage issues and affect the washing performance of the Dishwasher. So, here is how you can fix this issue:

1. Put half glass of vinegar and half a glass of water. After this, mix both vinegar and a glass of water and stir them well.

2. Now pour the mixture into the filter for about 5 minutes.

3. After this, clean the filter with dry clothes and rinse the filter with clean water and reset the filter into the Dishwasher.

4. If the calcium buildup still exists after doing this, then use a toothbrush to clean the buildup. 

Clogged circulation pump

When there is a problem with the circulation pump, the Dishwasher can show E22 error codes. The circulation pump pulls the water inside the Dishwasher.

Therefore, any problem in this particular pump could cause Bosch dishwasher E22 error codes on the Bosch dishwasher.

Circulation pumps are directly connected with the Spray arm and supply water at minimum pressure and temperature.

Sometimes these spray arms can get clogged with minerals and tiny food particles, making it difficult to rinse during the cycle. 

However, there’s no need to worry clog on the circulation pump can be easily removed with just a few steps. Here is the step-wise instruction to remove the clog from the Circulation pump. 

1. First of all, turn of the power supply on the Dishwasher. You can simply unplug the cable from the power supply or press the turn-off button. 

2. Now remove the cover from the pump assembly and then open up the nut using screwdrivers. 

3. After this, you should see if the debris of food particles presents inside the circulation pump or not. 

4. After the reset, the pump, and screw up the nut. Be careful while doing so. There are sharp edges near the circulation pump. 

5. Turn on the Dishwasher, start the new cycle and run the Dishwasher; once in high pressure and the temperature. After this, it will throw all the remaining dirt from the spray pipe and the circulation pump. 

Block hose or Non-return valve

If there is the presence of debris or clog inside the drain hose, it will force dirt from staying inside the Dishwasher.

Therefore, a clog inside the Hose or Non-return valve could also cause Bosch Dishwasher E22 error codes. The non-return valve is a type of gate that prevents clogs from getting inside the Dishwasher.

The solution for this problem is also similar to the above problem. All you need to do is clean the Non-return valve if there is presence of any debris.

The non-return valve is located inside the drain valve. All you need to do is open the drain valve, and after this, screw up the nut to open the Non-return valve.

Now put it underneath the facet water; it will clean all the dirt.  

Before you fix the issues, make sure to rule out the blockage inside the Dishwasher.

You can also put a bucket or mug underneath the hose to store the dirty water or debris coming out from the Dishwasher.

After this, turn on the Dishwasher, restart the cycle and see if the problem is solved or not. 

Reset the Dishwasher

If none of the above methods is working in your Dishwasher, then what you can do is restart the Dishwasher.

It might sound useless, but in some cases, the Dishwasher keeps omitting the error even if there is no such issue. 

So, it is recommended to reset the Dishwasher once if none of the above methods is working. In some cases, the Dishwasher requires only resetting to fix the issues.

Therefore, make sure to reset the Dishwasher once and see if the Dishwasher shows E22 Error or not. 

If you don’t know how to reset the Dishwasher, then don’t worry. Follow the below instruction to restart the Dishwasher:

1. In most modern Dishwashers, you can restart just by pressing the start button. Yes, you need to press and hold the start button for around 5 seconds to restart the Dishwasher. 

2. In the older model, you need to press and hold Wash and Rinse button simultaneously for around 5 seconds. After this, the Dishwasher will turn off. After the machine turns off, wait for a couple of minutes before starting or tuning on the news cycle. 

3. You can also manually reset the Dishwasher just by turning it off. Yes, simply turn off the power supply of the Dishwasher and then wait for 10 minutes.

After this, your Dishwasher will release its memory and work on a new cycle afterward.

These are three different methods to reset the Bosch dishwasher. You can use any of the methods depending upon your model.

If you are using an older model, then go for 3rd method. Similarly, if you are using a newer model, you can use the first or second methods. 

Tips to avoid E22 error codes?

There is a saying, “Prevention is better than cure” therefore, it is better to avoid the problem before it affects your Dishwasher.

There are different tricks that you can follow to avoid E22 error code issues on your Dishwasher. 

1. Clean the dishwasher filter from time to time and avoid any debris or food particles inside the filter. Otherwise, the remaining food from the Dishwasher before being put inside of Dishwasher. 

2. Use vinegar while cleaning the Dishwasher.

3. Use the Dishwasher at a prescribed temperature and pressure to avoid a further errors. 

4. Don’t turn off the Dishwasher during the middle of a cycle. 


After reading this article, I hope you have fixed the Bosch dishwasher E22 error codes. The newer model of Bosch dishwasher has the feature of showing errors in the Dishwasher. This feature helps us fix the issues without needing technicians or any experts. All we need to understand is error codes. 

I hope you have fixed the issues without any problem as we have discussed various methods and tips to solve this E22 issue on the Dishwasher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my Dishwasher is showing E22 error codes?

If your dishwasher shows E22 error codes, then the drain valve or filter should be clogged with tiny food particles or some water minerals. 

How to fix the E22 error code in My Dishwasher?

E22 error codes can be fixed by cleaning all the debris present in the dishwasher filter. After this, all you need to do is reset the Dishwasher; the error should be fixed. 

How to fix error codes in Dishwasher?

There are different types of error codes in the Dishwasher, and each of them requires a unique solution to fix. Therefore, I will suggest you look user manual. Here you will find the solution for every error code. 

I am Kevin Technician and this website is created with the purpose to help common people to find proper information about Dishwasher. Feel free to comment or email your queries.