Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 1E or IE | Step by Step Complete Guide

Samsung Dishwasher Error code 1E indicates a clogged filter issue on the Dishwasher.

Whenever you encounter this issue with your Dishwasher, it means your filter is clogged with food debris.

You will need to clean the filter to fix this error code in your Samsung dishwasher. 

Sometimes this error is also shown when there is some problem with your dishwasher control panel.

Any problem in the Dishwasher control panel could misinform the user by showing the wrong error codes.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss these error codes in detail, along with step-wise instructions to fix this in your Dishwasher. 

Let’s begin.

Why Samsung dishwasher is showing 1E error codes?

Samsung dishwasher shows a 1E error when your dishwasher filter is clogged.

It mainly happens when you don’t clean the filter for a long time.

If your Dishwasher is showing signs like humming sounds or slow draining, then your dishwasher filter is clogged.

Here are some signs showing when your dishwasher filter is clogged. 

Gurgling Sounds

The gurgling sound is a very common sign that is shown when your dishwasher filter is clogged.

When your Dishwasher forces water down the drain, it produces gurgling sounds.

But, not all the gargling sounds are related to a clogged-related issue. 

If your Dishwasher is producing humming sounds, there could be a problem with the dishwasher motor or propeller.

Therefore, we shouldn’t directly consider these problems as clogged issues. 

A dishwasher is backing up water in your sink

If there is a clog in the dishwasher filter, you will notice water backing up from the drainage.

When the water is unable to pass through drainage, it will backwater in your sink.

It is very important to clear the remaining food particles before putting them into the Dishwasher. Otherwise, you will see a 1E error code in your Dishwasher.

Slow draining in Dishwasher

Slow draining is another sign that you will notice when your Dishwasher omits 1E error codes.

When there is food debris on the dishwasher filter, it will slow down the draining process.

There make sure to clean the hose and filter whenever you are cleaning the Dishwasher. 

Standing water in the Dishwasher after cycle

Standing water is another clear sign of a clogged filter. When there is too much food debris, water cannot pass through the dishwasher filter.

This causes water to float around the sink after the cycle. The issue can be fixed by removing food debris from the dishwasher filter. 

These were some of the most common sign that is seen when your Dishwasher shows a 1E error.

Besides this, there are so many clog filter signs on the Samsung dishwasher that we have only listed common signs in this article.

Now in the next section, we will discuss how to fix these errors in your Samsung dishwasher.

How to fix Samsung dishwasher Error code 1E?

Samsung dishwasher Error code 1E

Samsung dishwasher 1E error code can be fixed by cleaning the drainage filter on the Dishwasher.

But, it is not that simple when it comes to cleaning drainage filters from the Samsung dishwasher.

There are various steps that one needs to follow in order to clean the filter from the Dishwasher properly.

Here we will discuss step-wise instructions for fixing 1E error codes in the Samsung dishwasher with step-wise instruction. 

Step 1: Remove the bottom rack

The first step you have to do is. Remove the bottom rack from the Dishwasher.

It is because removing the bottom rack will give easy access to the dishwasher filter. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the bottom shelf from the Dishwasher. 

Step 2: Microfilter

In the second step, we need to remove the microfilter from the Dishwasher. Rotate the door handle counterclockwise.

After removing the microfilter, we will get access to the primary drainage filter of the Dishwasher.

Step 3: Clean the filter

The next step is, we need to clean all the food particles and debris from the Dishwasher. After you remove the filter from the Dishwasher,

remove all the debris using a toothbrush or any small brush. After removing debris, put the filter under running water and clean it thoroughly. then after you are good to go.

Step 4: Clean hose

Sometimes the dishwasher hose can also build up debris and prevent water from draining.

Therefore, I suggest you clean your dishwasher hose from the Dishwasher as well.

You can remove the hose directly from the drainage. It will help you clean the hose properly.

Any debris buildup on the hose can cause the Dishwasher to show a 1E error in your Samsung dishwasher. 

Step 5: Use Vinegar

After cleaning the Samsung dishwasher hose and filter, now use vinegar-water solution to clean the remaining food particles from the Dishwasher.

Take a glass of hot water and then pour one spoon of vinegar. Mix it well, and then pour the water onto the dishwasher drainage. It will clear out all dirt present in the Dishwasher. 

Step 6: Reset the filter

Now reset the filter on the dishwasher drainage. The process of resetting the filter is similar; all you need to do is put the filter into the drainage.

After this, rotate it anticlockwise until it gets tight. Once you reset the filter in its position, reset the hose. 

It is an important step you have to do regularly to keep your dishwasher error code-free.

Step 7: Reset the Samsung Dishwasher

After cleaning the dishwasher hose and microfilter, I suggest resetting the Dishwasher. Resetting the Dishwasher will remove all the past settings and configurations.

It will start the Dishwasher in new settings. To reset the Dishwasher, all you need to do is manually turn it off Dishwasher.

Wait for 10-15 minutes to erase dishwasher settings and configurations. 

This is how you can fix the Samsung dishwasher 1E error code in your Dishwasher. In the above section, we have discussed a step-wise solution to reset the Dishwasher.

