How to Fix LG Dryer D95 Error Code [Solution]

LG dryer is one of the most efficient and reliable dryers available in the market. I am sure you know how easy and smooth the appliance is.

Similarly, if there is any issue with the dryer you can easily deal with that problem. 

Most dryers come with an automatic error detection system which makes it very easy to identify problems and issues in the dryer.

They indicate these issues with the help of an error code. With the help of an error code, you can easily identify what is the problem with your dryer.

LG Dryer D95 error code is one such error code that most users have encountered while using the LG dryer.

Today in this article we will discuss this error code along with some troubleshooting tips. 

Why LG dryer is showing a D95 error code?

How to Fix LG Dryer D95 Error Code [Solution]

If your dryer is showing a D95 error code it means that your dryer exhaust vent is clogged or blocked.

When this happens you will encounter a D95 error code in your dryer.

Sometimes technical failure inside the dryer can also trigger your dryer from showing a D95 error code in the dryer. 

We cannot be sure about the reason behind the error code. However, by inspecting the dryer component we can eliminate the LG dryer D95 error code from the dryer.

In the next section, we will look at various troubleshooting tips to fix the D95 error code from the dryer. 

How to troubleshoot LG Dryer D95 error code from?

To eliminate LG Dryer D95 error code there are a couple of things that you can do on your dryer.

Here we have listed some troubleshooting tips that you can follow to fix the problem causing your dryer to display a D95 error code. 

1.Clean the lint filter

A clogged lint filter is very likely to trigger a LG Dryer D95 error code in the LG dryer. In the LG dryer, it is located inside the tub and attached to the round or rectangular pouch.

You can clean the filter with a brush, vacuum cleaner or water. If you don’t know how to remove and clean the lint filter don’t worry. 


To clean the lint filter first you must remove the filter from the dryer. Therefore, first locate the lint filter on your dryer if you don’t know how to remove the filter.

You can take reference from the dryer’s owner manual. Here is the step-wise instruction to remove the lint filter from the LG dryer. 

  1. Before we begin make sure you have turned off the dryer power supply or removed the power cords. 
  2. Open the door of your dryer. 
  3. Put your hand inside the dryer and back there you will find a groove. Pull that groove straight up. 
  4. Now if you have a vacuum cleaner vacuum the lint filter thoroughly.
  5. After you’ve vacuumed the lint filter now put the filter under running water and clean all the remaining dust from the filter. 
  6. Wipe the filter using soft clothes and once it is dry install the filter in the dryer. 

After you have cleaned your lint filter restart your dryer and see if the dryer is heating or not.

There must be something else causing your dryer to display a D95 error code. However, make sure to clean the lint filter from time to time to prevent getting such issues from the dryer. 

2.Clean exhaust hose

If you have cleaned your lint filter but the problem persists you should check the exhaust hose.

The exhaust hose is responsible for removing lint and other clothes debris from the dryer during the wash cycle.

Over time exhaust hose can build up lint and clothes debris resulting LG Dryer D95 error code in the dryer.

A clogged exhaust hose can also cause the dryer to overheat and even catch fire. 


A clogged exhaust hose must be cleaned to eliminate LG Dryer D95 error code from the dryer.

To clean the dryer exhaust hose I recommend you purchase a dryer vent cleaning kit.

There you will get all the tools required to clean the vent. Here is the step-wise instruction to clean the exhaust hose of the LG dryer.

  1. For safety reasons, I recommend you to unplug the power cord from the source. Or, turn off circuit breaker. 
  2. Gently pull the dryer from the wall towards you. 
  3. Now locate the dryer vent connected to your dryer. 
  4. The vent is secured using metal clips and a screw. 
  5. First of all, unthread the screw securing the metal clip wobble the vent and pull it out. 
  6. Now using a vacuum cleaner vacuum all the dirt from the vent and make sure it is cleaned and not clogged. 
  7. Now remove another end of the vent and repeat the same procedure clean all the dirt and lint from it. 
  8. After cleaning both ends of the vent reinstall the vent on your dryer. Make sure that the vent is not kinked. 

After you’ve cleaned the vent restart your dryer and see if the error code D95 persists or not. If the error code is triggered due to a clogged vent duct it should be eliminated. 

3.Faulty control panel

A faulty control panel can misguide you by showing the wrong error code in your dryer.

The control panel is the heart of the dryer that is responsible for controlling all the functioning of the dryer.

It is connected to all the components and sensors. Over time it is possible your control panel may not be working properly. 


A blown thermal switch is very likely to affect the control of your LG dryer.

Therefore, first of all, I recommend you inspect the thermal switch on your dryer.

A thermal switch is a special type of switch that monitors heat inside the dryer. 

