6 Reasons Why Maytag Dryer Won’t Start [Solution]

Is your Maytag dryer not starting? Are you looking for a solution to fix this problem? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will guide you to fix the Maytag dryer won’t start problem in detail.

Depending upon the model and dryer the reason behind the issue can vary.

Unlike other electronic appliances, the Maytag dryer is easy to troubleshoot once you identify the cause. In this article, we have listed a couple of reasons along with the solution. 

Why Maytag dryer not starting?

As mentioned earlier there is no specific cause behind the Maytag dryer not starting problem.

However, some of the common reasons behind Maytag dryers not starting includes power issues,

door latch issues and control panel issues. If your dryer has any of these issues you are likely to get a Maytag dryer not starting problem.

There are a couple more other reasons which will discuss in the next section.  

How to fix the Maytag dryer not starting problem?

6 Reasons Why Maytag Dryer Won’t Start [Solution]

Not all problem requires technicians to troubleshoot. If you have someone to guide you can fix the problem on your own.

Here we are going to discuss the most likely cause behind the Maytag dryer not starting problem.

In addition, we will also discuss a solution to troubleshoot the problem in your dryer. 

Dryer is not getting power

Before we begin make sure that your dryer is receiving enough power to start the cycle in the dryer.

A stable power supply is very much important in the dryer.

If the power cords are not plugged properly or worn out it can prevent you from starting the cycle.

Besides this, tripped circuit breaker also triggers a power issue in the Maytag dryer.


There are couples of things that you can inspect to make sure your dryer is receiving a stable power supply.

Here are some things that I recommend you inspect in your dryer.

  1. Power cord: The dryer power cord is the first thing that you should inspect on your dryer. A worn-out wire or power cord can prevent users from starting the cycle on the dryer. If you are using an extension cord to supply power. Make sure the extension cord is properly plugged into a power outlet. 
  1. Circuit breaker: Sometimes circuit breakers can be flipped which can result in the Maytag dryer won’t start a problem. A circuit breaker is an electronic switch that supplies electricity throughout the house. Make sure your dryer circuit breaker is not flipped. 

Unlatched door

An unlatched door is another common reason behind the Maytag dryer won’t start issue.

If the dryer door is not latched you won’t be able to start a drying cycle in the dryer.

Even if the door appears to be closed the doors may not be latched properly.

If there is an obstruction or clogged build-up around the door it can prevent you from latching the door.


If your door is not latched make sure there is no obstruction around the door.

Similarly, a worn-out door gasket can also prevent you from latching the door properly.

To determine start switch is defective or not consider closing and opening the door. 

If the door makes a clicking sound while closing then, the switch is not defective.

Similarly, you can conduct a continuity test to know if the door switch is defective or not.

If you don’t know how to conduct a continuity test don’t worry. Here is the step-wise instruction to test the dryer door switch continuity test. 

  1. Turn off the dryer power supply. 
  2. Unthread the screw securing the front access panel using 5/16-inch nut drivers. 
  3. Lift the panel and on the top of the panel you will find the door switch. 
  4. The door switch is connected with wire so make sure you gently lift the panel. 
  5. Disconnect the wire from the door switch terminal. But make sure to note down the wire orientation you will need during the reinstallation. 
  6. There are three connections in the door switch common, normally closed and normally open. 
  7. Touch the common and normal connection using the multimeter probes. If the door switch is working fine you should get the continuity on your multimeter. 
  8. Now touch the common and normal open connection using the multimeter probes. Press the switch button and multimeter to see if the multimeter is showing any sign of continuity or not. 

If the door switch fails both the above-discussed test consider replacing your door switch.

To replace the door switch you need to remove the screw securing the door switch and replace the old switch with a new one.

Blown thermal switch

A blown thermal switch will prevent you from starting any operation on your dryer.

If your dryer is overheating over and over again, then the thermal switch may have blown up.

The thermal switch is one of the safety components of the dryer that prevents fires or any mishap happening due to overheating.

Unlike other components, you cannot repair or reset the thermal switch. Once it is blown up you should replace it. 


As I said the earlier thermal switch keeps your dryer from overheating. If it is blown up you cannot start the drying cycle on your dryer.

So, I recommend you inspect the thermal switch. The location of the thermal switch can vary depending on the model of your dryer.

However, the most common location of a thermal switch is near the heating element or blower housing. 

To know the location of the thermal switch you can take reference of owner manual. You can identify the defective thermal switch by doing a continuity test. 

  1. In the multimeter, you will find various modes for testing including the continuity test. I recommend you set your multimeter in continuity test mode. 
  2. Connect the probes on the multimeter. 
  3. Place one of each of the meter probes on each of the wire fuses terminals. 
  4. If the switch is working you will get an audible beeping sound. Similarly, if the fuse I bad you won’t get any noise or beeping sound. 

