How to Reset Samsung Dishwasher [In 2 Minutes]

Are you tired of seeing minor issues in your Samsung dishwasher? Do you know how to reset the Samsung dishwasher?

If not, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss Do it yourself (DIY) tips and tricks to reset the Samsung dishwasher.

There are different models of Samsung dishwashers on the market. 

The method to reset the dishwasher is very same in almost all the model dishwashers. All you need to do is press just one button.

After this, you can easily reset your Samsung dishwasher. Resetting the dishwasher solves minor issues on the dishwasher.

If your dishwasher frequently malfunctions while working, then it is worth knowing how to reset the Samsung Dishwasher. 

Why do you need to reset Samsung dishwasher?

Resetting the dishwasher helps us fix minor issues on the dishwasher. But, in some cases, the reset may not fix the error in your dishwasher.

There are some situations where the error lies inside the dishwasher, and resetting would not solve the problem. 

Therefore, you need to consider different ways to fix the error in this case. Reset is available in all the dishwashers; no matter which brand it is, you can reset the dishwasher.

There are two different ways to reset the dishwasher; one is manual methods, and another one is automatic methods. Here we will discuss both these methods with stepwise instruction. 

What happens when you reset Samsung dishwasher?

Reset is one of the mainly used solutions in every device, whether TV, Computer, phone, or Machine.

Whenever we encounter some error, a simple Reset can fix the error from the device or appliances. Similarly, if you read the dishwasher manual, you will see reset being repeated as a solution to the problem. 

Now you might be wondering what exactly happens when the dishwasher gets reset. When you reset the dishwasher, it will erase past settings and configurations from its memory.

In the meantime, it will also eliminate the error in the dishwasher. There is nothing behind the reset; it removes the dishwasher instruction.

How to reset Samsung dishwasher?

How to Reset Samsung Dishwasher

When it comes to resetting the dishwasher, there are two significant ways to do it. One is manual methods, and another one is Automatic methods. Manual methods work in any dishwasher brand;

you can use them on Samsung, Bosch, Frigidaire or any brand. On the contrary, the Automatic method is available in very few dishwasher models.

Manual methods

In the manual method, all we need to do is turn off the dishwasher manually and wait a couple of minutes. Follow the below stepwise instruction to know in detail.

  1. First of all, see if your dishwasher is showing error codes or not. If it is showing some error codes, fix it.
  2. Now Turn Off the dishwasher. You can do it manually by removing the plug from the control panel. 
  3. After waiting 5-10 minutes.
  4. Now dishwasher should erase all its settings or configuration from its memory. 

This is how you can reset the dishwasher using manual methods. The process to reset the dishwasher using the manual method is the same in all dishwashers.

Automatic Methods

This method is mainly available in the newer model of dishwasher. It won’t work if you are using an older Samsung dishwasher model. Here is the stepwise instruction to do it.

  1. Press and hold Cancel, Power or reset button on your dishwasher for 5 seconds. 
  2. If there is a reset button, you don’t need to hold the button. Just press it up, and the dishwasher will reset.
  3. The process can take a maximum of 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, the dishwasher will automatically Turn On. 

This is how you can reset the dishwasher using automatic methods. In this method, all you need to do is press and hold some specific button. After this, the dishwasher will automatically reset. 

When not reset your Samsung dishwasher?

Resetting the dishwasher doesn’t necessarily solve the issues the dishwasher.

If your dishwasher is having internal problems, your dishwasher won’t work even after resetting. Let’s look at when you should not reset your Samsung dishwasher.

  1. If your dishwasher is not starting, then avoid resetting the dishwasher. There should be some internal problem with your dishwasher.
  2. Samsung Dishwashers have different error codes depending on the dishwasher’s problem. Therefore, if your dishwasher is showing error codes, fix the error codes first, and try resetting the dishwasher.
  3. If your dishwasher shows some particular issue most often, reset is not a solution. In this case, there should be some internal issue causing the dishwasher to malfunction. So, call your technicians for support or call the Samsung service center. 
  4. If there is draining or an error in your control panel, resetting the dishwasher won’t solve the error in your dishwasher. 

Remote codes

Remote codes are fault codes that indicate the error in the dishwasher. There are different types of errors in the dishwasher.

So, there is a specified code for each problem in the dishwasher. Here is the list of error codes in the Samsung dishwasher.

OC(Over level water check):

OC error is related to drain error. When your dishwasher shows OC in your dishwasher, it means there is more water in your dishwasher.

So, what you need to do is check the drain hose and sink. If there is a presence of debris, then clean it all from there. After doing this, the error should be gone from the dishwasher.

PE (Half Load function error):

This error is shown when the dishwasher is unable to start half load cycle. There are various reasons that could show this error in your dishwasher.

But, you can fix this error by cleaning the dishwasher and adding a new detergent to the dishwasher. After this, the error should fix; if it is still showing, make sure to reset the dishwasher.

tE (Temperature sensor error):

tE or TE is a Temperature sensor is shown when the dishwasher is unable to detect the temperature of the water inside the dishwasher.

