How to Fix Maytag Dryer Code F01 [Solution]

Maytag is one of the well-known American home and commercial appliance manufacturers. It is owned by Whirlpool cooperation.

The company has been manufacturing home appliances for more than 100 years as of now.

They have a good reputation in the market for their compact and durable appliances.

However, troubleshooting Maytag appliances can get complicated or frustrating sometimes. 

You can take the Maytag dryer, for instance. Maytag dryer displays an error code when something goes wrong inside the dryer.

This error code is the combination of alphabets and numbers. Depending upon the issues, there is a different error code for every issue or problem. One of these error codes is f01. 

If you are looking for ways to troubleshoot Maytag dryer code f01, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will provide step-wise-step information to deal with error code f01. 

Why is Maytag dryer showing code f01?

How to Fix Maytag Dryer Code f01 [Solution]

Maytag dryer code f01 indicates a control panel issue inside the dryer.

The Control panel is the heart of every electronic appliance. Without a control panel, you cannot access and activate the features of the dryer.

Therefore, the control panel plays a critical role in the functioning of the dryer.

The error code is mainly triggered due to a power surge or short circuit on the dryer.

Besides this, there are various other reasons that can trigger error code f01 in the Maytag dryer.

To eliminate the error code, first, we need to identify the reason behind the error codes.

Once we identify the cause, we can easily troubleshoot the f01 error code from the dryer.

In the next section of the article, we will discuss possible causes and a step-by-step guide to fix them. 

How to troubleshoot Maytag dryer code f01?

To troubleshoot Maytag dryer code f01, we must inspect the control panel and its related component or parts.

If any of the components or parts is broken, it needs to be replaced. Sometimes, the error code can appear due to a glitch.

Therefore, before we start the troubleshooting process, you should reset your dryer. If you don’t know how to reset the Maytag dryer, don’t worry.

It is very easy to reset the Maytag dryer; follow the instructions below. 

  1. Disconnect the dryer power. You can either turn off the circuit or remove the power cord. 
  2. After the first step, wait 5-10 minutes to erase the dryer configuration from memory. 
  3. Turn on the dryer; you’ve successfully reset the dryer. 

This is how you can reset the Maytag dryer. Unlike other electronic appliances, there is no dedicated button to reset the dryer.

However, we can reset the dryer by pressing certain buttons from the control panel. Check your dryer owner manual to learn more about the dryer.

If resetting doesn’t eliminate Maytag dryer code f01, we need to inspect other components of the dryer, as discussed below.  

1.Check Thermal Switch

A thermal switch is a special safety fuse that cuts off electrical contact with the dryer control panel.

The switch reacts to excessive temperature and during a short circuit to reduce the risk of fire in the dryer.

Coming straight to the point-blown thermal switch can also trigger Maytag dryer code f01.

The thermal switch is located beside the exhaust duct in the Maytag dryer.

The main disadvantage of the thermal switch is it cannot be reset. Once the fuse is open it cannot be reset you must replace it. 

Solution: If the dryer control panel is not receiving power, it is due to a blown thermal switch. If your thermal dryer switch is open (blown), you must replace it to make your dryer function. In most of the models, the fuse is located beside the duct. To make sure the thermal switch is functional, you can do a continuity test. If you don’t know how to replace the thermal switch, follow the below instruction. 

  1. Unplug the power cord from the switch. 
  2. Unthread the screw securing the front-lower access panel from the dryer. Now unthread the screw securing the front-upper access panel. 
  3. Before removing the panel, makes sure to note down the door switch wire orientation. Pull the panel from the dryer and keep it aside. 
  4. Now remove the screw securing the top panel of the dryer. 
  5. Disconnect the light assembly wire from the terminal. And unthread the front bulkhead mounting screws. 
  6. Lift and pull the bulkhead to detach it from the dryer. Now reach under the drum and unhook the belt from the pulley and motor shaft.
  7. Lift the drum out from the dryer.
  8. Locate the burner tube, and there you will find the thermal fuse. Remove the wire from the thermal switch terminal. And remove the thermal fuse from the burner tube. 
  9. Install a new thermal fuse and align the fuse’s positioning on the burner tube. Secure the fuse with a screwdriver and connect wires to the terminal. 
  10. Reinstall the drum and make sure it is perfectly aligned with the roller. Loop the belt and motor shaft in the pulley in a Zig-Zag formation.
  11. Rotate the drum to align the belt. Replace the front bulkhead by aligning the drum. Install the mounting screw on the bulkhead. 
  12. Connect light assembly wires through the retainer clip. Install the top panel and secure the panel with screws. 
  13. Install front access panels and secure the panel with screws. 

This is the stepwise procedure to replace the damaged or faulty thermal switch from the dryer. The procedure may only align with some of the dryer models, so I recommend you take help from the owner’s manual. 

2.Check door switch

Dryer door switch is the next component that you should inspect. The safety switch prevents users from using the dryer when the door is not closed.

