[7 Ways] How To Fix Samsung Dishwasher LC Error Code?

Samsung is known for its cutting-edge technology and innovation in its product, as an industry leader in manufacturing. Moreover, they are well.

Some of the popular product of Samsung includes Smartphone, TV, LCDs & LED Panel, refrigerator, Micro oven, Dishwasher, and Washing machine.

I am sure you must have one or two products of Samsung in your home. Their product is almost everywhere, from the living room to the kitchen.

When it comes to kitchens, Samsung manufactures one of the best Dishwashers compared to any other brand.

They manufacture different types of dishwashers depending upon the price and technology.

There is no doubt Samsung dishwashers are very innovative and equipped with cutting-edge technology. One of the best features of the Samsung Dishwasher is the LC code.

What is the LC code?

Almost every Samsung Dishwasher has this fantastic feature of showing LC code. LC codes indicate the Error on Dishwasher and help us fix it before the issues worsen.

There are different types of LC codes displayed by Samsung Dishwasher. There is some situation where the Dishwasher stopped working even with a minor problem.

Similarly, we can’t even call the technician for this little problem. 

LC codes help us understand these minor problems without dissembling the Dishwasher in such a situation.

But, the downside of this LC code is that they are hard to remember. There are over 15 LC codes displayed by Samsung Dishwasher. Moreover, some of us can’t solve or fix these error codes. 

Today in this article, we will discuss different LC codes and methods to fix this issue. There are over 15 different types of LC codes that we will discuss in detail.

The reason behind Samsung Dishwasher LC Error Code

Samsung Dishwasher LC Code

We have discussed different types of LC code errors on the Samsung dishwasher. LC codes help us understand and fix the error inside the Dishwasher.

These error codes are caused due to various reasons; there is no specific reason for this error. Putting this in perspective, here we have brought a list of the reason behind the LC codes error:

  1. Water discharge hose
  2. Leakage Sensor out of order
  3. Door Seal Damaged
  4. If the Dishwasher is moved or installed in a new space
  5. Overfilled dispenser
  6. Newly installed garbage disposal
  7. Water leakage
  8. Condensation could block the signal from getting into the sensor
  9. Cleanser
  10. Cracked tank

These are some of the primary reasons behind the LC error codes on the Samsung Dishwasher. Apart from this, there are various reasons for the LC error code.

But, these are some of the significant reasons which could force dishwashers to emit these errors. Restarting the Dishwasher could solve most of the error codes.

But, first, you need to turn off the Dishwasher and have to wait for around 10 to 15 minutes.

How to fix Samsung Dishwasher LC Error Code?

LC error codes are very helpful in understanding the error or problem inside the Dishwasher. These errors can be fixed using different types of methods.

One of the easiest ways to encounter this issue is by restarting the cycle on the Dishwasher. Most error codes can be fixed using this common method.

In this section, we will discuss this method in step-wise instruction.

1.     First of all, remove all your utensils from the Dishwasher and then clean all the filters, including the fine filter at the bottom of the Dishwasher.

2.    If you have bought a new Dishwasher, make sure to remove the tape from the water wall reflector. Moreover, make sure to check if it is positioned correctly or not.

3.    Similarly, if there is moisture or water droplet in the reflector, make sure to dry it. 

4.    Check the drain hose and see if it should not be kinked or pinched. Sometimes the button on the control panel might get stuck inside. So, see if the button is working properly or not.

5.     Now turn on the Dishwasher and restart the new setting. Check the pressure and temperature of the water and see if it meets the minimum pressure requirement or not. If not, then set the required pressure and temperature for water flow. (Minimum water temperature should be below 80 Degrees Celsius).

6.    Add the detergent to the dispenser and then restart the cycle on the Dishwasher from the beginning. And don’t add too much detergent to the dispenser; this could add more errors in your Dishwasher. 

7.     Now run the normal cycle on the Dishwasher, add your dirty utensils and see if it shows any errors or not.

Read the information booklet if you are still encountering the issues after following the above steps. If you don’t have an information booklet, visit the Samsung dishwasher’s official website. Here you will find the solution to every error code. Moreover, you can call technicians or ask for customer support. 

How To Fix Samsung Dishwasher LC Code Practical Video

Error Code Lists

Clogged Filter Error

Clogged error is one of the common errors omitted by Samsung and other Dishwashers. This particular error is displayed as 1E or IE on the Dishwasher.

It is mainly encountered when water is not making its way through the filter dishwasher encounter this error. 

To fix this issue check the water pipe of the Dishwasher, or you can restart the Dishwasher. In most cases of error, restarting the Dishwasher solves the most problem. 

Pump Operation Error

Pump operation error is another common error seen on dishwashers.

The Dishwasher is equipped with different types of pipes, and sometimes these pipes don’t get enough water and cause this error. You can fix this error by starting the cycle from the beginning. 

If it doesn’t work, make sure to check or read the user manual. You will get solutions to almost every error code. This error is often referred to as 3C.

High-Temperature water supply error

High-temperature water supply is another major issue seen in the Dishwasher. This error is referred to as LC code 3E.