The error is shown mainly when the temperature sensor is covered with moisture or some dirt. Cleaning all the dirt around the sensor should fix the issues or reset the dishwasher after cleaning. 

1E/IE (Clogged Filter error):

A clogged filter error is shown when the dishwasher filter is unable to drain the water from the dishwasher. It happens when the drain filter is clogged with food particles.

The error can be easily fixed by cleaning the drain filter from the dishwasher. In most cases, cleaning the filter solves the issues; if the error is not fixed, then call your technicians. 

3C (Pump operation error):

Pump operation error is shown when the pump is unable to operate properly on the dishwasher. Another reason for this error is a broken impeller or clogged hose.

Pumps are located under the drain hose; you may inspect the problem from there. In this error, the solution is to reset and clean the drain hose.

Otherwise, you have to call technicians or contact Samsung customer support. 

7E (Waterfall reflector error):

This error occurs when the dishwasher is unable to move the reflector inside the dishwasher. It could happen when the reflector gets blocked by something.

The error can be fixed by removing and resetting the reflector on the dishwasher.

If there is some obstruction, then remove it and check if the problem exists or not. Otherwise, call to Samsung service center and tell them about the problem. 

bE (Button error):

If your dishwasher is not working as it needs to be, then there could be a problem with the button. Dishwashers have different types of a button on the control panel.

Sometimes this button can get stuck inside the dishwasher, and then you are likely to encounter this error.

So, to fix this, Turn off the dishwasher and press all the buttons in your dishwasher. After this, the problem should be eliminated if it still persists, make sure to press the button again. 

9E (Low water level error):

The low water level is shown mainly when there is not enough water in the dishwasher. Another reason for this problem is a faulty sensor.

When the low-level sensor is detected for the first 5 seconds during wash operation, your dishwasher will show a 9E error.

If the error still exists, there must be a problem in the center so consider getting a new sensor in your dishwasher. 

HE (Heater error):

Heater error is very similar to tE error. When your dishwasher shows this error, there must be a problem with the sensor.

First of all, check the water temperature and then pressure. Set it to recommend level; after this, start the dishwasher and see if the problem is solved or not.

If it is not solved, empty the dishwasher, add new detergent, and run the dishwasher. 

AP (Access point mode):

Access point mode error is seen when you have not connected the dishwasher with your phone. This error can be fixed by Turning off the Access point mode on your dishwasher. 


Dishwashers are very much prone to problems and other various kinds of issues. The dishwasher requires proper cleaning and maintenance in order to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Therefore, we will discuss tips and tricks that will prevent your dishwasher from such issues. Here are these tips that you should know if you have a dishwasher. 

  1. Use the vinegar-water solution to clean the dishwasher. The vinegar and water solution will prevent the dishwasher from developing clogs and debris on the dishwasher.
  2. Spray arms are one of the important parts of the dishwasher. Therefore, make sure your spray arms don’t have any kinds of debris or food particle that could clog the nozzles.
  3. Rust is one of the culprits that could decrease the dishwasher’s efficiency. So, I recommend you to use touch up the paint to prevent rust formation in the dishwasher.
  4. Avoid using sharp knives and wooden things inside the dishwasher. 
  5. Always use the dishwasher on the recommended setting like water pressure and temperature. 
  6. Fix the error codes before starting the new cycle. When you start your dishwasher during the cycle, it will add more problems and could stop the dishwasher from working. 

You May Required in Future:-


Depending upon the problem resetting the dishwasher solves most of the issues in the dishwasher.

If resetting the Samsung dishwasher doesn’t solve your problem, you need to fix the error codes in your dishwasher.

If the problem persists, you can call technicians or the support center for the issues with your dishwasher. 

The above-discussed methods can be used in both older and newer models of Samsung dishwashers. Moreover, it will work in other brands of dishwashers as well.

Resetting the dishwasher is very easy there is no need to read a guide or manual after reading this article. You can reset any dishwasher using these methods.

Frequently Asked Question

Why my dishwasher is not working?

There are various reasons that could stop dishwashers from working. There are two main reasons for this problem: Damaged Door Latch and Child lock setting. When your dishwasher door latch is damaged, your dishwasher will operate. Similarly, if you have turned on child lock features, you won’t be able to start the dishwasher unless you turn off the mode.

What are the error codes in the Samsung dishwasher?

Error codes are a set of digits or characters that indicate your dishwasher’s problem. Dishwashers may encounter various issues depending upon time. Therefore, to help you understand the problem, error codes are given in the dishwasher.

What happens when you reset the dishwasher?

Resetting the dishwasher erased the old configuration and setting from the dishwasher, which lets the dishwasher operate using new settings. When your dishwasher operates in a new setting, it will fix all the errors in your dishwasher as it eliminates while erasing old settings. 

What to do if my dishwasher is not draining?

If your dishwasher is not draining, then there should be a problem with the dishwasher’s drain hose. Before fixing the error, make a proper inspection of the drain hose and clean all the food particles and debris using the brush. 

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