Why Is My Maytag Dryer Squeaking [Solution]

Is your Maytag dryer squeaking? Have you tried troubleshooting the problem in your dryer?.

The squeaking sound of the dryer can be frustrating to hear when you are doing your dishes or daily household chores.

A squeaking or noisy dryer means that the dryer needs troubleshooting. 

However, the problem is we cannot troubleshoot the dryer unless and until we find the exact cause behind the issue.

There are various causes which can result in producing a squeaking sound in the Maytag dryer.

Today in this article we will be looking at some of the reasons and troubleshooting tips to fix Maytag dryer Squeaking issues. 

Why is the Maytag dryer Squeaking?

Why Is My Maytag Dryer Squeaking

It is very common for electronic appliances to produce clinking or squeaking sounds after a couple of years of use.

Over time the components and parts of the dryer start to wear out and stop functioning well.

In this condition, you need to make a proper inspection of such parts and replace them. 

Coming straight to the point, you will notice a squeaking sound in the Maytag dryer when the dryer legs aren’t leveled.

Similarly, if the door panel is worn out or has a crack, it can also result in a squeaking problem.

Besides this, misalignment of the dryer door also triggers a Squeaking problem in the dryer. 

How to fix the Maytag dryer squeaking problem?

To fix the Maytag dryer squeaking problem, first, you must find the cause behind it.

Once you find the cause, you can easily deal with the problem.

Here we have listed some likely causes along with their solution, which could help you fix the squeaking sound problem. 

1.Loose or worn-out dryer belt

A loose or worn-out dryer belt is one of the common reasons behind the squeaking noise in your Maytag dryer.

When the dryer belt is loose or worn out, it easily slips out from its allocated slot, creating a squeaking sound during the cycle.

This can result in producing a squeaking sound during the dry cycle. 


To identify whether the drum belt is worn out or lost, you need to make an inspection inside the dryer.

You can’t identify if your drum belt is good or bad from the outside. If you don’t know how to inspect the Maytag dryer drum belt, follow this stepwise procedure. 

  1. Please turn off the dryer power supply; it will prevent you from getting an electrical shock. 
  2. Remove the lint screen from your dryer and unthread the screw securing the upper panel of your dryer. 
  3. Lift the panel and hold it using the chain. 
  4. Now rotate the drum belt and thoroughly inspect the belt and make sure the belt is not loose or damaged. 

If you are able to rotate the drum without any trouble and the belt is in good condition. There is another reason behind the Maytag dryer squeaking issue.

Similarly, if the belt is damaged and worn out, replace the drum belt. Depending upon the model, it can cost you between $10 to $40. 

2.Faulty drum bearing or lubrication

If the squeaking sound is coming from the back of your dryer, there is a high chance that the drum bearing is faulty or requires lubrication.

Drum bearing plays an important role in spinning the drum smoothly. Over time, the oil inside the bearing can dry, resulting in a squeaking sound.

Applying oil to the bearing is recommended to prevent squeaking or any kind of spinning-related issue.


If the drum bearing is faulty dryer drum cannot spin properly, and even if it spins, it will produce a weird sound.

Therefore, I recommend you make an inspection of the drum bearing.

If it is damaged or requires lubrication, consider doing it. Here is stepwise instruction to inspect the drum bearing in the Maytag dryer. 

  1. For safety reason, unplug the dryer power cord from the power switch. 
  2. Pull the dryer towards you so you can access the rear part of the dryer. Locate the screw that secures the front access panel in your dryer. 
  3. Gently lift the panel from the dryer and remove the wire from the door switch terminal. Make sure to note down the wire on your terminal. Release the retainer clip and bulkhead. 
  4. Keep the panel aside and remove the screw securing the bulkhead. Lift the bulkhead and keep it aside from the dryer. 
  5. Put your hand under the drum and locate the idler pulley. Push the idler pulley to release the belt tension. Remove the belt from the idler and drum. 
  6. Now lift out the drum from the dryer. Locate the drum bearing from the dryer. Most of the dryer is located in the right corner of the dryer. 
  7. Using pliers remove the snap ring from the bearing. Pull the bearing from the axle. Make a proper inspection of the pulley to ensure it is not broken or damaged. 

Spin the bearing; it squeaks; make sure to apply oil. Apply a few drops of lubricant in the bearing and reinstall all the components which you have removed earlier.

Restart the dryer and see if the squeaking sound persists on your dryer or not. 

3.Door felt issue

If applying lubricant or replacing the bearing doesn’t eliminate the squeaking issue, you should check the dryer door.

The dryer door felt seal acts as a low friction bearing surface which prevents the dryer from producing any weird noise. 

The door felt the issue is one of the common reasons behind the Maytag dryer squeaking issue.

Besides this, if the dryer door is worn out or cracked, it produces a crank sound.

Similarly, the misaligned door can also produce weird noise in the Maytag dryer. 


A damaged door felt seal needs to be replaced because it produces a squeaking noise during the operation.

Similarly, a misaligned door is also the reason behind the squeaking noise. If your dryer door is misaligned, secure the dryer door using screwdrivers and make sure it is not moving.