Incorrect dryer settings

If you have set up your dryer using the wrong settings it can stop you from doing a basic operation on your dryer.

For example, if you have activated child lock mode it will stop you from starting the cycle on your dryer. Child lock mode is a safety mode that deactivates all the functioning of the dryer. 


To identify child lock or control lock mode there is an indicator that lets you know whether this feature is activated or not. In most dryers, it is indicated via LED lights.

Similarly, in some dryers, you can see via a control panel. Depending upon the model the process to deactivate this feature can vary. 

In some dryers, you will find a dedicated button for child lock/ control lock mode.

If the dryer has a dedicated button for child lock mode.

All you need to do is press and hold the button for a couple of seconds and the mode will be deactivated from the dryer. 

Besides this, if your dryer turns on but doesn’t start the heating cycle.

You should make sure that you have selected the correct cycle settings. In some models, there is a feature for automatic and timed dry cycles.

You can find more information about the various modes in the dryer’s owner manual.

If you don’t have an owner manual visit the Maytag official website there you can download the owner manual PDF. 

Start switch is defective

If the above-discussed solution didn’t fix the problem you should check the start switch.

It is possible the start switch could be defective. The switch is one of the important components without a switch your dryer won’t work.

A faulty start switch also triggers an error code in the Maytag dryer. If your dryer is showing an error code it is sure the dryer’s start switch is defective.  


If your dryer is showing a start switch defective error code you should consider replacing the dryer’s error code.

Here is the step-wise instruction to replace the Maytag dryer start switch. 

  1. Turn off the dryer power supply. 
  2. Pull the dryer forward and remove the rear panel securing the control unit.
  3. You will need to use screwdrivers to remove the panel. 
  4. Locate the start button rear side of the switch. Disconnect the wire from the start switch terminal. 
  5. Now set the multimeter into continuity test mode. Touch the wire terminal of the start switch using the multimeter probes. 
  6. If the switch is working fine the multimeter will produce audible noise. Similarly, if the switch is defective it will not produce any sound. 
  7. To replace the switch hold the start button firmly and gently pulls the start switch out of the control panel. 
  8. Install a new start switch and secure the switch with a button and connect the wire to the switch terminal. 
  9. Secure the rear panel using screwdrivers and try starting the dryer. 

Faulty drive motor

If your dryer is getting power but not starting then there could be a problem with the dryer’s drive motor.

The Drive motor is one of the important components of the Maytag dryer.

Without this, you cannot start and run the drying cycle on your dryer. Over usage of the dryer and overheating can affect the performance of the motor. 


A defective motor makes a humming or buzzing sound during the cycle. This is a clear indication either the belt is damaged or there is some problem with the motor.

If the motor is defective you should consult with the technicians regarding the problem. 

What to do if the problem persists?

In this article, we have discussed the common reason behind the Maytag dryer won’t start problem.

If the above discuss solution didn’t help you restart the dryer.

I recommend you contact the appliance technicians. If you can’t reach technicians you can contact your supplier. 

Moreover, if you still have warranty support on your dryer you can repair your dryer free of cost.

Make sure to check the warranty card which you got while buying the dryer.

There you will find the warranty end period and terms and conditions of the warranty. 


I hope this article has guided you to figure out the cause behind the Maytag dryer won’t start issue.

In this article, we have discussed some of the major reasons that stop you from starting the dryer.

Maytag dryer won’t start is one of the common problems seen in every Maytag dryer.

However, with proper guidance and tips, you can easily troubleshoot this problem in your dryer.

Besides this, if there is anything we can help you with please let us know in the comment below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace the Maytag dryer control panel?

If you are planning to change the Maytag dryer control panel it can cost you between $400 to $600. Depending upon the model of dryer you are using the price can vary. You can order the control panel online. Besides this, you will also need to pay additional charges for the installation. 

Why Maytag dryer not blowing hot air?

A faulty or defective heating element is one of the most common reasons behind this issue. The heating element is located under the dryer’s drum. If the heating element is defective you should replace the heating element. Besides the heating element make sure the air vent is not blocked. 

How to turn off child lock mode?

Maytag dryer comes with child lock mode, preventing your child from starting the cycle. In the control panel there you will see the control lock icon. Tap on the icon to disable and enable the mode in your dryer. Similarly, in some dryers, there is a dedicated button for child lock mode. You can find more information about child lock mode in the dryer’s owner manual. 

Why Maytag dryer power button not working?

If your dryer’s turn-on or power button is not working you should make sure that the door is firmly latched. Besides this, if the dryer is in control locked mode power button will also not function properly. To fix this problem I suggest you check the dryer’s timer and reset the dryer. 

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