How to Fix Maytag Dryer PF Code [Solution]

It is very common for a dryer to show error codes. Error codes indicate some technical failure inside the dryer.

If you are reading this article, I am sure you have encountered an error code in the dryer. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from our readers regarding the Maytag Dryer PF code. 

Therefore, in this article, we are going to take a deep look into this error code.

We will discuss various reasons why the Maytag dryer shows this error code. And in addition,

we will also share DIY tips and tricks to fix the PF error code from the Maytag dryer. 

Why is the Maytag dryer showing a PF code?

How to Fix Maytag Dryer 
PF Code

The Maytag dryer PF error code indicates power failure issues in the dryer.

This error code is triggered when the power failure interrupts the drying cycle.

If you have wrongly installed an extension cord or have installed a new power supply cord. PF error code can be triggered.

When you encounter this error code, the dryer either can’t start or heat.

Other than this, processor problems can also trigger PF error codes in the Maytag dryer. 

How to fix the Maytag Dryer PF code?

To fix the Maytag dryer PF code, we should first identify the cause behind the error code.

In the Maytag dryer, the PF error code is triggered for various reasons.

Before we begin discussing these reasons, I suggest you reset your dryer.

Sometimes the glitches inside the dryer can also trigger the PF error code in the Maytag dryer.

If this does not eliminate the PF error code, inspect the below-discussed problem on your dryer. 

1. Faulty electrical connection

A faulty electrical connection is very likely to trigger a Maytag dryer PF code.

If there is any exposed wire or wrongly installed electrical component, it can pose a fire hazard in the dryer.

Therefore, it alerts the user with various error codes to prevent such hazards.

If you have recently replaced the electrical component or power cord, make sure that you have properly installed the component. 

Solution: First of all, I suggest you inspect the dryer power cord. The power cord should be free from tears and frays and tightly secure with the dryer power unit.

Similarly, it is also recommended to keep the power cord outlet six inches away from heating appliances to prevent any damage to the power cord. 

If the power cord of your Maytag dryer is damaged, consider replacing it. There are mainly two types of power cords: three and four.

In this article, we will look at how to replace three wire plugs in your Maytag dryer. 

  1. Before we start, make sure to turn off all the electrical outlets.
  2. Remove the power cord from the power supply unit and pull the dryer towards you. Now you can easily access the back of the dryer.
  3. Now locate the terminal block on the back of the dryer. 
  4. Remove the screw securing the terminal block. 
  5. Insert the cord strain relief one side up and one side down. Now using the screwdriver, secure the strain relief using a screw. Make sure there should be a gap between the strains to pass the wire through.
  6. Now insert all three cords through the strain relief and tighten down the strain relief. 
  7. Attach the wire to the terminal block using a screwdriver and secure them tightly. 
  8. Reattach the terminal block cover and secure it with screws. 

After the replacement, restart the dryer and see if the error code persists. If the error code persists, inspect the heating element of the dryer. 

2. Heating element

The heating element is another essential part of the dryer. If your heating element is faulty or not functioning correctly, this also triggers the Maytag Dryer PF code.

The heating element uses an electrical current to heat the air before entering the dryer drum.

If the heating element of the dryer is broken or burnt, you should replace your existing heating element.

Replacing faulty heating elements should eliminate the PF error code from the Maytag dryer. 

Solution: To identify if the heating element is functioning correctly, you should do a continuity test on your dryer.

Continuity tests can be easily done using a multimeter. If the heating element is not functioning, replace the heating element.

Here is the step-wise instruction to replace the Maytag dryer heating element.

  1. First, remove the power cord and Turn off the power supply from the electrical units. 
  2. Pull the dryer forward from the cabinet or laundry room wall. 
  3. Now, on the back of the dryer, locate the thermostat. The thermostat is located at the side of the heating element assembly. 
  4. Disconnect the wire from the thermostat and remove the thermostat from the heating element terminal. 
  5. Remove the wire from the heating element terminal. Once you remove the wire, unthread the screw securing the heating element assembly. 
  6. Lift and pull the old heating element from the dryer. 
  7. Now install a new heating element. Secure the assembly using screwdrivers.
  8. Reinstall the high thermostat and connect the wire to the terminal. Also, install the rear panel and secure it with screws. 
  9. Now press and hold the power button and restart the dryer. 

This is how you can replace the Maytag dryer heating element. I hope that the method has worked well in your model of the dryer as well.

If you have any problem during the replacement, let us know in the comment. 

3. Blown thermal switch

Maytag Dryer PF code is also triggered due to a blown thermal switch.

A thermal switch is a special type of electromechanical device which opens and closes the flow of electrical current in the control panel.

A short circuit or high temperature inside the thermal dryer switch will close the thermal switch. 

If your dryer is not starting or showing a PF error code, check the thermal switch. In most models,

the Thermal switch is located on the exhaust duct. If you have a multimeter, you can easily check if the thermal switch is functioning correctly or not. 

