How to Solve LG Dryer D90 Code Error [Fixed]

LG dryer is one of the popular dryers that is known for its compact and flawless performance. However, sometimes the error code can frustrate users.

There are around 10-20 error codes in every dryer and these error codes indicate various types of an issue on the dryer. 

But, if you are aware of these error codes ahead of time you can easily troubleshoot your dryer.

Additionally, most error code doesn’t require a technician’s guidance or help you can easily deal on your own.

In this article, we will be discussing the LG Dryer D90 code error. Some of our LG dryer users have encountered this error code on their dryers. 

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the reason why this error code appears.

And, we will also discuss step-wise troubleshooting tips to eliminate the D90 error code from the dryer. 

Why LG dryer D90 code error appears?

How to Solve LG Dryer D90 Code Error [Fixed]

Before we begin let’s know why the LG dryer D90 code appears. There are three error codes which point to the same issue on the dryer i.e D80, D90 and D95.

If any of these error codes appear in your dryer. It means that there is air blockage on your dryer. 

Error codes D80 and D95 represent there is 80% and 95% air blockage on the dryer.

Whereas, the D90 error code represents that there is 90% air blockage on the dryer.

When this error code appears the dryer will terminate its drying process which will leave your clothes wet even after a complete cycle. 

How to troubleshoot the LG dryer D90 code error?

To troubleshoot the LG dryer D90 code error you must figure out the reason causing your dryer to display the D90 error code.

As mentioned earlier LG dryer D90 error code appears when the exhaust vent of the dryer is clogged. A clogged exhaust vent can possess a great risk of fire. 

It is estimated that around 80% of residential home fires are caused due to dryers.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean the dryer from time to time to avoid such mishaps in near future.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to eliminate the LG dryer D90 code error. 

1.Clean the lint filter

The first and foremost thing that I will suggest to you is to clean the lint filter of your dryer.

A lint filter helps you trap the lint, debris hair and other dust particles during the drying cycle.

This will also prevent obstructing the dryer vent hose. In most of the dryer lint filter is located just beside the dryer door. 

If you don’t know how to access the lint filter of your LG dryer check the owner manual.

There you will find the location and procedure to remove the lint filter from the dryer.

However, if you don’t have the owner manual simply visit the LG official site.

And, go to download and select your appliances and model number. 


If you haven’t cleaned your lint filter for more than a month it’s time to clean the lint filter.

May it is the reason behind the LG dryer D90 code error. Here is the step-wise instruction to clean the lint filter of the LG dryer. 

  1. For safety reasons, I recommend you unplug the power cord and turn off the circuit breaker. 
  2. Once you turned off the dryer power supply open the door. 
  3. In this model, my lint filter is located after the door. So, I will depress the lock and pull it out from the dryer. 
  4. Now if you have removed the lint filter you can see the visible lint on the filter. 
  5. Using a soft brush clean all the lint and visible dust from the filter. 
  6. After this put the filter under running water and wash the lint filter and all the remaining particles. 
  7. Now let the filter dry for half an hour. 
  8. Reinstall the lint filter and plug in the power cords. Press the start button of your dryer and see if the D90 error code appears or not. 

I suggest you to take reference of owner manual while following the above instruction. If the error code persists consider cleaning the wall duct or vent of your dryer.

2.Clean Dryer vent

A clogged dryer vent is very likely to trigger the D90 error code in the LG dryer.

The dryer vent is the tube that runs from the dryer to the exterior of the home.

It is very important to circulate the moisture out from the dryer otherwise clothes will remain wet even after a complete drying cycle.

However, over time the dryer vent can build up dirt or lint which can trigger the D90 error code in the LG dryer. 


First I recommend you inspect the dryer vent for dirt or lint clogged.

Dryer vent is located at the back of the LG dryer. If you don’t know how to inspect the dryer vent follow the below instruction. 

  1. Unplug the power cable from the source. 
  2. Now pull the dryer from the wall such that you can access the dryer vent. 
  3. The dryer vent is secured using a metal clip and screws on it. 
  4. Loosen the screw and gently pull the metal clip out of the dryer. 
  5. Pull the dryer vent out of the dryer. 
  6. Now you can inspect the vent and clean the lint and debris. 
  7. I recommend using a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt particles inside the vent. 
  8. If you have used an elbow that is used to extend the vent make sure to check them as well. 

Now, reinstall the vent and all the components which you removed during the process.

After this restart the dryer and see if the error code persists or not. If the error code appears I suggest you to inspect the blower of your dryer.

