5 Solution to Fix Samsung dishwasher 4c error code

Solution of Samsung dishwasher 4c error code

Samsung dishwasher 4C or 4E error is a common problem in every dishwasher. A dishwasher is a very complicated home appliance but a very useful one.

Samsung dishwasher encounters various types of error codes on its screen. 

In order to fix these error codes, you should know what the error code is indicating.

The dishwasher user manual contains the meaning of every error code and the solution to each error code.

Coming back to our problem 4C or 4E error codes is encountered when there is a problem in your dishwasher water supply. 

Read this full article to know more about the Samsung dishwasher 4C error codes. In this article, we will be discussing various solutions to fix this error in your Dishwasher. 

Why does the Samsung dishwasher encounter a 4c error code?

4C or 4E error in Samsung dishwasher indicates water supply error in your Dishwasher.

When your Samsung dishwasher cannot supply water inside the Dishwasher, you are more likely to see this error in your Dishwasher. 

When this issue is encountered in your Dishwasher, you won’t hear the water pouring in your Dishwasher.

There are various reasons that could cause this issue in your Dishwasher. Here are a few reasons which can show 4C or 4E errors in your Dishwasher. 

1.     There is no water in the Dishwasher.

2.    When some foreign object is stuck inside the dishwasher inlet valve.

3.    If there is some problem between the hot and cold water connection, your Dishwasher may show this error.

4.    If your inlet valve is not working as it needs to be, then there is a high chance you will see this error in your Dishwasher.

5.     When you are not running the Dishwasher at the recommended temperature or pressure. 

These are a few reasons which could show 4C or 4E errors in your Dishwasher. Therefore, make sure to consider these problems before fixing the 4C or 4E error in your Dishwasher. 

Methods to fix Samsung Dishwasher 4c error code

There are different methods to fix 4C error codes in the Samsung dishwasher. In this section, we will be discussing DIY ways to fix the error in your Dishwasher.

Here we will be discussing stepwise instructions to solve the issue; therefore, make sure to read the instruction carefully. 

Close water inlet valve

The Inlet valve on Dishwasher plays an important role in pulling water inside the Dishwasher. The intake valve automatically pulls out water and rinses the dishes during the cycle.

Sometimes the inlet valve can get blocked by unwanted dirt, which could cause your Dishwasher to show a 4E error in your Dishwasher. 

To fix this issue, make sure that the inlet valve is not clogged with any dirt.

If your water has high minerals, it can build up minerals, which could also cause your Dishwasher to block the water. 


In this section, we will look at whether the water inlet valve is working correctly, and we will discuss stepwise instructions to fix it.

1.     First of turn off the water supply in the Dishwasher

2.    Now remove the water supply pipe from the tap. Clean dirt and debris are present in the Dishwasher. 

3.    If you have used an extension pipe to connect with the dishwasher inlet pipe, remove the extension pipe and dishwasher inlet pipe. 

4.    You need to rotate the pipe clockwise in order to detach it from the dishwasher inlet pipe.

5.     Check if there is a presence of dirt or debris and clean if present. 

6.    Connect the inlet pipe to the tap and restart the Dishwasher to see if the problem exists or not. 

This is how you can fix the closed inlet valve in the Samsung dishwasher. After following the above step, turn on the Dishwasher and see if it shows a 4C or 4E error or not. You can go to the next solution if the problem persists. 

Clogged Mesh filter

In most cases, a clogged mesh filter is one of the major reasons behind the 4C or 4E error. The Mesh filter catches all the food particles from the Dishwasher before reaching the pump.

When the filter gets full of dirt particles, your Dishwasher cannot filter out food particles and cause a 4C or 4E error. 

You can easily access the dishwasher mesh filter. It is located at the backside of the Dishwasher. You need to remove this filter from the Dishwasher to clean.


If your mesh filter is clogged, your Dishwasher will likely encounter a 4C or 4E error. Here is the stepwise instruction to remove and clean the mesh filter from your Samsung dishwasher. 

  1. First of all, turn off your Dishwasher.
  2. Turn off the water supply in your Dishwasher. 
  3. If you have kept your Dishwasher in the cabinet, remove it. 
  4. Now on the backside of the Dishwasher there, you will see two or one holes along with a filter inside of it. 
  5. Now rotate the Dishwasher clockwise and gently pull out the mesh filter from the water supply using pair of pliers. You can use any tools whose edges are sharp. 
  6. After you remove the mesh, put it under running water. Now clean the dirt or food debris using a brush and make sure it should be properly clean. 
  7. Reinsert the mesh filter in your Dishwasher and then start the Dishwasher and see if it fixes the error codes or not. 

If the error persists in your Dishwasher, then don’t worry. Follow the next solution from this article. 

Broken Water inlet valve

A broken inlet valve can be another reason that shows 4C error codes in your Samsung dishwasher.

If your Dishwasher is not filling water, there are high chances of a broken water inlet valve.

The water inlet valve is made up of using an electromagnetic coil that is connected with a solenoid valve. 

Sometimes the inlet valve can get broken, which causes a low flow of water inside the Dishwasher. The only way to identify this problem is by accessing the inlet valve. 


