5 Reasons Why Maytag Dryer Not Spinning [Solution]

It can be very frustrating when your dryer suddenly stops spinning in the middle of the cycle.

If you are facing this issue you are not alone. I have received so many complaints from Maytag users regarding the Maytag dryer not spinning.

In this article, I will walk you through the Maytag dryer not spinning issue along with the step-wise procedure to fix the issue in your dryer. 

Why Maytag dryer is not spinning?

There are a couple of reasons why the dryer stops spinning. One of the major reasons behind the dryer not spinning problem is the motor issue.

The motor is a very important component of the Maytag dryer. Without a motor, you cannot do basic operations in your Maytag dryer. 

If the motor is not functioning well you are very likely to experience a Maytag dryer not spinning issue.

Besides this, another common reason for the Maytag dryer not spinning is the worn-out drum belt.

Over time dryer belt can be worn out which can stall the drying cycle.

How to fix the Maytag dryer not spinning problem?

5 Reasons Why Maytag Dryer not Spinning [Solution]

As mentioned earlier there are couple of reasons that cause the Spinning problem in the Maytag dryer. Here in this section, we are going to look at how we can troubleshoot those issues. 

1.Insufficient power

Insufficient power on the Maytag dryer can trigger various problems and issue inside the dryer.

The most common reason behind insufficient power is a broken wire or loose connection.

If your dryer has any of these you are likely to get a Maytag dryer not spinning problem.

Besides this, a tripped breaker or blown fuses also triggers power issues in the Maytag dryer. 


If your dryer is struggling to spin or not spinning during the cycle you should inspect the power cord and circuit breaker.

First I recommend you inspect the power cord. Over time power cord is exposed to moisture, dust and other various things which can damage power cords. 

  1. First, remove the power cord from the electrical outlet. If you have kept your dryer inside the cabinet remove the dryer from the cabinet. Now you can properly inspect the power cord. If the power cord is worn out replace the wire and install a new wire. 
  2. If there is no problem with the power cord check the circuit breaker of your home. An electric dryer uses 2 breakers or a fuse to power the dryer. Reset if any of the breakers are tripped and replace the blown fuses. 
  3. If you have just installed the power cord make sure that the connection is not loose.

2.Stretched or worn-out dryer belt

The drive belt is a very important component of the dryer that helps other components to function smoothly.

It is made up by using rubber which is stretched over time and causes a spinning issue.

If your dryer is producing a squealing sound during the cycle it is a sign that your dryer belt needs to be replaced. 


A stretched or worn-out belt is one of the culprits behind the Maytag dryer not spinning issues.

If your dryer belt is stretched or worn out you should replace the belt to fix the Maytag dryer not the spinning problem.

Here is the stepwise procedure to inspect and replace the Maytag dryer. 

  1. For safety, the reason turns off the power supply of the dryer. 
  2. You can access the dryer belt by removing the front access panel of the dryer. 
  3. Front access panels are secured with screws. Use the Phillips head screwdrivers and remove all the screws securing the front access panel of the dryer. However, make sure that the front access panel is connected to the door switch. 
  4. After removing all the screws gently lift the panel and remove the wire from the door switch terminal. 
  5. Also, remove the screws securing the top access panel. 
  6. Now you should also remove the bulkhead from the dryer. It is also secured with screws. First, disconnect all the wires connected to the dryer bulkhead. After this remove all the screw securing the bulkhead and afterwards lift the bulkhead and keep it aside. 
  7. Rotate the dryer drum and you will see if the belt is worn out or not. Similarly, if the belt is stretched you cannot rotate the drum properly. 
  8. If the belt is worn out or lost you must replace it to fix the Maytag dryer not spinning problem. 
  9. To replace the belt put your hand under the drum and locate the idler pulley. If you have located the pulley push it and release the belt tension. 
  10. Now remove the belt by following the same steps to install the new belt. Make sure the belt is well aligned with the drum. 
  11. Reinstall the bulkhead and connect the wire to the bulkhead switches. Secure the top and front access panel tightly using the screwdrivers. 
  12. Restart the dryer and see if the Spinning issue exists or not. 

This is the step-wise procedure to inspect and replace the defective drive belt from the Maytag dryer.

The process to access and remove the component can vary from the dryer model. So, I recommend you to take a reference from the owner manual. 

3.Defective idler pulley

A defective idler pulley can halt the spinning operation in the Maytag dryer.

The main function of the idler pulley is to provide tension and drive the belt.

Just like the belt, it is possible that the idler pulley can also be broken. 


If your dryer is not spinning properly there is a chance that your pulley could be defective.

As mentioned earlier it helps the dryer to create tension to rotate the drum during the cycle.

In most of the models, the Idler pulley is located at the bottom of the dryer.

Here is the step-wise instruction to inspect the defective idler pulley. 

