6 Reasons LG Dryer nP Code Error [Solution]

LG is industry-leading when it comes to manufacturing home appliances.

The company manufactures almost every home appliance including television, refrigerators, washing machine, dryer and other various kitchen and office appliances.

Talking about dryers there is no exception in their performance, durability and efficiency just like every other appliance. 

However, some users have experienced trouble eliminating the LG dryer nP code error.

If you are one of them you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will look at what causes your dryer to display an nP error code along with the troubleshooting tips. 

Why LG dryer nP code error appears?

6 Reasons of LG Dryer nP Code Error 

Are you having trouble clearing the LG dryer nP code error? nP code error mainly appears when there is a problem with the electrical wiring of your home.

More specifically if your dryer does not detect current at the heater you will get an nP code error.

To resolve this error code inspects your home circuit breaker, power outlet and power connection.

A problem on any of these units can result in displaying an nP code error.

How to troubleshoot the nP code error from my dryer?

To troubleshoot the nP error code first we must identify the reason behind the error code.

Once you identify the reason we can easily eliminate the error code from the dryer.

Here are a couple of reasons that trigger an nP code error on the LG Dryer. 

1.Check the power cords

A worn-out or damaged power cord is one of the most common reasons behind nP code errors. Over time your power cord may have worn out.

Therefore, make a clear inspection of your power cords and if you have used an extension cord make sure to check them as well. 


A worn-out power cord can be repaired using tape. However, if the plug is damaged you should consider getting a replacement.

If you don’t know how to replace the power cords follow the below instructions. Before we begin make sure you have screws driver, power cords, tape and a multimeter. 

  1. First, unplug the power cords from the power outlet. If the plug is heavily damaged first turn off the circuit breaker then remove the cords. 
  2. Now pull the dryer away from the wall. If you kept your dryer inside the cabinet you may need to unthread some screws to pull from the cabinet. 
  3. On the rear side of a dryer locate the terminal block access panel and unthread the screws securing the panel. Pull the panel out from the dryer. 
  4. Remove the terminal block screws and detach the wires from the dryer. Also, don’t forget to remove the grounding connection as well. 
  5. Now loosen the screw securing the strain relief and pull the old cords. After removing the power cord remove the screws securing strain relief and pull the strain relief out of the dryer.
  6. Prepare a new power cord for the installation. For this remove the screw securing the strain relief and separate them into two halves.
  7. Insert the tabs on the two halves of strain relief into the power cord hole of your dryer rear panel. And, secure the relief using the screw but makes sure it is loose, later we will need to insert the cord through it.
  8. Now insert the power cord through the strain relief and position the wire near the terminal block. Make sure to align the wire with an appropriate terminal.
  9. Secure the wire on the terminal using the screws. Don’t forget to secure the grounding connection. 
  10. Now tighten the strain relief screws and reposition the terminal block access panel. Secure the panel using the screws. 
  11. Plug the cord and start the dryer to see if the error code persists or not.

This is how you can replace the power cords of the LG dryer. If changing the power cord doesn’t clear the error code checks the voltage. 

2.Check the voltage

If there is low voltage coming from the power outlet then it can also trigger an nP code error on your dryer.

The voltage must match what is specified by your manufacturer. Check the dryer’s rating plate there you will find information about the voltage. 


To test the voltage you should have a multimeter. Using a multimeter you can test the voltage of your power outlet.

Most LG dryer requires 240V of grounded outlet or check the owner manual of your dryer.

If you are receiving low voltage you should contact your electrician there must be some problem with the electrical wiring. When you contact the electrician make sure he is licensed. 

3.Reset the circuit breaker

If there is no problem with the voltage next you should check the circuit breaker.

It is possible that your circuit breaker may have tripped which is resulting in displaying an nP code error. 


First of all, locate the circuit breaker that controls the dryer. I suggest you inspect your circuit breaker and ensure that it is not tripped.

If the circuit breaker is tripped off reset the circuit breaker. Flip the breaker into the off and on position and start your dryer.

After this restart the dryer and try running empty drying cycle. Check if the error code is clear or not.

4.Inspect the heating compartment

LG dryer throws an nP code error when your dryer fails to detect the current at the heater.

If the above-discussed solution didn’t clear the nP code from your dryer.

Then you should check for faults or problems with the heater. It is possible that due to extreme heat, the wire terminal may malfunction or meltdown. 


A defective heating compartment is very likely to have a trigger nP code on the LG dryer.

Therefore, I suggest you inspect the heating compartment of your dryer. In most LG dryers it is located at the bottom right corner of the dryer.