If the switch is defective or not working properly, it can trigger the f01 error code in your dryer. 

Solution: To troubleshoot door switch issues first we must inspect the door switch. Depending upon the dryer model door switch is located in a different area. You can find this information in your owner manual. You can download the owner manual from the Maytag official website. In most of the dryer door switch is located just behind the door panel. Follow the below step to check the door switch in the Maytag dryer. 

  1. Unthread the door securing the door access panel, and gently lift the panel. 
  2. On the same panel, there you will find the door switch. Before removing the switch, make sure to note down the wire orientation. 
  3. Once you remove the wire from the terminal, keep the panel aside. Now unthread the screw securing the switch from the panel. 
  4. Now using your multimeter, conduct a continuity test on your switch. 

If the switch fails the continuity, you should replace your existing switch. Similarly, if it fails, there must be other issues behind the f01 error code. 

3.Check Thermistor

The next component that triggers the f01 error code is the thermistor. Unlike thermal switches, the thermistor detects the increment in the dryer temperature.

It helps the control panel provide more heat so the dryer can maintain the selected drying temperature. 

If the thermistor is defective, it can take a prolonged time to dry the clothes. In addition, you will also notice overheating in the dryer.

If your dryer has these symptoms, you should inspect the Thermistor sensor. 

Solution: A faulty thermistor rarely triggers the f01 error code in the dryer. However, if the above-discussed solution didn’t eliminate Maytag dryer code f02, I recommend you inspect the thermistor on your dryer. The thermistor is located around the burner tube. Let’s look at how to test the thermistor sensor in the Maytag dryer. 

  1. Remove the power cord from the dryer. Make sure the dryer is not receiving power. 
  2. Now remove the screw securing the front door panel and also remove the top panel.
  3. Lift the panel and disconnect it from the door switch terminal. 
  4. Remove the wire from the light assembly and note down the wire orientation. 
  5. Now unthread the screw securing the bulkhead of the dryer. Remove the bulkhead from the dryer and keep it aside. 
  6. Under the drum, locate the belt that is connected to the pulley. Now unhook the belt from the pulley and lift the drum from the dryer. 
  7. A thermistor is located on the burner tube and next to the thermal fuse. 
  8. Now using (11.9kohms) multimeter, conduct a continuity test on the thermistor. 

If the thermistor passes the continuity test and the error code persists. There must be some issues in the control panel.

4.Replace control Panel

If you have been using the dryer for a long time and getting Maytag dryer code f01, it may be time to replace the control panel.

Over the years, the component inside the control panel has been exposed to air moisture and dust.

If the buttons on your control panel are not working well, you should replace the control panel. 

However, I won’t recommend you replace the control panel on your own. Replacing the control panel is a very tedious task and requires knowledge and effort.

If you don’t have any prior knowledge of electrical component, consults with technicians or your supplier. 

What to do if the error code persists?

The problem is related to the control panel. Depending upon the model, the problem and reason behind the error code can vary.

Therefore, the best thing to do is consult with appliance technicians or your supplier. 

They know more about the dryer and its component so they can help you on eliminating the error code from the dryer.

In addition, most Maytag dryer comes with warranty support. You can repair and replace your dryer without any charges. So, before buying any component or parts, make sure to check the warranty. 


Error codes can be frustrating to see in the dryer control panel. They indicate a problem inside the dryer before it gets any worse.

We have discussed various reasons and their solution to fix the f01 error code in the dryer.

Hopefully, the above-discussed information was helpful to you in fixing the Maytag dryer code f01. Besides this, if you have any problem with the article, please let us knows in the comment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace the Maytag dryer control panel?

The Control panel is a very expensive component of the dryer and challenging to replace. You should contact technicians to replace the control panel on your dryer. Depending upon the dryer model, the cost to replace the dryer can vary from $200 to $500. Besides this, technicians will charge you $20 to $50.  

Why is the Maytag dryer not heating?

Heating is a key component of the dryer. If your dryer is not heating, it is possible that your dryer may not be receiving proper voltage. Check the dryer power cord and make sure it should not wear or tear out. Similarly, the faulty heating element can also cause a heating issue in the Maytag dryer. Make sure there is no visible damage on the heating element, and if there is, consider replacing the heating element. 

What should I use to clean the lint screen?

A clogged lint screen can increase clothes drying time and can cause other various issues in the dryer. You can clean the lint screen using a vacuum or with your hand. The process of cleaning the lint screen can be different in every model. So, check the owner’s manual before cleaning the lint screen. 

How do I clean the Maytag dryer moisture sensor?

The moisture sensor is located at the back of the dryer. In some models, you will find it near the lint trap. You can check the owner’s manual to locate the sensor in your dryer. Once you locate the sensor, vigorously scrub the moisture sensor using fine-grit sandpaper. Remove all the debris and dirt from the sensor. 

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