During excessive heat or short circuits, it cut off electrical signals from getting into the control unit.

This can prevent you from running cycles and other functioning.

If the thermal switch is not working fine then there must be other issues. You should contact appliance technicians regarding the issue. 

4.Faulty motor

LG dryer D95 error code is also triggered due to a faulty drive motor. If the dryer’s motor is not working it can trigger various issues in the dryer.

A faulty motor cannot pass hot air outside and clothes debris out of the dryer. Therefore, if the above-discussed solution doesn’t eliminate the error code inspect your dryer motor.


A faulty motor produces a humming and buzzing sound during the wash cycle.

If the motor is making a humming or buzzing sound your dryer may not have enough pressure to suction out air and dirt particles outside of the dryer.

You can identify or test your motor by doing a continuity test. Here is the step-wise instruction to do a continuity test on your dryer. 

  1. For safety, reason unplug the power cords from the dryer. 
  2. Now gently pull the dryer towards you.
  3. The dryer motor is located left side of the dryer. You need to remove the front-facing panel to access the motor. 
  4. By using a screwdriver unthread the screw securing the front access panel of your dryer. Depending upon the dryer model the process to remove the front access panel can vary. So take reference of owner manual. 
  5. After removing the front access panel disconnects all the wires connected to the front access panel and bulkhead.
  6. Again you need to unthread the screw to remove the bulkhead. Gently lift the bulkhead and keep it aside in your dryer. 
  7. Now on the right side, you can see the drive motor of your dryer. 
  8. For ease of access, I recommend you remove the drum from the dryers. 
  9. After removing the drum locate the wire terminal on the motor. 
  10. Disconnect the wire from the terminal. And, set your multimeter into continuity settings. 
  11. Now touch one of both probes on the wire terminal. If the motor is working fine it will make a beeping noise. Similarly, if the multimeter does not make any sound there is some problem with your motor. 

5.Reset your dryer

Resetting your dryer does not fix any problem but when your dryer is not responding well. You should reset your dryer.

If above discussed troubleshooting didn’t eliminate the D95 error code consider resetting your dryer. 


There are mainly two ways to reset the dryer automatic and manual. Modern dryers are equipped with a reset button that allows you to automatically reset your dryer by pressing the reset button.

If you don’t have a reset button follow the below instruction. 

  1. Unplug the power cord or turn off the circuit breaker. 
  2. Wait for 5-10 minutes. It will erase all the configuration from memory and the electrical charge from all its components. 
  3. Plug the power cords and turn on the dryer.

This is the stepwise procedure to reset the LG dryer. If there is a dedicated button to reset the dryer you just need to press and hold the reset button to reset dryer. 

What to do if the error persists?

If your dryer is still showing D95 error code don’t worry. There are various why LG dryer display D95 error code.

We have only discussed major reason behind the issue. If these solutions didn’t eliminate LG dryer D95 error code contacts your supplier.

Most dryer comes with a year of warranty support therefore you should contact your supplier and tell them about the issue.

If you can’t reach your supplier you can contact LG customer support. They will also guide you to do to troubleshoot the problem on your dryer.


I hope now you understand what the D95 error code means in the LG dryer. In, short LG dryer D95 error code means that your ventilation system is restricted.

When your dryer is displaying the D95 error code your clothes will remain wet even after a complete drying cycle. The error should eliminate after cleaning the air vent of your dryer. 

Besides this, we have discussed a couple of troubleshooting tips to eliminate LG dryer D95 error code in the above section.

I hope the article was helpful for you to understand and troubleshoot the D95 error code from the dryer. If you have any problem besides LG Dryer D95 error code let us know in the comment down below. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to fix the LG dryer door latch?

If your dryer is not latching there must be an obstruction around the door. I recommend you inspect the door gasket and make sure the door is standing still and not moving. If the door is wobbling secure it with a screw driver. If the latch is broken you should replace it with a new latch. 

Why LG dryer is not heating?

If your dryer is running but not heating then you should check your dryer vent. A clogged vent is one of the common reasons behind the dryer, not heating. If you haven’t cleaned your vent for a long time chances are high it is clogged. So, I recommend you clean the vent and restart the dryer and see if the dryer is heating or not. 

Why LG dryer not turning on?

If you are struggling to start your dryer there must be some issue with the power cords or circuit breaker. It is possible that the dryer wire could be worn out or fused. Besides this, a tripped circuit breaker could also stop you from turning on the dryer. 

How do I reset the control panel on the LG dryer?

To reset the LG dryer unplug your dryer or turn off power at the circuit breaker. Wait for 5-10 minutes until the electrical charge is cleared out from the dryer. After 5-10 minutes plug in the power cord or turn on the circuit breaker now your control panel is successfully reset. 

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