5 Reasons Why LG Dryer Say Cooling [Fixed]

Is your dryer displaying a cooling message? It is very much common for a dryer to display a cooling message.

Cooling is the process that every dryer has to go throw to protect the internal component of the dryer. Once the drying is completed the cooling process starts in the dryer. 

During this process dryer motor will stop spinning and the dryer remain shuts off.

Once the internal temperature is at a sufficient level the message will switch to done. However, some users have complained that their dryer is displaying cooling message for hours.

Why does the LG dryer say cooling?

5 Reasons Why LG Dryer Say Cooling [Fixed]

A dryer is an electronic appliance that consists of various components like, thermostat, heating element and so on.

During the drying cycle, the dryer temperature increases drastically which can trigger various issues in the dryer.

Therefore, to prevent such issue dryer goes into the cooling process after every drying cycle. The cooling process can last up to 5-10 minutes.

However, if your dryer is taking more than 5-10 minutes there is something wrong with the dryer. 

How to resolve this problem in the LG dryer?

To diagnose a cooling message error we first identify the cause behind the problem.

There are various common reasons that trigger this problem in LG dryers.

Here we have listed some common reasons behind the issue along with the solution. 

Clogged vent

The vent helps the dryer to circulate air inside and outside the dryer. If the vent is defective or damaged due to some reason it can trigger a heating issue in the dryer.

This can result in a cooling message being displayed in the dryer control panel.

Over time it is possible to vent can build up dust or dirt particles which can also block airflow both inside and outside of the dryer. 


If your LG dryer say cooling the first thing that you can do is inspect the dryer vent.

As I mentioned earlier dust or clogged build-up is very likely if you haven’t cleaned the vent before.

Here is the step-wise instruction to inspect and clean the LG dryer.

  1. Before we start make sure the dryer power is off. If not unplug the power cord from the power outlet. 
  2. Now locate the vent of your dryer. Depending upon the model the location of the vent can vary. So, I recommend you to check the owner manual for more info. 
  3. In most of the models, you can remove the vent after opening the dryer door. You just need to pull the vent up and clean all the lint and dirt using the soft brush. 
  4. Now unthread the screw securing the front panel of the LG dryer. After removing all the screws lift the panel and keep it aside from the dryer. 
  5. In some models, the dryer is secured with a bulkhead. If your model has a bulkhead make sure to dismantle it from the dryer. 
  6. Now you can make the inspection of a vent. Clean all the visible dust and lint from the vent. If necessary remove the vent housing compartment and clean from the inside. 
  7. Now reinstall all the components which you’ve removed during the process. 
  8. Restart the dryer and run an empty drying cycle and see if the LG dryer says cooling or not. 

This is the step wise instructions to inspect the vent of LG dryer. I hope this instruction has worked well on your model of dryer.

Besides, if your dryer still display cooling message then there must be some other issue in your dryer. The faulty heating element also triggers cooling message in the LG dryer.

Faulty heating element

If your dryer heating element is faulty or not working properly it can display the cooling message on the dryer.

The heating element is one of the important components of the LG dryer. It is responsible for generating heat inside the dryer.

If it is generating excessive heat during the drying cycle cooling message will appear forever in the control panel. 


A faulty heating element needs to be diagnosed or replaced. Otherwise, it can damage other components of the dryer and decrease its efficiency of the dryer.

You can identify faulty or defective heating elements by doing a continuity test. Here is how you can conduct a continuity test in an LG dryer. 

  1. The first step in troubleshooting any appliances and parts is to make sure the device is not receiving power. You can unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
  2. Remove all the screws that secure the front access panel. Lift the panel and keep it aside. 
  3. Again remove all the screws that secure the bulkhead and remove the bulkhead from the dryer. 
  4. Now in the bottom right corner, you will find the heating element compartment. However, if there is any wire or sensor connected to the bulkhead make sure to disconnect the wire. 
  5. Under the drum put your hand to release the belt tension from the pulley. 
  6. Now lift the drum using the belt and keep it aside from the dryer. 
  7. Disconnect two heating element wires and also remove the high-limit thermostat wire from the heating compartment. 
  8. Now release the connected wire from the retainer. 
  9. Remove the screw from the heating element housing and lift the heating element. 
  10. Now put your multimeter into continuity settings. Now place one of each probe into the heating element wire terminal. If the heating element is good you will hear an audible beeping noise. 
  11. If the multimeter doesn’t make any noise your heating element needs to be diagnosed. 

In this situation, I suggest you consult with technicians or with your supplier about the issue. In most cases, it can be diagnosed and sometimes you need to replace the entire heating compartment. 