Solution: Unlike other electrical components, the thermal switch cannot be reset or fixed.

If your thermal switch is not functioning correctly, you should replace the thermal switch of your dryer.

Here is the step-wise instruction to replace the thermal switch of the Maytag dryer. 

  1. Remove the power cord from the electrical outlet. This will prevent you from getting any kind of electrical shock.
  2. Pull the dryer forward and remove the screws of the front panel. Lift and detach the panel from the dryer. 
  3. Now for easy access to the thermal switch, remove the screw securing the drum unit. Pull the panel out from the dryer to detach it. 
  4. Disconnect the wire from the door switch terminal. Make sure to note the orientation. After removing the panel, set the panel aside.
  5. Again, unthread the top mounting screws and the top panel from the dryer. 
  6. Disconnect the light assembly wire and remove it from the retainer. 
  7. Unthread the front bulkhead mounting screws. Lift the bulkhead to detach it from the cabinet. 
  8. Remove the drum from the dryer. Now you can locate the thermal switch on the burner tube.
  9. Disconnect the wire harness from the thermal switch. Unthread the screw securing the thermal switch. 
  10. Align the thermal switch on the burner tube and secure the switch using screws. 
  11. Connect the wiring harness on the thermal switch terminal. 
  12. Reinstall the drum by aligning it on the roller. Replace the front bulkhead by aligning the drum. Rethread the mounting screw on the bulkhead. 
  13. Reconnect the wires on the light assembly through the retainers. 
  14. Install the top panel and secure it with screws. Connect the wiring harness on the door switch terminal. 
  15. Align the door panel on the screw assembly and secure it using screws. Install the lower access panel and also secure it with screws.

This is how you should replace the thermal switch on the Maytag dryer.

The process of replacing the thermal switch is tedious compared to other components. You can contact appliance technicians for the replacement if you are unable to replace it. 

4. Faulty door switch

The door switch is connected to special sensors that detect whether the door is open or closed.

If the sensor detects the door is opened, you cannot start the dryer for safety reasons.

In some dryers, faulty door switches also encounter PF error codes.

Solution: The door switch is located just beside the door panel. It is connected with a wiring harness and secured with screws.

I suggest you do a continuity test on the door switch. If the door switch fails the continuity test, you should replace the door switch.

Replacing the door switch should eliminate the Maytag Dryer PF code. Here is the instruction to replace the Maytag dryer door switch. 

  1. Turn off the dryer power switch. 
  2. Now unthread the screw securing the lower access panel. Lift the panel and keep it aside. 
  3. Remove the bottom screw securing the door panel. Lift the door panel and remove the wiring harness from the door switch. 
  4. Unthread the screws securing the door switch. Pull the switch from the dryer. 
  5. Align the new door switch on the door assembly. Secure the switch using screws. Connect the wiring harness. 
  6. Reinstall the lower and door panels of the dryer. 

What to do if the error code persists?

In the above section, we’ve discussed various solutions to help you fix the Maytag Dryer PF code.

If these solutions do not work in your dryer contact appliance technicians and fix the problem.

Else, you can also contact your supplier. You can repair your dryer without charges if the warranty support period is not over.

You can’t claim warranty support if the period of over. Therefore, make sure to check the warranty card of your dryer before contacting the supplier. 


Maytag dryer is one of the most popular brands for its dryer. Maytag dryer PF code appears when there is a power failure in the dryer.

You can easily eliminate this error code by pressing and holding the start button. 

This will restart the dryer and start a new cycle. Besides this, we’ve discussed a couple of solutions to help you eliminate the Maytag dryer PF code.

I hope that the article was helpful to you. If you have any problems with this article, please let us know in the comment below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace the Maytag Dryer control panel?

There are various models of Maytag dryers in the market. Depending upon the model, the cost to replace the Maytag dryer control panel can vary from $300 to $700. Apart from this, you will also be charged installation charges. Control panel replacement is tedious and can take up to a couple of hours. Therefore, it is very costly to replace the Maytag dryer control panel. 

What causes power failure in the Maytag dryer?

Power failure can arise in the dryer due to various reasons. Some of them are problems with the heating element and loose or short circuits in the electrical component. Similarly, faulty power cord installation can also trigger power failure issues in the Maytag dryer. 

Why is the Maytag dryer not starting?

If your Maytag dryer is not starting, there must be some problem with the power supply of your dryer. Make sure that there is no power outage in your home. Besides this, a blown fuse or tripped breaker can also stop you from starting the dryer. Before starting the dryer, make sure all the fuses of the dryer are intact and tight. 

Why is the Maytag dryer not heating?

In most of the Maytag dryers, we have found that the dryer spins but does not heat. If this is the case in your dryer, you should check the heating element of the dryer. Depending upon the brand or model, the heating element is mainly located behind the drum or inside the dryer cabinet. A clogged vent or lint screen can also lead to slow heating in the dryer. 

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