How to Fix LG Dishwasher Error Code CL [In 2 Minutes]

LG is one of the most reputable and well-known brands of dishwashers. LG Dishwashers are the best for cleaning all types of dishes. The LG Dishwashers, on the other hand, has several issues.

They might appear at any time with any difficulty. For example, they can display error codes on the control panel, which can be annoying at times.

Depending on the situation, these error codes may differ. For example, if your Dishwasher is unable to remove water, the error code OE may appear.

Aside from the error code OE, there a plenty of other error codes that can appear on your display at any time. As a result, you must be prepared to resolve these LG Dishwasher error codes.

The error code CL is one of the most common error codes in LG dishwashers. The majority of people are unaware of this error code.

It is, nevertheless, the most common. Below is the solution and a breakdown of LG Dishwasher Error Code CL.

What is LG Dishwasher Error Code CL?

LG dishwashers are popular because of their elegant, modern aesthetics and long-lasting performance.

Even the most durable appliance might have problems from time to time. If you get an LG dishwasher error code CL, it means the child lock feature isn’t working.

A broken control panel or accidentally hitting the lock buttons while washing your Dishwasher could cause this.

Check your Dishwasher’s manuals to see where the lock buttons are placed to solve this error number.

You should see two buttons with padlock pictographs on them and push both of them at the same time. Then try running a cycle once more.

If it doesn’t work, wipe away any soap residue with a damp cloth and try again after about 10 minutes.

If nothing of these solutions resolves the problem, your control panel may need to be replaced.

How to Activate LG Dishwasher Child Lock?

How to Fix LG Dishwasher Error Code CL [In 2 Minutes]

Many parents and guardians are concerned that their children will be injured when playing with the Dishwasher.

It’s also true that children can quickly get the detergent. Fortunately, the LG dishwasher child lock comes in handy in this situation.

This feature prevents the door from opening, preventing your children from accessing the cleaning supplies. We’ll show you how to turn on the LG dishwasher’s child lock with the step-by-step method.

The LG dishwasher’s child lock feature will prevent your children from mistakenly starting the Dishwasher. The option is simply to activate and deactivate.

How to Turn on the LG Dishwasher’s Child Lock:

Method 1

  1. Close the dishwasher door and push the “Start/Stop” button on the control panel of the Dishwasher. This will put an end to any cycle that is currently running. This will prevent a cycle from starting if there isn’t one currently running.
  2. For three to five seconds, you need to press and hold the “Start/Stop” button until a beeping sound is heard. The Child lock feature has been activated, as indicated by the beeping sound.
  3. Close the door to finish the Child lock feature activation process on your LG dishwasher.

Method 2

  1. If your LG dishwasher isn’t already turned on, press the “Power” button to turn it on.
  2. For three seconds, press and hold the “Child Lock” button until you hear a beep and see an indicator light on your display panel. You’ll know you’ve successfully locked your LG dishwasher at this point.
  3. Try to open the dishwasher door (it won’t open) to see if you’ve locked it properly. If it doesn’t open, you’ve followed all of the instructions correctly.

How to Deactivate LG Dishwasher Error Code CL?

If your LG Dishwasher is showing Error Code CL on your screen, then that basically means that the Child Lock feature has been activated in the Dishwasher.

This prevents the Dishwasher from starting or running, which can be inconvenient while you’re trying to wash some dishes. Fortunately, disabling this feature is straightforward.

  • Make sure the door is shut, and the control panel is unlocked first.
  • Press and hold the “Start/Pause” button for 3 seconds if it’s locked.
  • It should unlock now, so try pressing and holding “Start/Pause” for 3 seconds until the “drain” LED light flashes for 5 seconds.
  • Then let go of the button.
  • You might hear two beeps as well, but if you don’t, don’t worry. Quite it’s normal.
  • However, if these steps do not work for you, then you need to perform a few more steps.
  • If it doesn’t work, check to see if your control panel is set to show the time of day instead of a cycle count-down timer.
  • To do so, press and hold “Start/Pause” for 5 seconds until the “drain” LED light flashes.
  • Then let go of the button.
  • If everything works smoothly, you should hear two beeps.

But if this does not work for you, then you might try contacting LG customer support so that they can solve any hardware-related issues.

Why is Child Lock given in LG Dishwasher?

The LG Dishwasher’s Child Lock feature is designed to help you keep your children safe. Because the Dishwasher may be used in a home with children, this feature prevents your child from starting the Dishwasher or opening the Dishwasher during a cycle by accident.

If your child starts the Dishwasher by accident, he or she could become stuck within and suffer serious injuries. This is why the Child Lock function is so crucial.

In short, it is a feature in LG dishwashers that prevents children from opening the dishwasher door during a wash cycle. When this option is selected, the child lock indicator light will turn on.

How does Error Code CL Work?

The Child Lock feature on your LG dishwasher prevents little children from mistakenly pressing the buttons on the control panel.