Faulty thermostat

A thermostat is another important component of the dryer. If your LG dryer say cooling maybe your thermostat is defective or not functioning well.

It is responsible for controlling the temperature of the dryer and preventing it from overheating.

The thermostat is located around the heating element you can easily locate it with the help of the owner’s manual reference. 


We cannot just see and tell if the thermostat is faulty or good. A faulty thermostat needs to be replaced.

If you have a multimeter you can conduct an ohms test and identify if the thermostat is good or bad. Here is the step-wise instruction to test the LG dryer thermostat. 

  1. Unplug the dryer power cords and make sure that the dryer is not receiving power. 
  2. The thermostat is located around the heating element housing. For this, you must remove the front access panel and bulkhead from the dryer.
  3. After removing the front access panel on the bottom right corner you will see the housing of the heating element. 
  4. First, disconnect two heating element wires. And, then disconnect the thermostat wire located at the rear side of the housing. 
  5. Now release the wire from the retainer and unthread the screw securing the housing. After removing the screws gently lift and pull the housing out from the dryer.
  6. Set your multimeter in ohms settings. Place one of each probe on the thermostat wire terminal. Now check the multimeter the meter should register 0 ohms of resistance if the thermostat is good. 
  7. If the meter shows a reading of more than 0 or negative considers replacing the thermostat from the dryer. 
  8. Remove the screw from the thermostat and pull it out of the heating element housing. 
  9. Install a new thermostat and secure it with screws. 
  10. Now install the heating element housing and secures it with screws. Connect the housing element wire and thermostat wire.

Install all the components which have been removed during the process and restart the dryer. Run the empty drying cycle and see if the LG dryer say cooling or not. 

Faulty control panel

A faulty control panel also triggers the dryer to display a cooling message without any reason. The control panel is a very important part of the dryer.

It controls all the functioning, and operation including temperature, drying time and various other tasks.

The control panel can go bad when it is exposed to heat, dust and moisture. In addition, a power surge can also cause control board failure. 


The control board is a very complex component of the dryer. The issue and problem on the control panel require you to have technical knowledge.

Therefore, I won’t recommend you test the control panel on your own. Instead, I suggest you contact the technicians or your supplier to diagnose the issue on the control panel. 

How to manually cool down the dryer?

If the LG dryer still displays a cooling message error I recommend you do the following things. 

  1. Clean out the lint trap from the filter. 
  2. Clean the exhaust vent from time to time. 
  3. Check the drying time. 
  4. Improve the airflow of the dryer. 

What do if the problem persist?

In this article, we have discussed a DIY solution to fix the cooling message error in the LG dryer.

If you have not worked with appliances before you will find little difficult to troubleshoot or diagnose problems in the dryer.

In this situation, I recommend you contact technicians to diagnose the problem. A technician will help you locate and fix all the problem that is responsible for showing a cooling message error.

If your dryer warranty period is not over you can contact your supplier and claim warranty support. 


LG dryers encounter various problems during operation. One of the problems that users are facing with LG dryers is the cooling message error.

The cooling process is a normal process of every dryer that prevents the component from getting burned due to overheating. The process begins after the end of the drying cycle for 5-10 minutes. 

However, sometimes the process can take forever. In this article, we have discussed various reasons behind this error along with an appropriate solution.

I recommend you to read the article till the end which will give you a clear idea about the issue.

Besides this, if you are having any trouble with your LG dryer please let us know in the comment below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my LG dryer not heating up?

LG dryers not heating up is one of the common problems that every user has faced while using LG dryers. The most common reason behind this problem is a clogged dryer vent. If the dryer vent is clogged with dust or any obstruction it can result in a heating issue in the dryer. 

How do I reset my LG dryer?

There are different ways to reset the LG dryer. In some models of LG dryers, there is a dedicated button to reset the dryer. If your dryer has a dedicated reset button you just need to press and hold the button to reset the dryer. Similarly, if there is no dedicated button unplug the dryer from the power outlet and wait for 10-15 minutes. 

Why LG dryer making noise?

If your dryer is making weird noises during the drying cycle there must be a problem with the dryer motor or belt. You will hear a buzzing sound when the dryer drum belt is worn out. Similarly, your dryer will make a humming noise when the motor is defective. Sometimes the drum can misalign from its actual position which can also result in producing weird noise during the cycle. 

Why LG dryer not turning on?

If your LG dryer is not turning on then your dryer may not be receiving enough power to start the drying cycle. It is possible that over time the power cord can be worn out which can result in power issues in the dryer. Similarly, if the dryer is on but the cycle is not starting you may have mistakenly activated the child or safety lock. 

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