  1. Disconnect the dryer power supply. 
  2. Now unthread the screw securing the top and front access panel. After removing the screws gently lift the panel and disconnect the wire connected to the panel.
  3. Again unthread the screws securing the bulkhead and keep the bulkhead aside. 
  4. The idler pulley is located at the bottom of the dryer. Put your under the drum and release the belt tension from the drum. 
  5. Remove the drum and inspect the idler pulley for any visible damage. If you notice your pulley is damaged or not rotating properly. You should replace it. 
  6. The idler pulley is secure with a washer. To remove the pulley first remove the washer and pull the pulley out. 
  7. Install the new pulley secure it tightly with the washer and install the drum. 
  8. Now install all the components which you have removed during the installation process. Also, make sure to connect all the wires which you disconnect during the procedure. 

Restart the dryer after you have completed the installation process of the idler pulley. See if the drum is spinning or not. If the drum is still not spinning there must be a problem with the motor. 

4.Motor malfunctioning

If above discuss troubleshooting tips fail to diagnose the Maytag dryer not spinning issue. There must be a problem with the dryer motor.

The motor powers the pulley which drives the belt. Similarly, the belt helps the drum to spin.

A bad motor produces a humming or buzzing sound during the cycle.

If your dryer motor is producing any kind of weird sound during the cycle. It is possible that the motor could malfunctioning. 


To identify if the motor is functioning properly you can test it using the multimeter.

If you have a flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdrivers and multimeter.

You can test your dryer motor. Here is the step-wise instruction on how you can test motor functioning. 

  1. For safety, reason disconnect the power cord from the power source. 
  2. Depending upon your model remove the front and top panels of your dryer. 
  3. Release the belt tension from the idler pulley and remove the pulley from the dryer. 
  4. In most of the models, the motor is located at the bottom right corner of the dryer. 
  5. Remove the motor from the dyer and set your multimeter to Rx1. Now touch both the probes on the motor terminal. If the motor is working fine you should receive a reading of around zero. 
  6. If your motors fail the continuity test make sure to test the ground connection. Touch one probe on the metal housing and place another probe on the motor terminal. During this test, you shouldn’t see the reading. 

If your motor fails both tests you should replace your motor. Contact your supplier or technicians and replace the motor.  

5.Broken door switch

A door switch is a special type of sensor or switch that ensures the dryer latch is fully engaged.

It is connected to the control panel and instructs the dryer to start the cycle. If the door is not latched properly you cannot start the cycle.

Similarly, if your dryer is not spinning it is possible that your door may not be latched properly even if it appears to be closed. 


To identify if the door switch is functioning or not you can test continuity test.

However, before you do the continuity test inspect and make sure there should not be obstruction around the door which could prevent the door from latching.

If the switch fails the continuity test you should replace the door switch.

After replacing the door switch restart the dryer and see if the dryer is spinning or not.

If it still not spinning consult with an expert or your supplier. 

What do if the problem persist?

If the above-discussed solution didn’t help you fix the spinning problem you should consult with your supplier.

They will help you walk through the issue and fix the problem.

Similarly, if the dryer has stopped functioning before the warranty period. 

You can claim your warranty support and repair the dryer free of cost. If you have kept the card safely check the date when you bought the dryer.

Sometimes getting support from a supplier can take a couple of days.

In this situation, I recommend you contact your nearest appliance technician to get the work done. 


It can be frustrating when you have an issue inside the dryer and you are unable to figure out the cause.

Maytag Dryer is a compact lightweight and very efficient dryer. In this article, we have discussed troubleshooting tips to fix the Maytag dryer not spinning problem.

We have discussed 5 likely causes and their solution. I hope that the article was helpful to you.

If you have faced any problem while troubleshooting the Maytag dryer not spinning make sure to write it down in the comment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the Maytag dryer owner manual?

If you have lost the owner’s manual of your dryer don’t worry. Nowadays, you can easily download PDF or owner manual of your appliances online. To download the Maytag dryer owner manual visit the official website of the Maytag. Now go to the download section and click on the dryer and select the model of your dryer. Shortly the downloading process will start on your device. 

How much does it cost to replace the dryer belt?

The cost to replace the dryer belt varies depending on the brand and model of your dryer. If you are planning to replace the dryer belt it can cost you between $10 to $40. However, if you employ technicians to install the belt you will need to pay an installation charge as well.

Why Maytag dryer is producing a buzzing sound?

There are a couple of reasons why dryer produces squealing or buzzing sound during operation. The most likely cause for this problem is an unlevel installation of the dryer, damaged drum bearing and worn-out drum belt. I suggest you inspect these components on your dryer. 

Why my dryer is vibrating and shaking?

Dryers are equipped with shock absorbers and can be worn out over time. This can result in the vibrating and shaking of the dryer. To fix this issue I recommend you inspect the shock absorbers and make sure they are not worn out. Besides, an unbalanced dryer also results in vibrating and shaking issues. 

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