9 Solution | Samsung dishwasher Won’t Turn on

Samsung Dishwasher Won’t Start

It is very frustrating when your Samsung dishwasher Won’t Turn on when you are just trying to do your dishes. A dishwasher is an essential appliance in the kitchen; any problem in the machine could stop you from doing your daily chores.

If you have been using a Samsung dishwasher for a very long time, then I am sure you must have encountered this error in your dishwasher. 

It mainly happens when the dishwasher door switch is defective. In most cases, faulty door switches cause the dishwasher to stop working or start.

Besides this, there are various other reasons which could stop Samsung dishwashers from starting. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons that stop Samsung dishwashers from functioning properly.

In addition to this, we will also discuss a DIY solution to fix the issue. So, make sure to follow the article till the end.  

Why my Samsung dishwasher won’t Turn on?

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung dishwasher Turn on when the Dishwasher door switch is defective.

Similarly, another reason for this problem is the faulty control board. A Control board is where you can control your entire dishwasher settings and work. 

Any defect on the control panel will affect the dishwasher button, and it will stop you from operating the dishwasher. Here is a list of reasons that could prevent the dishwasher from starting.

  1. Faulty control board or stuck button
  2. The dishwasher has a door latch and door switch, which ensure the dishwasher is closed or not. When this latch gets malfunctions, your dishwasher Turn on.
  3. If there is a problem with the dishwasher power source, it could also cause this problem.
  4. If your thermal switch is blown, it will also stop you from starting.
  5. Ensure that you have disabled Child lock mode in your Samsung dishwasher.
  6. If there is an error code in your dishwasher, it could also stop you from starting the cycle. 

What are cause & Solution of Samsung dishwasher won’t Turn on?

In the above section, we have discussed some reasons which could stop the Samsung dishwasher from working.

Now, here we will analyze these reasons and discuss a solution for every problem out there. Here are the 9 reasons that stop the dishwasher from starting. 

Child Lock On

The child lock feature is very helpful when you have a child in your home. This feature prevents children from playing with the dishwasher.

When you enable this setting, your Samsung dishwasher won’t turn on unless you deactivate Child lock mode.

This feature is available in every Samsung dishwasher and can be accessed from the control panel itself. 

Sometimes the user forgets to disable the child lock mode and the Samsung dishwasher won’t start unless it is disabled.

The child lock feature remains active even if you turn off the dishwasher. If your dishwasher is not starting, then make sure you have disabled child lock mode in your dishwasher.


If you don’t know how to disable child lock mode in the Samsung dishwasher, then don’t worry.

Here we will discuss step-wise instructions to disable child lock mode in the Samsung dishwasher.

  1. Turn on the dishwasher.
  2. Now press and hold the Stop button for 5 seconds. After this, it will turn off child lock mode from your Samsung dishwasher.
  3. If this method is not working, press and rinse the button for 3 seconds. It should turn off child lock mode in your dishwasher. 

This is how you can deactivate child lock mode in your dishwasher. If the dishwasher is still not operating, there should be another reason.

Incorrect Dishwasher setting

Samsung dishwasher has different functions or settings which can be enabled or disabled depending upon the user’s requirement.

Some features like child lock could stop the dishwasher from starting. Therefore, make sure these features are not turned on in your dishwasher.

You should see error codes displaying panel on the control board. From here, you can quickly identify all the activated features on your dishwasher LED panel. 


There are different functions in the Samsung dishwasher like Control Lock, Child Lock, Sleep mode, and delay start.

These functions could stop the dishwasher from starting in some cases. So, if your dishwasher is not starting, make sure that you have disabled all these features.

If you don’t know how to disable such a function, you can find step-wise instructions on the dishwasher user guide.

Here, you can find all the Samsung dishwasher’s available features and the step-wise method to activate and deactivate the function. 

Faulty Drive Motor

A Faulty Drive motor is another major reason that could stop your dishwasher from starting.

Was your dishwasher producing a loud humming sound before it stopped starting? If yes, there needs to be some problem with the dishwasher motor.

The motor is responsible for pulling water inside the dishwasher. If there is a defect, you can operate your dishwasher as usual.

In this situation, I suggest you reset your Samsung dishwasher once and see if the problem exists or not. 


If the problem is still not fixed, it needs to be replaced. If there was a loud humming sound before it stopped working, it could be repaired.

The motor should be jammed in this case. Similarly, if the dishwasher stops starting in the middle of nowhere, call technicians.

If you have a warranty, you can contact Samsung customer support; they will help you repair your dishwasher without any cost. 

Check Door Latch 

The door latch is one of the significant reasons that stop the dishwasher from starting.

The dishwasher door has a door latch and door lock that lock the door during the dishwasher cycle. You cannot start the dishwasher unless you lock your dishwasher door. 

The dishwasher door has a sensor that sends a signal to the dishwasher and ensures that the door is closed securely.

Similarly, when there is a problem with the door latch, you can start the dishwasher. 


Before we consider this problem inspect the dishwasher door and see if it is broken or not.

