How to Fix Kenmore Dryer Code F01/F1 Error Code [In 2 Minutes]

If your Kenmore dryer stops working, you won’t be able to dry your clothes quickly. Nothing is more stressful than not having the time to deal with this.

The last thing you are left with is troubleshooting your Kenmore dryer and fixing the issue.

There can be several issues with your dryer; however, if you are reading this blog post,

then it is highly possible that Kenmore dryer code F01/F1 error code has been encountered by your dryer.

There can be various reasons for an error code F01/F1 in your Kenmore dryer, but the most common reasons are listed below, along with the possible solutions.

What is the Kenmore Dryer Code F01/F1 Error Code?

How to Fix Kenmore Dryer Code F01/F1 Error Code [In 2 Minutes]

The F01/F1 error code on your Kenmore dryer indicates that there is an issue with the control board.

There are multiple possible sources for this issue, but it is most likely to be the failure of the control board.

Apart from the control board failure, a faulty or damaged thermistor can also cause the Kenmore dryer code F01/F1 error code.

However, it all depends upon the model of the Kenmore dryer you are using.

The control board failure or damaged thermistor issue usually takes place in the Kenmore Elite dryers, and this issue can be very easily solved at home, mostly without any expert’s help.

But in some cases, you do need to replace some components that will require an expert’s assistance.

Common Reasons for Kenmore Dryer Code F01/F1 Error Code

If you are a Kenmore Elite dryer user, then the error code F01/F1 indicates that there is a control board failure or there is a bad or damaged thermistor that may require repair or replacement.

However, in other Kenmore dryer models, the F01/F1 error code indicates that there is a vent blockage or issue in the healing relay/element, or the machine may require a soft reset/restart.

In addition to the F01/F1 error code, certain models of Kenmore dryers also indicate these problems with the F15 error code, the F78 error code, and other error codes.

Whenever you encounter problems like these, you should check the user manual to determine what the error number means.

If there are other problems with your dryer that are similar to the ones listed below, you should be able to solve them without any difficulty.

1. Faulty Thermistor

When you put your wet clothes inside your Kenmore dryer and start it, you see the error code F01/F1 on display, which signifies that there is some issue with your Kenmore dryer and you need to fix it.

Until you fix the issue, the dryer won’t run, and your clothes won’t dry.

The Kenmore Dryer code F01/F1 error code signifies that the thermistor of your dryer has failed to work and the dryer won’t start without a functional thermistor.

A thermistor is one of the major components that measure the internal temperature of your Kenmore dryer, so the machine can dry your clothes more efficiently and safely.

Before heading to fix the thermistor of your Kenmore dryer, you don’t have to be confused between a thermistor, and a thermal fuse, as both of these, are different components.

Finding the Thermistor in Kenmore Dryer

To start off, you need to find out the location of the thermistor, which can vary depending on the model you have.

However, most of the Kenmore dryers have their thermistor located in the same place. Moreover, if you have a Kenmore Elite dryer, you can follow these steps.

  1. First of all, unplug your Kenmore dryer from the power.
  2. If it is a gas dryer, then make sure to turn off the gas as well.
  3. The thermistor in the Kenmore dryer is located behind the lint duct housing, or you can also find it above the blower housing.
  4. To access it, you need to take out the service panel. You can use a putty knife to lift off the lint screen.
  5. Then, unscrew the lint duct housing using a screwdriver.
  6. The thermistor in the Kenmore dryer looks like a diamond-shaped component with rounded corners.
  7. Next, you have to remove all the wires attached to it, and additionally, you can vacuum the dryer from the inside for any dust buildup that could be causing the issue while the thermistor checks the internal temperature.
  8. Now, you can use s ¼ inch wrench to remove the screw that secures the thermistor inside the dryer.

Inspecting the Thermistor

  1. In this step, you need a multimeter to check the readings and ensure that the thermistor is functioning or not. If you don’t have one, you can go to a local shop and buy one for $5 to $10 or get the thermistor checked in a repair shop.
  2. Once you have the multimeter, set it to Ohms and check the thermistor by placing the meter probe on both ends of the thermistor.
  3. If you notice a very high or low resistance temperature, then the thermistor is defective. If not, then the thermistor is working fine, and you can try out other methods listed below.

How to Replace the Thermistor in Kenmore Dryer?

If you find out the thermistor is defective, you need to replace it completely. However, if your dryer is under warranty, you can ask for a repair or replacement from Kenmore service.

  1. Once you have the replacement thermistor, you can start replacing it.
  2. Since you have already taken out the faulty thermistor, you need to install the new thermistor in its place.
  3. Reattach the wires to it and then place back the lint duct housing and the service panel in their place.
  4. Tight all the screws and plug the dryer. Also, turn on the gas supply if it is a gas dryer.
  5. Test it out and check if the error code is gone or not. If not, then follow the next method below.

2. Vent Blockage

Your dryer vent and hoses may be clogged, preventing your dryer from drying your clothes properly. This can cause overheating and an increase in the chance of fire.

How to Fix Kenmore Dryer Vent Blockage?