3.Clean the blower

A blower is one of the most important parts of the dryer that passes moisture out from the dryer.

Besides this, it also circulates warm air inside the dryer. If for any reason the dryer stops working you could get a D90 error message on your dryer.

Over time lint can also build up inside the blower which can prevent the blower from running flawlessly. 


I suggest you inspect the blower of your dryer. A blower is located at the bottom of the dryer.

You need to remove the front access panel from the dryer. Here is the step-wise instruction to access the LG dryer blower. 

  1. Unplug the power cord and turn off the circuit breaker.
  2. Unthread the screw securing the upper panel of the dryer and keep the panel aside. 
  3. Now unthread the screw securing the control access panel. After removing the screws now you can remove the front access panel. 
  4. Locate the screw securing the front access panel and remove all the screws. Keep the screws safe otherwise, you will get into trouble while reinstalling the panel. 
  5. After you’ve removed all the screws lift the panel and keep the panel aside. 
  6. Remove the lint trap from the dryer. 
  7. In some models, you will need to remove the bulkhead to access the blower. Similarly, some model doesn’t require you to remove the bulkhead. 
  8. Check your owner’s manual if you need to remove the bulkhead and unthread all the screws securing the bulkhead. After this, disconnect all the sensors and wires connected to the bulkhead and keep the bulkhead aside. 
  9. Now locate the blower and remove the blower housing screws. 
  10. If you have removed the blower housing now clean all the lint and dirt. Rotate the propeller and make sure that it is spinning smoothly. Also, ensure that the blower pipe is not clogged or blocked. 

After cleaning the blower LG dryer D90 code error should disappear from the dryer. I want you to restart the dryer and see if the error codes persist. 

4.Faulty motor

If the above-discussed none of the troubleshooting tips worked there must be some problem with the motor.

The dryer motor is one of the most important parts of the dryer that sends hot air out of the dryer. In addition, it also rotates the drum of the dryer.

If there is any issue with the motor the error code will appear in the motor. 


You cannot identify if the faulty motor is the cause behind the D90 error code unless you inspect the motor. You can do a continuity test to identify if the motor is working properly or not.

If you don’t know how to access and test the motor consult with your technicians or supplier. 

As a said earlier, the motor is a very complex part of the dryer after the control panel.

So, I won’t suggest you test the motor by yourself there could be other reasons behind the D90 error code.

Therefore, a technician will help you with not only resolve the motor issue but the error code as well. 

What to do if the error persists?

Dryers these days have become very much compact and DIY friendly. You can diagnose almost every issue and eliminate error codes without the need for technicians.

However, there are some situations when your dryer is not starting or struggling to start in this situation you should contact the technicians.

Similarly, if the error code continuously appears in the dryer and none of the DIY solutions works.

Consult with your supplier or technicians regarding the issues. If there is technical issue they will troubleshoot that issue.


LG Dryer D90 code error appears when there is air blockage on the dryer or when the air cannot properly circulate the dryer.

In this situation, you will encounter a D90 error code. The error code will disappear if you unclog the air circulation exhaust.

In this article, we have discussed several troubleshooting tips with step-wise instructions. 

I hope you’ve followed the instruction and applied them to the dryer. If you have any problem and still error code persists you should contact your supplier and tell them about the issues.

The troubleshooting tips we discussed may not work in some models. Besides this, if there is anything we can help you please let us know in the comment down below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is D80 and D90 error codes the same in the LG dryer?

Yes, both the error code D80 and D90 point to an air circulation issue on the LG dryer. However, the D80 error code means that there is an 80% blockage on the dryer. And, the D90 error code means that the blockage could be around 90% per cent. Moreover, the D90 error code is a bit more restrictive and the dryer will stop its drying process. 

How do I reset the error code on my LG dryer?

Well, the answer is you cannot reset the error code or makes them disappear with some button. Error code indicates some issue or problem inside the dryer. Unless and until you fix that issue you cannot eliminate that error code from the dryer. However, you can try resetting your dryer to check if the error code eliminates or not. 

How do I fix the dryer latch?

Are you have trouble latching the door then make sure to check there is no obstruction around the door. Sometimes obstruction can prevent you from latching the door which can also result in displaying error messages. If there is no obstruction yet you are still struggling to latch then consult with the technicians. There must be a problem with the latch sensor of your dryer. 

What to do if the dryer does not start?

If your dryer is not starting unplug the dryer turn off the power and again start the dryer after 5-10 minutes. If this does not work check the power cable of your dryer. It is possible your power cord may be worn out or if you have used an extension cord make sure the dryer is receiving the power. 

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