7 Reasons Why Bosch Dishwasher won’t Start [Solution]

Bosch dishwasher is one of the popular flagship dishwashers on the market. The Dishwasher has some advanced features that make it unique compared to other dishwashers.

You might have encountered various types of problems with your Dishwasher in everyday life. 

If you know how to fix these errors, it may not be a big deal for you. But, there are some issues that left the user with no option.

For instance, bosch dishwasher won’t start is the problem encountered in almost every Dishwasher, including Bosch dishwashers. 

If you’ve been using a Bosch dishwasher for a long time, you must have encountered this problem.

Today in this article, we will dig deeper into this problem and discuss the solution to fix the problem with your Dishwasher. 

Why my bosch dishwasher won’t start?

7 Reasons Why Bosch Dishwasher won't Start [Solution]

The Dishwasher not starting problem can be a nightmare for anyone who relies on the Dishwasher to do dishes.

There are different issues responsible for this problem, including Electrical, Water supply, and any other technical problem.

The first thing that you can do is ensure that the Dishwasher is receiving enough power to run the Dishwasher.

Here we have brought a list of issues and solutions that can stop Bosch dishwashers from working.  

Electricity issues

If your Bosch dishwasher is not working, then first ensures that your Dishwasher is receiving enough power to start operation.

The Dishwasher requires a stable power supply in order to operate the Dishwasher.

If you have to use additional wire to extend the connection, make sure that the wire is safe and working fine.

After this, ensure that there is no problem with the power source. I recommend you check the lamp or any charger to ensure no problem with the power source. 


If there is no problem with the dishwasher power source, there must be an internal problem with the Bosch dishwasher.

There are two things that you can check inside the Dishwasher. One is a Bosch dishwasher breaker, and another is a thermal fuse. 

If the breaker is tripped off, you can run a cycle on your Dishwasher. Sometimes you might have accidentally tripped it by accident.

So, ensure that the breaker is working fine with other devices. If there is a problem, fix it first and try restarting your Dishwasher. 

Every Dishwasher has a thermal that prevents any problem associated with short circuits or heating.

When the Dishwasher overheats, it shuts power from the Dishwasher. If this switch blows up, it will prevent the dishwasher from starting.

The switch is located at the bottom of the Dishwasher. If you have a screwdriver and multimeter, follow the below step-wise instruction to inspect the thermal switch on the Bosch dishwasher.

  1. Turn off the power and water supply on your Dishwasher.
  2. Remove the Dishwasher if you have kept it in the cabinet.
  3. Open the dishwasher door, remove all the screws from the Dishwasher, and remove the panel from the Dishwasher.
  4. Once you remove the panel, unscrew the screw from the control panel if present. If not there, you will see a cylinder-shaped black color switch and wire attached to it. 
  5. Put the multimeter on both sides of the thermal switch. A functional thermal switch shows 0 readings in multimeters. If you are reading 0 in your multimeter, there is no problem with the thermal switch.

Similarly, if the meter shows a higher reading, there must be a problem with the dishwasher thermal switch. I recommend you replace the dishwasher thermal switch in this case. 

Door latch issues

The door latch is another issue that is likely to stop dishwasher operation.

The primary function of the dishwasher door latch is to ensure water leakage from the Dishwasher.

The door latch is attached with switches that control the device when the door is opened and closed. 

The door switch prevents you from starting the cycle when you’ve opened the dishwasher door.

When you start a dishwasher with an open door, there is a high chance of Water leaking on the various Dishwasher.

Therefore, ensure that the door latch is working fine and there is no problem with its operation. 


It is essential to know Dishwasher only works when the door is closed and the door latch is working fine.

If the dishwasher door latch is working fine, ensure that there should not be any obstacle in the dishwasher door.

The dishwasher switch can stop working when exposed to water for a long time. The switch may become corroded and could stop working. 

If the dishwasher door latch is loose, then consider replacing it with one.

Otherwise, check the dishwasher door latch using a multimeter and see if the door switch is working properly or not.

All you need to do is remove the screw and access the door latch from your Dishwasher.

After this, place a multimeter on both sides of the dishwasher switch. If it shows higher reading than recommended power, consider replacing the door latch. 

Timer malfunctioning

Sometimes a faulty timer also causes this error in your Dishwasher. The main function of the timer in the Dishwasher is to direct power distribution in the Dishwasher.

A defective timer can cause inadequate distribution of power in the Dishwasher. 

You will face the dishwasher operation issue when the dishwasher motor does not receive enough power to start the cycle. This technical problem requires technicians to fix the issue in most cases.


If the timer is malfunctioning in your Dishwasher, then you should replace the existing timer with a new one.

If you are unable to figure out whether the timer is working or malfunctioning, I recommend you reset the Dishwasher. 

Sometimes the glitches can also cause the timer to malfunction in the Dishwasher.

Therefore, it is better to reset the Dishwasher before replacing it with a new one. 

Faulty Motor

The faulty motor also prevents the Dishwasher from starting. The motor plays an important role in the Dishwasher.

It circulates water through the spray arms to wash your dirty dishes. Similarly, it also helps you drain dirty water from the Dishwasher. 

When the motor malfunction, you can start your Dishwasher even if you have a power dishwasher.