Before you fix this error, you should have a multimeter and screwdriver access and check the dishwasher inlet valve. Follow the stepwise instruction to access and check the dishwasher valve.

1.     Remove the dishwasher water supply. 

2.    Remove the Dishwasher from the cabinet. 

3.    Now, on the backside of the Dishwasher, you will see a sticker written with a water valve located near the mesh filter. 

4.    On the left and right sides of the Dishwasher, you will screw to access the dishwasher inlet valve. 

5.     After this, you can access the dishwasher inlet valve. 

6.    Now use a multimeter to see the voltage on the inlet valve. Make sure each valve should receive 2-4 kOhms of current.

7.     If the resistance is greater than normal, then it needs to replace. 

The inlet valve does not close when there is current; it means there is some problem with your dishwasher inlet valve.

So, consider calling technicians or the Samsung service center to fix this issue. 

Faulty control board

A faulty control board is another reason that causes your Dishwasher to show 4C error codes in the Samsung dishwasher.

A Control board is a place where you can manage all the settings of your Dishwasher, including temperature, pressure, and other various things. 

When your dishwasher control board stops working, it could also show 4C error codes.

If the button in your dishwasher panel is stuck or unable to access a particular feature. Then, there needs to be some problem with your control board. 


Faulty boards are often hard to fix as it requires proper tools and expertise. Therefore, I suggest you call the Samsung service center or call technicians to resolve the issue.

They will fix this issue from your Dishwasher without any issue. 

In some cases, you should change the whole control; otherwise, soldering and replacing chips should fix the issue in your Dishwasher.

If the button is stuck inside the control panel, consider pressing the button multiple times to fix the error. 

Clogged or kinked hose

A clogged or Kinked Hose is another reason which encountering a 4C error in the Samsung dishwasher.

Any kind of clogging on the hose could prevent water from draining. The drain hose is located at the bottom of the Dishwasher. 

In some cases, just a kinked on the dishwasher hose can create this issue in your Samsung dishwasher.

There should not be a kink or bend in the dishwasher hose. It will prevent the proper flow of water through and could encounter 4c error. 


In this section, we will discuss a stepwise solution to remove clogged from the hose. Here is the stepwise instruction to clean the house.

1.     Turn off the power supply and turn off the water supply in the Dishwasher.

2.    Remove the hose from the drainage. 

3.    After this, put a bucket under the hose and then run a normal cycle in your Dishwasher. 

4.    After the cycle end dishwasher should release all the dirt from the hose. 

5.     Make sure to clean the house using a tiny stick inside the hose and pull all the dirt from it. 

This is how you can clean the dishwasher hose. After this, reset the hose in the drainage pipe and turn on the Dishwasher. Now see if the error is fixed or not. If the error is still not resolved, call your technicians. 

Tips and tricks to prevent Samsung dishwasher from 4c error code

It is better to prevent the problem from your Dishwasher before it gets worse. So, here we will discuss some tips and tricks that could help you avoid any kinds of issues in the future. 

1.     Always put the dishes that the racks can hold. It is not recommended to overload dishes; it could cause water leakage in your Dishwasher.

2.    Make sure to clean the drainage or mesh filter from your Dishwasher. It will prevent most of the issues with your Dishwasher.

3.    Always use the Dishwasher in the recommended settings like pressure and temperature. 

4.    Always use the detergent recommended by your dishwasher manufacturer. Using different detergents could affect your Dishwasher from working effectively.     


I hope that you have fixed the Samsung dishwasher 4c error after reading this article. In this article, we have discussed different solutions to fix the problem in the Dishwasher.

Samsung dishwasher 4C error code is caused due to a problem in the Samsung dishwasher inlet valve. 

If the issue is still not solved, I recommend you call technicians to fix this issue. If there is a problem with the dishwasher control board, you can’t fix it yourself.

Therefore, call technicians or Samsung service centers. If you have any problems besides this, make sure to comment on your problem. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why does my Samsung dishwasher encounter 4c error codes in Dishwasher?

When your Dishwasher shows a 4c or 4E error, there is a problem with the water supply of your Dishwasher. This mainly happens when you are not using Dishwasher at the recommended water pressure or temperature. Another major reason for this problem is the clogged mesh filter. 

What happens when a 4c error occurs in My Dishwasher?

If you ever encounter this error in your Dishwasher, then your dishwasher water supply may not work. Similarly, in some cases, water heating may not work properly during the cycle. There are various reasons that could cause this error; therefore, it encounters different issues in every Dishwasher. 

Is 4c error codes is a serious issue?

No, 4C error is not that dangerous to worry about; this issue is mainly associated with water supply issues in your Dishwasher. In most cases, the problem gets fixed by cleaning all the dishwasher filters. Therefore, it is not a big issue to worry about when you encounter it in your Dishwasher. 

Why does my Samsung dishwasher stop during the middle of the cycle?

Samsung dishwasher stops during the middle of a cycle when there is a fuse or short circuit on the Dishwasher. If you have been using the Dishwasher for a very long time, then you should consider changing the dishwasher fuse. 

I am Kevin Technician and this website is created with the purpose to help common people to find proper information about Dishwasher. Feel free to comment or email your queries.