A defective heating element needs to be replaced. But, to identify if the heating element is functioning or not you should do a continuity test.

Here is how you can inspect and conduct a continuity test on a heating element. 

  1. For safety reasons, I suggest you unplug the power cord or turn off the circuit breaker. 
  2. To access the heating compartment first you must remove the access panel securing it. It is mainly secured with a front access panel and bulkhead from inside. 
  3. Locate the screws securing the front access panel and unthread them. After removing all the screws pull the panel up and keep it aside. 
  4. Now you can see the bulkhead of your dryer. Disconnect all the wires connected to the bulkhead. Unthread all the screws securing the bulkhead. 
  5. Remove the bulkhead from your dryer and keep it aside. Now locate the heating compartment of your dryer. You can take the owner’s manual for reference. 
  6. Once you locate the heating compartment inspect the wires connected to the heating compartment. Ensure that the wire is not broken and damaged. 
  7. Disconnect the wire from the wire terminal of the heating compartment.
  8. Turn on the multimeter and set the multimeter into continuity settings. And, then use a probe to touch one of the element’s terminals and a second probe to touch the other terminal. 
  9. If the heating element is functional it will show a reading of 0 to 50 ohms. In addition, you will also hear a beeping noise. 
  10. On the contrary, if the meter reading doesn’t change significantly or makes a beeping noise then the heating element is defective. 

This is how you can test the heating element of your dryer. If the heating element shows no continuity consider getting a replacement.

This should clear the error code from your dryer. If the error code persists make sure the wire connected to the heating element is not damaged. 

5.Inspect the circuit board

If the LG dryer nP code error still persists then I suggest you inspect the circuit board.

The circuit board is a very important part of the dryer that controls the programs in your appliance.

A faulty circuit board is very likely to trigger the nP error code on the LG dryer.

The circuit board rarely malfunction when it does you will encounter a weird problem on your dryer.


Most of the dryer circuit board is located at the top of the dryer. It is protected with control access panel.

Therefore, to access the circuit board first unthreads the screws that secure the control access panel.

You can take owner manual for reference. There you will find whole information about the control access panel and ways to access them.

After you remove the control access panel check for burnt, crushed, bulges, cracked wires, misplaced or extra solder.

If you notice any of these issues perhaps you should contact appliances technicians.

6.Reset your dryer

If your dryer is displaying unnecessary error code without any problem then you should reset your dryer.

It is possible that there may be some glitch or issue inside your dryer which is triggering error code on your dryer.


Resetting the dryer is very simple and quick process. In some model of LG dryer you will get dedicated button to reset the dryer.

If your model doesn’t have this features. Simply unplug the dryer from power outlet wait for 5-10 minutes.

Plug the power cords and press the start button and see if the error code is problem persist or not. If the problem still persists there must technical issue inside your dryer.

What to do if the error code persists?

In the above section, we have discussed DIY troubleshooting tips to clear the error code. There is no specific solution to a clear nP code error.

If you are still having a problem eliminating the nP code error you should contact the electricians. However, make sure that they are licensed and insured.


LG dryer NP code error is not a big deal to worry about. The problem is associated with faulty or bad electrical wiring.

With the right guidance and tools, you can easily clear this error code from the dryer. In this guide, we have discussed a couple of troubleshooting guides to help you to clear the nP error code.

I hope that you’ve followed the guide and successfully eliminate the error code in the dryer. Besides, if the error code persists consult with the electrician

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my LG dryer turn on?

A tripped circuit breaker could be the reason behind the LG dryer not turning on. Make sure that your dryer circuit breaker is not tripped. If it is tripped off reset the circuit breaker. Besides this, a faulty electrical outlet and power outage in the home can prevent you from turning on the dryer. 

Why LG electric dryer not heating?

Overtime dryer’s lint screen and vent can build up lint which can result in heating issues on the dryer. Therefore, it is always recommended to inspect and clean the vent and screen from time to time. You can prevent a lot of issues by maintaining cleanliness on the lint and vent screen. Besides, a clean vent also prevents the dryer from catching fire as well. 

What does dry level mean on an LG dryer?

LG dryer comes with the setting “Dry Level” which allows the user to adjust the sensor dry cycles. This will determine how dry your clothes will get after a complete cycle. It is very helpful when you are loading your dryer with a bulkier load. In this situation, you will require a higher dry level. Similarly, a lower dry level is suitable for lightweight fabrics and clothes. 

Why does my dryer stink?

If your dryer stinks it is due to lint and dirt has accumulated on the vent and lint trap. Check your vent and lint filter and clean them thoroughly this will fix your problem. If the problem persists open the front access panel and clean the interior. 

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