If the door latch is fine and there is no broken sign, then clean all the dirt present on the dishwasher. And, then restart the dishwasher and see if the dishwasher starts or not. 

If there is still a problem while starting the dishwasher, use a multimeter to check the door switch. If there is no problem with the door switch, there should be another issue.

Water Supply Issue

If there is no proper water supply in the dishwasher, your dishwasher won’t start. Dishwasher water supply mainly gets affected due to broken supply line.

The clogged hose is another reason which affects the water supply issue. Check the dishwasher error code and see if it shows a drain or water supply error.

If it shows any kind of water supply error code, then it is sure your dishwasher is not starting because of a water supply issue. The solution to this problem is removing a clog from the water supply hose. 


Water supply error can be fixed by removing all clogged from the inlet valve. Here is the step-wise instruction to do this in your dishwasher.

  1. Turn Off the dishwasher.
  2. Now remove the dishwasher inlet valve from the tap.
  3. Run the tap water and see if the water is coming properly or not. 
  4. Clean if there is calcium buildup in the faucet. 
  5. After this, clean dirt and debris build in the dishwasher inlet valve. 
  6. You can use thick metal or copper wire to clean the debris. 

After cleaning the clogged, connect the inlet pipe into the faucet and turn on the dishwasher. Now check if your dishwasher starts or not. If the error is still not fixed, go to the next solution. 

Blown Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is basically a safety device that prevents short circuits or fire inside the dishwasher.

Almost every Samsung dishwasher has a thermal fuse to prevent short circuits on the dishwasher.

When its power fails, it cannot supply current in the dishwasher, which prevents you from starting the dishwasher. 

In order to identify defects, you can use a multimeter to see if the current is passing through the thermal fuse to the dishwasher or not. If there is a problem, you need to replace your thermal fuse. 


If there is no current flow through the thermal fuse, you must change the thermal fuse to start the dishwasher.

Here is the step-wise instruction to change the thermal fuse from your Samsung dishwasher.

  1. Turn off the dishwasher.
  2. Now remove the control panel screw. You don’t need to remove the control panel entirely. 
  3. The thermal fuse is mounted in the dishwasher control board housing. 
  4. Remove the thermal fuse locking tabs and pull out the thermal fuse from the control board. 
  5. Remove the wires from the thermal fuse and insert a new thermal fuse onto the board. 

After changing the thermal fuse, screw up the control panel and restart your dishwasher. This is how you can change the thermal fuse in your Samsung dishwasher.

Power Issue

When your dishwasher is not receiving enough power or has a faulty power source, the Samsung dishwasher won’t Turn on. Use a mobile charger to see if the power supply is working correctly or not. 

If you are using an extension cord, ensure that there is no cut-off on the wire.

Sometimes the tripped breaker can also cause this error; therefore, I recommend you to check the circuit breaker and make sure that it is working fine. 


If there is a power issue in the Samsung dishwasher, you need to make sure power is properly flowing from the source to the dishwasher.

Similarly, if you are using an extension wire, then ensure that there is now a cut-off on the wire. Last check the circuit breaker if it is working properly or not. 

Control Panel

If the control board of your dishwasher is not working, then there is a high chance you can’t start your dishwasher.

Control boards mainly malfunction when there is a short circuit in your dishwasher. Another reason for this problem is stuck inside the dishwasher, press the button multiple times. 

If there is a minor issue, resetting the dishwasher should fix the problem. So, make sure to reset your dishwasher once and see if the control panel works or not.

If it is not working, I suggest you call technicians or the Samsung service center. 

Error codes

Error code is another issue that could stop the dishwasher from starting. Every error code in the Samsung dishwasher has its own meaning that indicates some issue in your dishwasher.

If your dishwasher shows any of these errors before starting the dishwasher, then fix the error codes first. 

The Samsung dishwasher user manual contains meaning for every error code and a step-wise solution.

There are around 10-15 error codes in the Samsung dishwasher. So, I suggest you look user manual to fix the problem and start the dishwasher. 


These were some reasons that could Stop Samsung dishwasher from starting. We can’t point to one particular issue unless we figure it out on our dishwasher.

In most cases, there is an internal problem stopping the dishwasher from starting.

Therefore, I suggest you call the Samsung service center or technicians to fix Samsung Dishwasher that won’t turn on problem with your dishwasher. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Why my dishwasher panel is not working?

The dishwasher panel is attached with a thermal fuse that prevents the panel from short circuits by cutting off the connection onto the board.

If your dishwasher panel is not working, then there should be a short circuit in your dishwasher. 

Why my dishwasher won’t start and beep?

If your Samsung dishwasher is not starting and just producing a beep sound, there should be some issue with your dishwasher.

I suggest you look if you have closed the dishwasher door properly or not. Check if water is properly flowing inside the dishwasher or not.

Why my Samsung dishwasher is not getting water?

If your dishwasher is not receiving water, then you can’t start the dish cycle in your dishwasher.
This mainly happens when the inlet valve is clogged with food or calcium buildup.

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