If your Dishwasher was producing a humming sound a bit louder than usual. It is an issue caused by a faulty motor.

When there is some obstacle or blockage in the dishwasher motor, it produces a humming sound. 


If your Dishwasher was producing a humming sound before it stopped working.

There must be a problem with the motor impeller or drain compartment.

The dishwasher motor has two compartments, one for drainage and one for water circulation.

If there is any food or debris build-up inside the dishwasher filter, make sure to clean it.

After cleaning the dishwasher drain filter, try restarting the Dishwasher again.

If the problem persists, you should call dishwasher technicians to fix the issues on your Dishwasher. 

Water supply issues

The water supply issue is another major problem that can stop you from starting a dishwasher.

If your Bosch dishwasher is not starting, it is necessary to consider this issue on your Dishwasher.

If your Dishwasher is not receiving adequate water, you may not be able to start the Dishwasher.

The Dishwasher requires water in order to start the cycle in your Dishwasher. 

Therefore, I recommend you to make a proper inspection of the dishwasher water supply valve.

If the water is rich in minerals like calcium or potassium, there is a high chance of mineral build-up in the water supply valve.

Similarly, if the dishwasher inlet valve is cracked or kinked, it can also affect water flow in your Dishwasher. 


The solution to the water supply is to ensure proper water flow in the Dishwasher.

If the Dishwasher is not receiving enough water, you can’t operate your Dishwasher.

Therefore, ensure that there should not be calcium build-up in the dishwasher inlet valve. 

Spray arms can also build up calcium build-up in the Dishwasher; therefore, make sure to inspect the spray arm of your Dishwasher.

If the inlet valve is cracked, then consider replacing it with a new inlet valve. 

Error code

A dishwasher error code can also prevent you from starting the Dishwasher.

If your Dishwasher is showing some kind of error code, consider fixing the error code first, then try restarting the cycle on your Dishwasher.

Error code helps us identify a problem with our Dishwasher. 

There are different types of error codes in Bosch dishwashers. Each of these error codes points out various problems in the Dishwasher.

Once you identify the issue, resolve it from the Dishwasher, and then try restarting the Dishwasher. If the problem persists, go to the next problem. 

Reset the Dishwasher

If none of the above methods is feasible for you, then make sure to reset your Dishwasher.

Dishwasher glitches can also stop you from operating the wash cycle.

Resetting the Bosch dishwasher helps you start a new setting by erasing a faulty setting from your Dishwasher. 

Check the dishwasher user manual there; you will find complete instructions to reset your Bosch dishwasher.

If you don’t have a user manual, follow the below step-wise instructions. 

1.     Remove the dishes from the Dishwasher.

2.    Now remove the power cable from the Dishwasher.

3.    Wait for 10-15 minutes.

4.    Turn on the dishwasher power supply.

This is how you can reset the Bosch dishwasher. If there is a cancel drain button, continuously press and hold that button. It will automatically reset the Dishwasher. 

What to do if the error persists?

The above-discussed solution doesn’t necessarily fix the issue with your dishwasher.

Therefore, if the error is still not resolved, I recommend you call technicians to fix the issue with your Dishwasher.

Besides this, if the warranty period is still not over, you can call the Bosch service center.

You can repair your Dishwasher free of cost if you have a warranty card with a valid date. 


The above-listed issues are prevalent issues that stop the Dishwasher from starting.

If your Bosch Dishwasher won’t start, I recommend you go through these issues and follow the solution if the problem exists.

If you don’t have the technical knowledge to fix the problem, you can call the Frigidaire service center. 

They will guide you or send technicians to fix the problem in your Dishwasher.

I hope that the article was helpful for you while figuring out the problem with your Dishwasher. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why my Bosch dishwasher is not starting even if it has power?

There are some situations in which the Dishwasher does not start even if you have supplied power. This happens when there is some technical fault inside the Dishwasher. If your dishwasher power supply cord or dish motor is faulty, your Dishwasher won’t start even if you have supply power on it. 

How to fix the Bosch dishwasher not starting problem?

There are different problems that stop your Dishwasher from working; we can’t specify certain issues for this problem.

Every Dishwasher is different from each other, and therefore, the issue is also different.

So, to fix this problem, first, you need to identify the exact issue that is causing your Dishwasher from starting after this fix the issue depending upon the problem. 

Why my Bosch dishwasher is showing an error code?

When a dishwasher flashes an error code, it means something wrong inside your Dishwasher.

There are many error codes in the Dishwasher; each of these codes indicates a unique problem in your Dishwasher.

If you have a dishwasher manual there, you will find a list of error codes and meanings,s and solutions.

I recommend you check the dishwasher user manual, where you will get an idea about this particular error code. 

What to do if my dishwasher is not draining?

Drainage issue is very common in every Dishwasher, no matter which Dishwasher you are using.

You must have encountered this problem once in your Dishwasher. The solution to this problem is to clean all the food debris and particles, creating a blockage in the dishwasher drain filter.

Once you clean the dishwasher drain filter, the problem will be fixed. 

I am Kevin Technician and this website is created with the purpose to help common people to find proper information about Dishwasher. Feel free to comment or email your queries.