How to Reset the LG Dishwasher [In 1 Minute]

LG is one popular electronics brand known for manufacturing quality electronics in the market. Every year LG comes with new appliances with upgraded features and new technology.

The problem with every electronics device is to resolve the issue. Most users don’t have the prior technical knowledge to fix the issue of faulty appliances. 

Therefore, most of us will try to reset or restart the appliances to fix the issue. In some case, resetting does fix the problem, but in some cases, the resetting may not works on your behalf.

The same goes for the dishwasher if your dishwasher is malfunctioning, resetting the dishwasher may not entirely fix the issue of the dishwasher. 

Today in this article, we will be discussing how you can reset your LG dishwasher. In addition, we will also discuss another alternative to fix the issue with your dishwasher.

What happens when you reset the LG dishwasher?

When the dishwasher stops working middle of a cycle or malfunctions, it is recommended to reset the dishwasher.

After resetting the LG dishwasher, it will erase old configurations and settings from the dishwasher.

After the reset, when you start your dishwasher, it will run in new settings. 

This will eliminate all the current issue and problem and allows you to run your dishwasher error-free.

Resetting the dishwasher fix most of the minor issues if there is a technical problem. You need to call technicians to fix the problem with the dishwasher. 

How to reset the LG dishwasher?

How to reset the LG dishwasher [In 1 Minute]

Resetting the LG dishwasher is easy; you don’t need to have any tools or prior knowledge.

If you don’t know how to reset, don’t worry. This section will discuss step-wise instructions to reset your LG dishwasher.

  1. First, Turn Off your LG dishwasher (You can press the power button or remove the power cord from the dishwasher).
  2. After you Turn Off your dishwasher, wait for 10 to 20 seconds. Doing this will erase the old setting from dishwasher memory. 
  3. Plugin the power cord or press the power button to Turn On the dishwasher. 
  4. Start an empty cycle on your dishwasher and see if the problems persist or not. 

This is all you need to reset the LG dishwasher. I hope that the method has worked well in your dishwasher. If the problem persists, you will need additional troubleshooting in your dishwasher. 

What are error codes?

If resetting the dishwasher does not fix the problem, you will need additional troubleshooting to make your LG dishwasher function normally.

Error code is one of the easiest ways to detect issues and problems in the dishwasher.

Modern dishwasher has this amazing feature that automatically detects errors and problems in the dishwasher.

LG dishwasher is also equipped with this advanced error detection system. This allows you to identify the issue with the dishwasher even if you don’t have prior technical knowledge.

The problems are displayed in the form of an error code. Error code is the combination of letters and numbers. You can find the meaning of the error code on the dishwasher user manual. 

You will find the meaning of every error code along with the solution. If you don’t have a user manual, don’t worry. Here we will discuss some error codes often seen in the LG dishwasher. 

OE error code

OE error code in the LG dishwasher indicates a drain-related issue in the dishwasher. If you have not cleaned your dishwasher for a long time, food clogged must be built up inside the dishwasher.

Besides this, if you have hard water, it can also cause an OE error code. Hard water is likely to build clogged inside dishwasher filter compared to soft water. 


If the dishwasher displays an OE error code, inspect the dishwasher tub properly. If there is visible food debris, thoroughly cleans it using a brush.

Besides this, I also recommend checking the dishwasher mesh filter and drain hose. It allows the dishwasher to drain the dirty water and enables your dishwasher to function smoothly. 

IE error code

IE error code encounters when the water level in the dishwasher is low. Usually, the dishwasher takes 10 minutes to fill water inside the tank.

If the water tank is not filled within this time, you will see an IE error code in your dishwasher. 


If you have recently installed the unit, ensure that the supply valve is open in your dishwasher. In addition, also make sure that no water line is kinked or bent during the installation process.

Water pressure is another thing that you need to check when encountering an IE error code. Check the dishwasher water supply and ensure that the water pressure is between 20-120 PSI. 

AE error code

AE error code in the LG dishwasher indicates a leakage issue in the dishwasher. Dishwasher leaks are very much common in the older dishwasher.

The main reason behind the dishwasher leak is an older gasket, broken drain hose, and clogged filter.

If your dishwasher has any of these issues, you are more likely to encounter an AE error code in the dishwasher. 


There is no one particular solution to the leakage issue in the LG dishwasher. First of all, we need to inspect the problem properly.

Once you identify the issue, it will be easier to fix the leakage issue in your dishwasher. 

There are three main reasons that can cause leakage in an LG dishwasher an Old or Torn up gasket, a Broken Drain hose, and a Clog filter.

I suggest you inspect these issues in your dishwasher and deal with them accordingly. 

LE error code

LE error code in the LG dishwasher is associated with the motor issue. If your dishwasher shows an LE error code, there must be an issue with the motor or wiring harness.

Motor and wiring hardness is located in between the dishwasher control panel. During the time of high electric voltage or continuous usage, you will encounter an LE error code in your dishwasher. 