  1. To test if your dryer vent is clogged, unplug your dryer and remove the hose.
  2. Hold the hose with one hand and use the other hand to inspect the inside of the hose. If you notice dust or debris inside the hose, then your vent is clogged, and you’ll need to clean it out.
  3. You may want to get the help of a plumber if you’re not sure how to clean the dryer vent or if you aren’t comfortable doing so.
  4. To inspect the inside of the hose, remove the end of the hose from your dryer and look inside with a flashlight.
  5. If the inside of the hose is clean, then the clog is further down the line. Clogs at the beginning of the hose may cause the F01 error code, while clogs further down the hose may cause the F02 error code.

How to fix a Blocked Dryer Duct Vent in Kenmore Dryer?

  1. In addition to a vent or hose blockage, there is also the possibility of a vent duct blockage.
  2. The vent duct on a Kenmore dryer is a long, rectangular duct, and it is placed on the back side of the dryer.
  3. You need to remove the vent cover and inspect the inside for any residue or lint buildup, as well as any dust or debris buildup, in order to ensure that the vent duct is not blocked.
  4. If you do find any dirt, you can easily remove it with a small brush and a vacuum cleaner.

3. Issue in Heating Element/Relay

If fixing a blocked vent doesn’t fix the Kenmore Dryer code F01/F1 error code, then it is quite possible that there is an issue in the heating element/relay.

If that is the case, then you need to have time to solder the heating element. And if you don’t know to solder, then take the heating element to a repair shop and get it fixed.

How to fix Heating Element/Relay in the Kenmore dryer?

  1. The heating element is located near the place where the power cord enters the machine. You can use a blowtorch or a soldering iron to fix the heating element.
  2. You need to open the Kenmore dryer service panel and access the heating element.
  3. Next, you need to remove the wires attached to the heating element. The heating element should have a black and white wire, both of which are attached to each end of it.
  4. Now you need to remove the heating element by removing the mounting screws and white and black wires attached to the element.
  5. Remove the high-limit thermostat from the old heating element and place it in the new one.
  6. Install the new heating element in the machine and solder the white and black wires to both ends of the heating element.
  7. Reattach the service panel and tight back the mounting screws.
  8. Plug the dryer and check if the error code is gone or not.

4. Soft Reset Required

Sometimes the Kenmore dryer has an electronic control board that fails to work, which causes the Kenmore Dryer code F01/F1 error code.

The control board failure can cause disruption in the flow of power, which can lead to the error code F01/F1 on your Kenmore dryer.

How do a soft reset in the Kenmore dryer?

  1. To perform a soft reset in the Kenmore dryer, you need to unplug the dryer from the power for about 1 minute.
  2. Next, plug back the dryer and turn it on.
  3. Open and close the door 3 times. You can do more if you don’t have a Kenmore elite dryer or if you have any other model. You must open and close the door within a few seconds. Otherwise, it will not work.
  4. That’s it. It will soft reset the dryer, and the control board will work again. If it doesn’t work, then follow the next method.

5. Control Board Failure

The next method is to check and fix the control board of your Kenmore dryer if the error code F01/F1 still exists. You may require to reset the control board unit or may need to replace it completely.

How to Reset Control Board Unit in Kenmore Dryer?

If you’ve already checked all of the components in the dryer and you’ve still been unable to resolve the F01/F1 error code, you may have to reset the electronic control unit.

  1. To do this, unplug the dryer and remove the top panel.
  2. Look for the door switch, which is usually located at the top of the door frame.
  3. Remove the wires from the switch, hold the two wires together for 10 seconds, and then reconnect the wires to the switch.
  4. Check if the error code still appears after plugging the dryer back in. If it is, then you’ll need to replace the control board.

How to Replace Control Board Unit in Kenmore Dryer?

If your dryer is still experiencing problems after checking all of the components and resetting the control board, you may have to replace the control board.

The control board is a very common part of failure on Kenmore dryers. Luckily, you can replace the control board yourself if you have basic appliance repair skills.

You can purchase a new control board online or at an appliance parts store, and you can replace the control board yourself in about 30 minutes.

Replacing the Control Board

  1. Turn off the dryer and remove the plug from the power source.
  2. Remove the dryer’s top cover.
  3. Take off the control panel that regulates everything.
  4. Disconnect the electronic control board from the colourful ribbon cable harness.
  5. You’ll need to take the electronic control board out of the panel and undo the two screws that are keeping it in place.
  6. Take the circuit board out of the panel’s control unit by lifting it up and out.
  7. Replace the old electronic board with the new one.
  8. Replace the electronic control board by reconnecting the colourful ribbon cable harness.
  9. Set up the control panel in place and tight back all the mounting screws.
  10. Mount the dryer’s top cover.
  11. Turn on the dryer to check if the error code still exists.

6. Check the thermal fuse

In case of overheating, the thermal fuse protects the dryer. You may need to check if your dryer is shutting off during the cycle or if your clothes are coming out wet.

If the fuse is broken, it may cause your dryer to overheat. You can check the thermal fuse visually. If it’s broken or scorched, you’ll need to replace it.

Another way to check the fuse is to set a timer for 30 minutes and turn the dryer on. If the timer goes off before the dryer cycle has ended, then you’ll need to replace the fuse.


To sum up, cleaning the lint trap after each load, checking the dryer vent to make sure it isn’t clogged with a sock, and having the machine serviced once a year will go a long way toward minimizing any issues with the Kenmore dryer.

Keeping this in mind, you might be able to fix the F01/F1 error code on your Kenmore dryer. Even so, if you’re still having issues with your Kenmore dryer, it’s recommended to get in touch with Kenmore support for assistance.

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