Sometimes the water flow from the pipe gets too hot then it needs to be. Maintaining the water temperature inside the Dishwasher is necessary to fix this issue.

First of all, set the water temperature below 80 degrees Celcius. If the error still appears even after the water is below 80 degrees Celcius.

Turn off the Dishwasher for around 15 minutes and try again. After this, your Dishwasher should stop showing you this error.

Water supply error

The Dishwasher requires proper water to function correctly. There are different types of pipes inside the Dishwasher.

It is necessary to supply enough water in all these pipes then only our dishes get adequately cleaned.

4C or 4E errors are encountered mainly when the Dishwasher doesn’t receive enough pressure from its pipes. 

Drain error

Drain errors are often displayed as 5C, SC, 5E, and SE codes on the Dishwasher. This error is mainly encountered when the Dishwasher can’t drain.

These errors are very rare and seen, especially when the Dishwasher is installed in a new place. 

Waterwall reflector error

Waterwall reflector error or 7E error appears when the reflector inside the Dishwasher stops working correctly or adequately.

This error is mainly encountered if you have bought the Dishwasher for the first time.

To fix this error, you can check whether the packing tape is removed from the water wall reflector or not. Moreover, make sure to see whether the reflector is installed correctly or not. 

Low Water Level error

A low water level error or 9E error appears when there is not enough water on the Dishwasher to function.

This can happen when you use the Dishwasher continuously for a very long time. To fix this error, you should empty the Dishwasher and then restart the cycle from the start.

If the error still occurs in the Dishwasher, check the instruction manual for this particular problem. 

Access point mode

Access point mode or AP error is another common error seen in Samsung Dishwasher. This error appears when connecting with the Dishwasher using your mobile devices.

When you turn on Access point mode Dishwasher, expect some mobile device to connect. To solve this error, what you can do is turn off the Access point mode on the Dishwasher.

After this, the Dishwasher should stop showing this error.

Button error

It is common for the button to get stuck inside the Dishwasher. If the Dishwasher is showing bE or 6E code on the panel, some button on the Dishwasher is stuck.

To solve this error, press all the buttons on the Dishwasher and restart. In some cases, the button of the Dishwasher may get damaged.

At this point, the Dishwasher will keep showing this error code. To fix this, you need to call your technician. 

Communication error

Communication error or CE appears when the control panel fails to communicate with the Dishwasher.

In this case, the Dishwasher might not even function properly because the control panel cannot give instructions that should be executed on the Dishwasher.

High-Temperature heater error

This error appears when you use a dishwasher continuously for a long time. A dishwasher cannot perform at a significantly higher temperature.

It is because if you operate the Dishwasher during this error. The Dishwasher might get damaged and stop functioning, for which you may have to call technicians.

High-temperature heater error is shown using HC, 1E, or IE code. 

Heater error

Heater error appears when the Dishwasher cannot detect the temperature inside the Dishwasher.

The Dishwasher functions at a particular temperature, and it is not recommended to use it in too much hot or too much low heat.

This error is shown using the error code HE. This issue can be fixed by starting a new cycle. 

Leakage error

Leakage error or LE error appears when the Dishwasher detects moisture inside the Water reflector. During this error, you will notice your Dishwasher is turned on and off multiple times.

Moreover, during this time dishwasher will try to drain the water. Turn off the Dishwasher and then check if the water reflector is opened or blocked.

If it is blocked, give it some time to dry and try again. If the error remains, check the garbage disposal cap and remove the lid if it’s not removed. 

Over-level water error

Over-level water error is another standard error that appears when more water is in the Dishwasher than recommended. The error is displayed using error code OC, 0C, or on. 

Zone wash error

Zone wash error appears when the zone washing functioning is not working inside the Dishwasher. This error is displayed using the error code PC.

There are various reasons for this problem, and we can’t be specific about the particular cause. 

Half Load function error 

Half load function or PE error appears when the Dishwasher half load function is not performing well.

First of all, to fix this error, remove all the utensils and clean the Dishwasher. After this, add detergent and run half load cycle on the Dishwasher. 

See if the error appears or not. 

These are commonly found error codes in the Samsung Dishwasher. Besides this, we have not covered a couple of remaining LC codes in this list.

The remaining errors are rarely seen in the Samsung dishwasher, so we have not covered this list.

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Samsung dishwashers are one of the most innovative and powerful dishwashers on the market. But, if you are using it for the first time,

I am sure you must have tired of seeing the error code. Error codes are very good to have in a dishwasher, and Dishwasher suffers different types of problems. 

Calling technicians every time for a minor problem is also not a solution. So error codes help to understand the error on our Dishwasher. And help us fix issues without the need for technicians.

There are different types of error codes displayed on the Dishwasher. We have listed all the error codes shown by the Dishwasher while using.

I hope that the article was helpful for you if you have any problems. Then make sure to comment on your problem.  

I am Kevin Technician and this website is created with the purpose to help common people to find proper information about Dishwasher. Feel free to comment or email your queries.