If you are encountering an LE error code, I recommend you follow the below step-wise instructions in your dishwasher. 

  1. If the dishwasher power is on, press the power button and turn it off. 
  2. Now turn off the circuit breaker and wait for 10 seconds. 
  3. Turn on the circuit breaker and Turn on your dishwasher by pressing the power button. 
  4. After this, start an empty cycle on your dishwasher. 

bE error code

bE error code appears in the LG dishwasher when you use the wrong or improper amount of detergent.

In some cases, if the dishwasher is not leveled into its proper position, it can also trigger bE error code in the LG dishwasher.

First, I recommend you reset your dishwasher and see if the problem persists or not. 


If the problem persists after resetting the dishwasher, I suggest you empty the soap dispenser. Clean the soap dispenser thoroughly and ensure that there is no remaining soap.

Fill the dispenser with soap and start the new cycle. If the problem is still not fixed, you must be using the wrong detergent in your dishwasher. 

When you use the wrong detergent in your dishwasher, it can cause excessive siding and create leakage in the dishwasher.

Therefore, I recommend you to use cascade and finish detergent on your dishwasher.

If you have just removed the dishwasher from the cabinet, make sure it is leveled properly. You can use dishwasher legs to level the dishwasher. 

FE error code

FE error is mainly encountered when too much or a low water level in the dishwasher tanks.

The dishwasher is equipped with various sensors, which help the dishwasher sense the issue in the dishwasher.

Besides this, it also allows your dishwasher to function smoothly. If the overfill switch is damaged or malfunctioning in your dishwasher, you will surely encounter the FE error code. 


If the Overfill sensor is damaged, you will need to replace your existing sensor with a new one.

Similarly, if there is an issue while filing the dishwasher tank, you will need to reset your dishwasher.

In the above section, we have discussed step-wise instructions to reset the LG dishwasher.

Try resetting the dishwasher whenever you encounter an FE error code in your LG dishwasher. 

HE error code

HE error code is another error code seen in the LG dishwasher. This error code is triggered when the dishwasher is overheated or unable to heat.

You are likely to encounter a HE error code in the dishwasher in this situation.

You always need to use the dishwasher at recommended temperature and pressure to avoid this issue in your dishwasher. 


First, check the dishwasher user manual; there, you will find the temperature and pressure level from the manufacturer.

Now check the dishwasher’s existing temperature and water pressure. Set it to the recommended level if the dishwasher temperature is not a recommended level. 

If the error code persists, check the dishwasher heating element. Sometimes eroded heating element also triggers an HE error code in the dishwasher. In this case, you need to replace your existing heating element with a new one. 

PF error code

PF error code in LG dishwasher indicates power failure issue. LG dishwasher is designed in such a way that it protects the dishwasher from any kind of power outage and interruption.

If you are using a different circuit breaker in this situation, these features can trigger an error code in your dishwasher. 


LG dishwasher mainly supports 120v, 60Hz circuit breaker minimum of 15 amps. Another thing that you should make sure of is to avoid using extension cords to connect your dishwasher to the power supply.

The dishwasher must be grounded if you want to prevent this error code in the future. 


After reading this article resetting the dishwasher should not be a big deal for you. The above section discusses step-wise instructions to reset the LG dishwasher. I hope the instruction has worked in your dishwasher. 

In addition to this, we also discuss additional troubleshooting tips to fix the problem in your dishwasher. I hope that it was helpful for you. Besides this, if you have any problem related to the LG dishwasher, make sure to leave a comment down below. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why is my dishwasher showing an error code?

Error code is a mechanism through which you can locate or identify the issue in your dishwasher.

Error code indicates various types of problems in the dishwasher. You can find the meaning of these error codes from the dishwasher user manual and a guide.

Therefore, if you ever encounter an error code in the dishwasher, first identify the issue triggering that particular code in your dishwasher. 

Why is the LG dishwasher not draining?

LG dishwasher stops draining when there is food or clogged buildup inside the dishwasher.

Another reason behind the draining issue is the wrong detergent. If you are using the wrong detergent, it can also trigger a drain issue in your dishwasher.

Mix vinegar and water solution in a cup put it on the dish rack, and run an empty cycle. After this, clean the dishwasher drain hose and filter. 

Where is the float switch in the dishwasher?

The dishwasher float switch monitors the water level in the dishwasher. It will prevent flooding inside the dishwasher.

Most of the dishwasher float switch is located at the bottom of the dishwasher door.

You need to remove the screw to access the float switch in your dishwasher. In some models, the float switch is located at the top of the dishwasher control panel. 

How to check the valve in a dishwasher?

In all, the LG dishwasher model valve is located at the bottom of the dishwasher.

It is secure with a metal plate at the bottom of the dishwasher. You can easily access it by removing a metal plate from the dishwasher.

Besides this, in other dishwashers, you can find it on the outlet port of the drain pump.

Before checking the valve, make sure to unplug the dishwasher from the power source.

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