Following the instruction properly should fix the 1E error from your Samsung dishwasher. this is also the step you have to follow to keep your Dishwasher safe.

You should repeat these steps once a week.

What causes the Samsung dishwasher to show 1E error codes?

There are various reasons that could cause 1E error codes in the Dishwasher. The common reason for this problem is a clogged hose.

When you don’t clean your dishwasher filter for a while, your Dishwasher will show a 1E error. In this section, we are going to talk about what causes Samsung dishwasher to show 1E error. 

Clogged Filter Basket

Every Samsung dishwasher has a filter basked just above the drainage. It filters out all the food debris being washed during the cycle.

It needs to be regularly cleaned in order to prevent 1E error in your Dishwasher.

If the water supply in the area is not good and contains minerals, then you are more likely to see a 1E error in your Dishwasher.

Water containing more minerals increases calcium building in the dishwasher drain hose and the filter.

In this situation, you need to clean the filter and hose most often to prevent 1E error in your Dishwasher. 

Clogged Drain Hose

A clogged drain hose is another reason that shows a 1E error in your Dishwasher. Food and debris can also build up in the dishwasher drain hose.

Most people clean the dishwasher filter and ignore the dishwasher hose.

But, you should clean both filter and hose to prevent 1E error in your Dishwasher.

Sometimes a kink on the dishwasher hose can stop Dishwasher from drainage. 

Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal is full of debris and food particles, getting a 1E error code is very common.

If you have connected garbage disposal to kitchen drainage, a 1E error code is common.

You should clean the dishwasher filter and garbage disposal both in order to prevent the problem in your Dishwasher.

Broken Sewer Line

It is a rare problem seen on Samsung dishwashers, but it is necessary to consider it if your Dishwasher shows a 1E error code.

Sometimes broken Sewer pipes can block food particles and water from draining. 

It could cause problems like standing water and slow draining issues on Dishwasher.

This problem can be fixed by replacing the sewer line with a new one. But you need experts or technicians to do that. 

These were some of the major reasons that caused the Dishwasher to clog. If your Dishwasher is showing a 1E error, all you need to do is look through the reason and solve the problem. 

Tips to avoid Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 1E

If you have a Samsung dishwasher and facing the problem of error code 1E then you should know some tips that will help to avoid these error codes.

●   You should clean the filter regularly.

●   You should also clean the dishwasher hose regularly. To avoid this error code.

●   Resetting the dishwasher every week is very important. If you reset it then it will also increase the performance of the Dishwasher like new.

●   You should also remove the bottom rock every two days.

●   Clean the dishwasher regularly.

These are some tips you should follow to avoid this type of error and also these tips help you to keep your Dishwasher like new.

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I hope that the article was helpful for you to know about the 1E error code in the Samsung dishwasher.

In this article, we have discussed step-wise instructions to fix the issue and the reason why you encounter this problem in your Dishwasher. 

I expect that you have successfully fixed the issue with your Dishwasher.

If you are still encountering 1E error codes in the Samsung dishwasher, then I suggest you call technicians to resolve the issue.

Otherwise, you can also call the Samsung service center if you have a warranty. 


What causes the Samsung dishwasher to clog?

When food or sediment buildup on the dishwasher filter dishwasher gets clogged.

Therefore, it is always recommended to remove food before putting dishes into the Dishwasher.

Besides this, if you are leaving where the water contains too many minerals dishwasher gets easily clogged due to calcium buildup in the dishwasher hose or garbage disposal. 

Why is water standing on my Samsung dishwasher after the cycle?

Water standing on the bottom of the Dishwasher indicates a clogged filter.

You can prevent this issue by cleaning debris and food particles from the dishwasher garbage disposal, hose, or filter.

It is necessary to clean the dishwasher filter regularly to avoid 1E error in the Samsung dishwasher. 

How to clean Samsung dishwasher Filter?

The Samsung dishwasher doesn’t require expert professional cleaning; all you need is to remove the dishwasher filter.

After this, use a toothbrush and remove all the food buildup. You can also use vinegar and hot water solution.

It will easily remove all stubborn food from the dishwasher filter and hose. 

How to prevent error codes in Samsung dishwashers?

Error codes are irritating, and sometimes they could stop Dishwasher from working properly.

But, let me tell you that the error code is not a problem for Dishwasher. It indicates a problem with the Dishwasher.

It mainly stops the user from using Dishwasher to avoid the problem getting big.

Every error code requires a unique treatment; therefore, you can look dishwasher user manual to prevent each error code in Dishwasher. 

Is these steps are applicable to all brands of dishwasher?

Yes, every brand dishwasher shows different errors, and also sometimes shows this error in many brands.

But to fix this error in every brand dishwasher is the same process. So if you are using any other brand dishwasher then you can try the above steps.

Can we do the above step by ourselves?

Yes, if you have basic knowledge about dishwashers. Then you can easily do it within 30 minutes.

If you even don’t have any single knowledge about dishwasher then also you can do by following above steps. 

I am Kevin Technician and this website is created with the purpose to help common people to find proper information about Dishwasher. Feel free to comment or email your queries.