Besides this, if the door felt seal is damaged, you should replace it. Here is the stepwise procedure to replace the door felt seal in the Maytag dryer.

  1. Before we begin, turn off the dryer power supply or remove the power cord if possible. 
  2. Unthread the screw securing the front access panel of the dryer. Lift the panel out and remove the wire from the door switch terminal. Don’t forget to note down the position of the wire on the terminal. 
  3. Locate the screw securing the top of the dryer panel. Lift the panel and support it on the wall. 
  4. Disconnect the light assembly wire from the dryer. Pull the wire from the retainer and keep the wire aside. 
  5. Now you need to remove the bulkhead to access the drum inside the dryer. Unthread the screw securing the bulkhead and lift the bulkhead out from the dryer. 
  6. Now you can replace the front bulkhead felt seal. To remove the rear bulkhead, put your hand under the drum, pull the idler pulley, and remove the belt from the roller. 
  7. Lift the drum out from the dryer, and now you can remove the felt seal from the rear bulkhead. 
  8. A Felt seal is installed using glue and heat on the bulkhead. So I recommend peeling the old felt seal from the rear and front bulkhead.  
  9. Clean off the residue from the rear and front bulkhead; make sure it needs to be clean; then, only you can install a new felt seal. 
  10. Before installing the felt seal, apply high-temperature adhesive on your bulkhead. 
  11. Align the short edge of the seal on the adhesive and press firmly on the seal. Repeat the same procedure in both bulkheads and leave it to dry for a couple of minutes. 

After installing the felt seal on the bulkhead, reinstall the front drum and front bulkhead and connect wires in the light assembly.

Secure the access panel using the screwdriver and restart the dryer. Check if the dryer is squeaking or not.  

4.A dryer is not level

An unleveled dryer can also make a squeaking noise in the dryer. There are four legs in the dryer; if any of these legs aren’t sitting flush on the floor dryer will move during the cycle.

This can result in producing a weird crank and squeaking noise. You can use the level to identify whether the dryer is level. 


If your Maytag dryer is unlevel, chances are high it will produce a weird crank and squeaking noise during the cycle.

It is recommended to adjust all four legs so that they touch the floor. Follow the below stepwise instruction to adjust the legs of your Maytag dryer. 

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  2. Pull the dryer towards you and lean it on the floor. Make sure it doesn’t fall. 
  3. Remove the rubber cap from the dryer legs and remove the legs.
  4. Clean the non-slip rubber and legs and apply some grease on the legs. 
  5. Install the leg on the dryer until it is one inch out. You can use a measuring tape for this. After this, install the rubber cap on both legs. 
  6. Turn the washer around and lean it on the floor. Remove the caps from the legs and then remove the legs. 
  7. Clean both caps and legs and apply grease on them. Reinstall the legs until it is one inch out. And install the non-slip rubber onto it. 

Now put the dryer on the floor and start adjusting the legs using the wrench. Make sure all the legs are flush with the floor. If not, adjust the legs using the wrench. 

What to do if squeaking persists?

If the above-discussed troubleshooting didn’t fix the Maytag dryer squeaking problem. You should seek help from technicians or your supplier.

Nowadays, the most dryer comes with warranty support for a couple of years.

If the warranty support period is not yet over, you can repair your dryer free of cost.

Make sure to check the warranty card which you got while buying the dryer. 


Maytag dryer squeaking is one of the common errors seen in Maytag dryers. After a couple of years of use, it is common to have this error in the dryer.

However, with the right guidance and instruction, you can easily troubleshoot the Maytag dryer squeaking problem. 

In this article, we have discussed various troubleshooting tips and causes behind the Maytag dryer squeaking issues.

I hope that it was helpful for you while fixing the squeaking issue in your dryer. Besides this, if there is anything that we can help, please let us know in the comment below. 

Freequently Asked Questions

Why is the Maytag dryer not heating?

In Maytag dryer heating issue is caused due to various reasons. Some common reasons for the Maytag dryer not heating are tripped circuit breakers or clogged vents. If this is not the issue, then make sure to check the heating element of your dryer. The heating element maintains the temperature inside the dryer if it is malfunctioning Maytag dryer may not heat properly. 

Why my Maytag dryer is not getting power?

If your Maytag dryer is not getting power, check the dryer power cords and make sure it is not worn out. Similarly, if you have used an extension cord, make sure it is properly plugged in. Besides this, a faulty thermal switch also causes power issues in the dryer. 

How much does it cost to replace the dryer belt?

The dryer belt is inexpensive compared to another component of the Maytag dryer. Depending upon the model, a new belt will cost you $10 to $40. Besides this, if you have a professional to have it installed, you will also need to pay an additional charge for the installation. 

Why did my dryer stop spinning?

A loose or worn-out dryer belt is one of the likely causes of spinning issues in the dryer. A misaligned drum roller also causes spinning issues in the Maytag dryer. If you recently installed the roller, ensure it is aligned with the drive rollers. Besides this, I also recommend you check the drum bearing and glides and make sure it is functional and has no issues. 

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