When this option is selected, all buttons except the Start button will be disabled. You can press and hold the No/Child Lock button for two seconds to turn off this feature.

The Child Lock (CL) on your LG dishwasher is a safety feature that stops youngsters from opening the door.

The CL will appear on the control panel when you hit the child lock button. The machine will beep, and the door will not open if you try to open the dishwasher door when this error code is displayed.

How to Troubleshoot Error Code CL?

If your LG dishwasher displays an error code of “CL,” it could indicate one of three things:

  1. The child lock is activated.
  2. There’s a problem with the key panel or PCB control board, or there’s a wiring issue.
  3. The door isn’t all the way shut.

To troubleshoot the issues, follow these steps:

Method 1

  1. First, make sure Child Lock isn’t turned on. You can disable it by pressing the Child Lock button on the control panel for three seconds.
  2. Next, double-check that the door is fully closed and securely attached and that there are no obstructions preventing it from closing correctly. If there are any, remove them and perform a cycle again to check if the problem has been fixed.
  3. If you’re still getting “CL” after checking both of these boxes, you should contact customer service for assistance.

Method 2

Some LG dishwashers are running old, which means that they have different controls to turn on or off the Child lock features.

If you have one of the old Dishwasher, then you can try these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. For 3 seconds, press and hold the High Temp and Start/Reset buttons at the same time. A beep will be heard, indicating that the child lock feature has been disabled.
  2. Run your Dishwasher one more. If you continue to receive this error code, please contact customer service for assistance.

Method 3

This method is for all the LG Dishwashers out there in which the above methods are not working. This method is most likely to work in any LG dishwasher.

However, if this method doesn’t work, then that means the Dishwasher has some serious issues, and you should contact customer support as soon as possible.

  1. Error Code CL is a Child Lock Error, as you can see in the Control Panel of your Dishwasher. It signifies that the child lock on the Dishwasher has been activated. Before continuing with troubleshooting, make sure your Dishwasher’s child lock is turned off.
  2. If the child lock is not activated, try turning off the Dishwasher and unplugging it from the wall socket for 5 minutes to reset it. You can also turn off the unit’s electricity for 3 minutes by turning off the breaker that supplies it.
  3. Please restart your Dishwasher after resetting it to see if the error code has been fixed. If not, you’ll have to contact your local service center for help.

What are the Lock Buttons for Child Lock in LG Dishwasher?

Your LG dishwasher has a child lock button to prevent your kids from becoming trapped within the machine.

You can enable this feature by pushing and holding the “child lock” button for 3 seconds before loading your dishes and starting the wash.

When the feature is turned on, the “child lock” indicator light on the control panel will become red.

Remember to switch off this feature when you’re done washing the dishes, so no one gets locked in by accident.

When it comes to identifying the Child lock button in your LG Dishwasher, then it can vary depending upon the model you are currently using.

For instance, most modern dishwashers have a CL button which signifies the Child Lock features.

However, many old LG Dishwashers can have different buttons to activate or deactivate the child lock feature.

Like some old dishwashers can have their child lock activate with the Switch On/Off button.

Unable to Deactivate LG Dishwasher Error Code CL

The Error Code CL can be easily deactivated by the methods given above.

However, if you are unable to deactivate this code after trying all the above-given methods, then that may indicate the motherboard failure.

Apart from motherboard failure, there can be other hardware or software faults in your LG Dishwasher. In this case, it is better to see a technician rather than solve it yourself.


Overall, the “CL” error code indicates that the child lock has been activated. It’s as simple as pressing and holding the “Child Lock” button for three seconds to turn it off.

You can deactivate the error code on your Dishwasher using the methods listed above in addition to hitting the buttons. The error code CL can be activated or deactivated in a variety of ways, depending on the model.

As a result, you should consult the manuals for the buttons. Furthermore, if you are unable to resolve the error code CL, you should contact the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to have Error Code CL in LG Dishwasher?

Yes, it is completely safe to have the error code CL on your Dishwasher. Basically, it is not an error but a feature in your Dishwasher that you can activate or deactivate, depending upon your need.

Which button can I use to disable Child Lock in LG Dishwasher?

Modern Dishwasher has a button “CL,” which indicates the Child lock features in them.

However, most of the old generation dishwashers do not have this button.
So in those models, the On/Off button is used as the Child Lock.

Users will have to press the On/Off button for 3 to 5 seconds, depending upon the model, and the feature will be activated or deactivated.

Apart from these two buttons, some models can have their child lock button at different places, which you can identify with the help of the manual which came with your LG dishwasher.

How to check if something is broken in LG Dishwasher?

If something is broken in your LG dishwasher, you may most likely get noted because you won’t be able to use the Dishwasher.

The best way to diagnose the LG dishwasher is to run multiple wash cycles and check if something is broken or not.

If there is a problem with the motherboard or hardware, the Dishwasher will not run. Moreover, it can make weird noises if something is broken.

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